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Our Interview with Clazzi

December 23, 2011


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We got the chance to sit down with Clazzi, leader of Clazziquai Project, and talk to him about his music, his inspirations, about Kpop and its globalization, and other things.

It’s difficult to say how this interview all started. We’ve always been huge fans of Clazziquai. We would wake up to Chocolate Truffles back when we were teaching, and played that album on loop non-stop for months. But that was a while ago, and Clazziquai hasn’t put out an album in a while. So, when we heard Clazzi release his first single, How We Feel, we rushed to listen to it, fell in love with that song as well, and did our best to promote it in our last K Crunch. Yeah. It’s that good.

We decided to ask Clazzi on Twitter if we could interview him, not only because we’re big fans and we thought it’d be totally freaking cool to hang out with Clazzi in his studio (HELL YEAH!) but also because we want other people to know about him and his music (which we put together in a cool YouTube playlist after this interview). More importantly, we got to speak with a very important figure in the Korean Music scene on his thoughts on Korean Music. The two of us are just outsiders looking in and expressing our thoughts on the Korean music through our Western (and often ridiculous) perspective, so to be able to speak with someone in the industry is really interesting for us.

Hanging out with Clazzi

Seriously, the hand placement looks worse than it actually was

More importantly, Clazzi’s studio is pretty damn swag! Maaaaan we would love to work in a studio like that! What surprised us the most, though, was Clazzi’s humility. When we talked to him off camera, he was surprised that we knew his music, and was thankful that we liked it. Seriously? If I made music like Clazzi I’d be like “Do you know who I am? I’m Clazzi! Damn right you like my music! Now line up to the left behind the thousands of other people who want to give me high fives!” But he didn’t have that attitude at all. He was so soft spoken, so hospitable, and just a really cool, down to earth guy, without any of the pretensions that he most certainly should have.

Anyhow, make sure you pick up his latest single, “How We Feel” on iTunes, and if you want to get in touch with Clazzi, check out his Facebook Page or check out how Clazzi makes music on his YouTube page.

We hope you liked the interview. This is, really, our first serious interview ever. That interview with U-Kiss a while ago was more of an impromptu chat than a proper interview, and we totally didn’t get to plan that out right. We’d like to do more interviews like this in the future, hopefully. Let us know what you thought of it!



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Our Interview with Clazzi


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  1. He seems like a really “real” guy, and it shows in this interview. I really agreed with his international view of electronic music and club scenes. It used to be that techno was sort of an underground thing that only people who went to raves really knew about and enjoyed, but singers like Rhianna (who I wasn’t surprised he mentioned), have been integrating techno into their music. I’m not surprised he mentioned Rhianna, because she has been using techno so heavily lately. Anyway, I was already a fan of Clazzi’s music, but its great to know that he’s such a down-to-earth guy. Thanks for this interview!

    9 years ago
  2. I really like all Clazziquai songs. I love Skyscrapers from ZBAM. Whenever I pictured DJ Clazzi, I thought of a cool guy who wears sunglasses indoors. But he has a very appealing boy next door quality.
    Simon and Martina, I hope you can do more interviews like this. I started watching all your archived videos and its funny to see your earlier videos when you were stumbling in a new country. Now you are practically experts. Do you speak perfect Korean now?
    Why did you change your website background?

    9 years ago
  3. This interview was great and it was neat to get a view of his studio! I hope you get to do more of these interviews in the future ^_^ I got all giggly when he mentioned maybe doing a concert in Canada. Maybe in Vancouver, his hometown? Eh?

    9 years ago