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Our Interview with MBLAQ

June 9, 2012


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FINALLY! You saw our Interview with Wonder Girls and our Interview with Sistar. Here, at last, is our Interview with MBLAQ. Yay! No more people emailing and tweeting us every day asking when the video will be up!

We put the interviews out in this order to be fair, since they were the last group that we interviewed in a totally freaking hectic day. It was a good hectic, of course, but an exhausting one. If you haven’t seen our Behind the Scenes with Wonder Girls, Sistar, and MBLAQ video, then check that out. That was all in one day. All of the interviews happened within, like, three hours. We ran from the Wonder Girls from YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno over to our Sistar live chat in Google Headquarters in Mountain View. While running in the parking lot to get to Sistar, we saw MBLAQ sitting in the parking lot, but didn’t even have a chance to say hi. Then, when we finished with Sistar, we ran downstairs to interview MBLAQ. BOOM!

We were exhausted by the end of it all, but didn’t feel it, mostly because everyone that we were interviewing were a lot more exhausted than we were. Hell: all we had to do was just sit down and chat with them. They, on the other hand, had to sit down and chat with us AND plan for, you know, a HUGE FREAKING CONCERT the next day. So, yeah, we’re all a bit dead. We’re glad that they agreed to our CRY skit, though. Ha! That was…embarrassing and awkward (but when are we NOT embarrassing and awkward? That just how we roll!).

We had another skit planned with them that would have been epic, but we didn’t have the time to do. We were going to start off the interview by telling MBLAQ that we had asked you all to submit your questions to MBLAQ, which you did, when we announced that we were going to the Google Kpop Concert. Then we’d say that we printed out some of the questions, at which point we’d pull out a ridiculous stack of papers. Then we’d read the first page like “Susan from Alabama asks ‘Dear MBLAQ. PLEASE MARRY ME!'” We’d then apologize for the awkward question, and then move on to the second question, which would ask for them to take their shirts off. Then we’d look at the third question and not even read it since it’s OOOOH SO NASTY. We’d flip through the huge stack of papers while MBLAQ would look around awkwardly. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT! But we didn’t have time to do both that skit AND the Cry skit, so we stuck with the easier one. Yay!

But wait…didn’t we say something about MBLAQ signed CDs?

MBLAQ Autographed Album

You want an MBLAQ Autographed Album, don't you? OOOOH YES YOU DO!

And, yes, you saw that right. MBLAQ wrote their names all over their CDs. They touched those CDs, breathed on those CDs. Some of them even licked the CDs! That last part is not true. Anyhow, for those of you who want us to give you an autographed MBLAQ CD, here’s what you gotta do.

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Also, like in last week’s Sistar Interview, we’ve got some unused scenes that you’ll hopefully like. Check em out below!



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Our Interview with MBLAQ


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  1. i fell in love with MBLAQ actually 2 years ago , and when i 1st saw their Debut song Oh Yeah in 2009 . and i have continued liking them so much .especially their song This Is WAr and Run ,2012 Comeback Stage

    8 years ago
  2. The moment that made me fall in love with MBLAQ… hmmm… I guess it wasn’t so much a single moment as it was a process. Or playlist. Take your pick! Hahahaha~

    I actually came across them properly whilst watching 2PM’s run on Idol Army. I knew they were like uber BFFs with Batoost (LOVE<3) and debut buddies, but I wasn't very familiar with their music or their personalities. Anyway I started on IA season 5.. and I liked MBLAQ alot (specially PandaHo) by the end of it. There was something distinctly un-idol about them, but they were unmistakably idols at the same time? Like, unashamedly male (???). Idk maybe it's just me.

    What really sealed the deal for me was Hello Baby. OH MA GAWD Hello Baby. They were so.. normal (aside from the mostly-present make up). <3 It was the little things they did/said, like in the first episode where G.O says "우와 지구는 하나네요" ("Wow the world is one place"… roughly) and NOT yelling at the kids when they woke them up in the morning that made me love them more and more.

    I guess the most defining moment was the last episode of Hello Baby. The entire series wasn't just a show, it wasn't just another schedule they had to do (although I guess you can't totally discount the show-biz factor).. they really, really grew close to the kids, and seeing them cry made me realise these 5 men were as human as I am. Under all those layers of "idol" and "celebrity", they were still them. <3

    I hope they never, ever lose that.

    Thanks so much Simon, Martina, for the doing this for us! Love you! :D

    8 years ago
  3. well since i didn’t know anything about mblaq when thay had their debut, i came to know about mblaq really late. I started to love mblaq after i had seen maknae rebellion, i thought Mir was an cutety and wanted to know who he was, i searched and found their mvs and loved them! Now i ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM ALL!!! i told my friends about them and made them love mblaq too!!! 

    twitter: m3tt3m
    facebook: mette marie bisgaard nielsen 
    youtube: missnerdyfox

    8 years ago
  4. Youtube user: Livillys

    The moment that I fell in love with MBLAQ was while I was watching “Hello Baby”. I started with a random episode and that was it. I just loved all of them (although G.O is becoming my bias.. XP) and had to learn more about them and their music. I have to say I was a little surprise because I had listened to one or two of their songs but wasn’t really impressed by them. And the funny thing is that even today these songs are not my favorites ones.. anyway.. I guess I needed some time to let them grown up on me. And I’m really happy that that happened. They are really talented, sweet and deserve all the success. And I really wish that one day the come back to Brazil to make a concert ^^ Anyway.. You guise asked what made me fall in love with them? well, the answer is seeing them on a TV show were they had to take care of 3 little kids and face some tough situations… love is a funny thing isn’t?

    8 years ago

    The first time I saw MBLAQ
    was on Super Junior’s Miracle Show. They were described as chic or beastly-idols.
    Through the whole show they brought so much laughter and I was amazed at that.
    They also seemed really nice. Although this wasn’t the moment I fell in love
    with them I slowly began to show interest towards MBLAQ. The moment they became
    one of my favourite bands was in MBLAQ’s idol army. Their childish acts and
    humour had me hypnotised. And now the songs don’t disappoint me, I’m satisfied
    with the MV’s and their stage presence is insane. Also because we are foreign
    fans we have to wait for the moments in which someone uploads a video of our
    idols so we can get to know them better. So I really have to say that I actually
    don’t have this one moment which made me fall in love with them but that I continuously
    fall in love with them. Which means I fell in love right now again and it’s all
    thanks to Simon and Martina.

    8 years ago
  6. I fell in love with MBLAQ when I was watching Rain’s drama, Fugitive Plan B, and I heard their OST, Running & Running. Some reason I just started to love that song then listened to others that were awesome by them!

    Youtube Name: [email protected]

    8 years ago
  7. I found them with Y. I was in love with Joon first for his looks, but then fell in love with all of them equally because they are THAT awesome. (not to mention friggin GORGEOUS)  I started watching Idol Army (their full variety show) and they made me laugh so hard i couldnt stand it. They were so CRAZY honest, i had never seen a musician (korean or non) be that open yet professional. i watched just about everything they have ever made just because i HAD to know more about them.

    Then CRY came out and i became even more obsessed than i already was. I watched all their videos a million times.

    Then when Mona Lisa came out, i became one of those crazy fan girls on ALLKPOP commenting continuously for WEEKS to raise awareness of them. I joined ABM (the biggest American MBLAQ fansite) because i had to know when the next song, or video, or news or anything was coming out. Through those i met A+. And let me just say that A+ are the funniest, friendliest, most accepting fandom out there. I instantly became friends with all the girls and boys that were as big of a spazz as i was. They became family, not just to talk about the boys but to talk about life, and trials, and relationships, and school. Basically, like any other friend does. We call each other by loving titles ( if any of my eonnies see this i love you ^^) And i would have missed out on meeting these wonderful devoted people if it wasnt for MBLAQ

    Why i love MBLAQ… there isnt enough time in the world. They are everything that i want to be. Dedicated, ever evolving, hardworking, funny, loving, and considerate. And they have introduced me to A+, who are just as awesome. i cant say enough about them ^^

    YT: DiamondRagDoll95

    8 years ago
  8. What made me fall in love with MBLAQ was not only their unique sound of their music, but their personalities on and off stage. They are professional and powerful on stage but playful and funny off stage. What made me like them as a group was how well they seemed like a close knit family on “MBLAQ Sesame Player” and “Hello Baby”. They are really a different group, not only because of their style but their personalities also. 

    8 years ago
  9. I fell in love with MBLAQ when I watched the Oh Yeah music video a year ago. I was immediately attracted to MBLAQ and could NOT stop listening to their music. My friends and family were getting annoyed with me singing at the top of my lungs while the music was in the background. Personally, I could care less what they thought LOL. Mona Lisa and This Is War just made me fall in love with them even more~ My parents threatened to take out the internet and I was silently laughing in a corner since I already downloaded half of the MBLAQ songs I liked on my computer already. 

    8 years ago

    8 years ago
  11. Well, I fell in love with MBLAQ when they released
    “Mona Lisa”. They caught my attention as it is very catchy and I love
    the dance moves! It’s so cool! Also, they have variety of styles. Take an
    example of “I Don’t Know”. They don’t mind acting cute and being
    friendly! Especially the last part! HAHA. Mir will be like Thunder ah! HAHA!
    Makes me laugh and smile. In addition, they have a dark theme like “This
    is War” and “Y”. They tried various sorts of music including
    dance and ballad. Despite they did not win that much awards for “This is War”
    promotions, they are very sincere in congratulating the artists who won
    especially Ten Top! They went to congratulate face-to-face with a smile! How
    polite! Lastly each member has their own charms to captivate us, A+.

    Seungho- Although he’s the leader, he cares for each member.
    Like for Thunder, he will help him to train his muscle in a stern way. Even though
    he’s stern, this shows that he shows concern to them and really wants to help
    them achieve their common dream- to become a star as MBLAQ. Wow, he’s perfect
    in many ways like gymnastic, studies and others things. Wow, he really got a
    lot of things for us to admire.

    G.O- He has the best voice I ever heard. Really, he has a
    powerful and emotional voice when he sings. You can see how passionate he’s is.
    He’s also very polite! Like during eatyourkimichi interview, he thanks Simon
    and Martina for spreading the love of kpop. He’s a down-to-earth person and a
    grateful person too. He’s sociable as well. He can make friends regardless of
    the age or the gender. This guy is simple awesome and he’s my bias.

    Lee Joon- Did you see him during variety shows? Wow. He’s so
    honest during the questions when the mcs asked him. Like the beer one. He dared
    to admit the reason why he did not dare to drink beer again. This’s although embarrassing
    and may tarnish his image, he doesn’t mind. He only wants to state the truth
    and does not wish to lie to his audience. He always smiles to the fans as well.
    Isn’t him sweet?

    Thunder- Although he’s quiet but I can tell that he really
    cares for his family and friends! His cat as well! HAHA! Everyone knows that he’s
    2NE1’s Dara’s younger brother right? Yet, he chooses to stay with Dara instead
    of MBLAQ members in the hostel. He also takes photo with Dara to show their
    sibling love. He also likes his cat a lot! He too takes photo with the cat and
    some more, he took the cat watching MBLAQ video. HAHA. What a passionate guy.

    Mir- He’s the makne and he’s the funniest. He will always
    try to crack jokes to make it more fun and relaxed. This shows how optimistic
    he is. Even when the situation can be depressing, he will laugh it out and let
    others to be happy as well. Also, he is good at fan service. He dares to try to
    learn in Chinese so that he can thank the Chinese fans. How thoughtful!

    So, every member has their own charms to make us love and
    yes, I’m an A+ for life.

    Ps: I’m a male fan of MBLAQ. :)

    Youtube name: kpopmyworld

    8 years ago
  12. “Similar to the YouTube thread, in the comments to that contest thread,” thread, what..?  WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO DOOOO?! orz

    8 years ago
  13. I had liked MBLAQ for as long as I remembered :3 they showed my a lot of good choices to follow your dreams and to enjoy your life even when it’s going to be difficult. Idol army showed me their passion and funny emotions. I truly enjoyed t…hem even before debut when I bought lee joins movie without knowing lee joon was a part of MBLAQ :p I had always said to my sister : ” who’s that beautiful man??!!” ^^ and for thunder I loved him when he was still in the phillipnes when Dara had her own show.Mir is soo funny and I love that about him. His smiles always make me smile and that’s what I love the most. I cried like a baby when I heard he hurt himself and I cried when leader hurt himself too. I truly love these boys :3 GO and leader will be great fathers and husbands. I truly see such amazing people in MBLAQ they all are good Oppas :3 I saw this in not only in your amazing epicness video but in hello baby when they cared and protected thoses babies with so much emotion (yup I cried too on the last episode :,( so your question is why do I love MBLAQ do much??? Well, my answer is this: MBLAQ show so much passion for what they do and show the real MBLAQ! They are the best at being funny and strong together as a group and that is what it truly means to be a group. MBLAQ is not my number one bias group without a reason. :0 and I just explain that :3 -3 ( sorry for the long explanation that I had to put it in three parts :3 ) ps. this on youtube too but its too long oops – (addi29145)

    8 years ago
  14. i fell in love with MBLAQ when i watched IDOL ARMY !! They always  make me  laugh and smile !! They have a different style then others groups of k-pop !! They always  keep me  exited by  their songs , concerts and dance routine !! 
    I love your interview guys , i love you !! and i really want this album !!  

    8 years ago

    8 years ago
  16. I initially began to love MBLAQ because of their music. It was unique to all other groups. It portrayed angst, jealousy, and a slew of emotions all in just a matter of 3 or 4 minutes. The members of MBLAQ fit with each other naturally, kind of like a puzzle. I know they’ve gone through so much together, and that makes them seem like brothers to me. They’ve become more than just idols, to me they’ve become symbolic of friendship and persistence and hard work. Whether they realize it or not, the fact that they’ve made it so far inspires and causes thousands of people to push themselves. 

    8 years ago
  17. I initially began to love MBLAQ because of their music. It was unique to all other groups. It portrayed angst, jealousy, and a slew of emotions all in just a matter of 3 or 4 minutes. The members of MBLAQ fit with each other naturally, kind of like a puzzle. I know they’ve gone through so much together, and that makes them seem like brothers to me. They’ve become more than just idols, to me they’ve become symbolic of friendship and persistence and hard work. Whether they realize it or not, the fact that they’ve made it so far inspires and causes thousands of people to push themselves. 

    8 years ago
  18. I have always really liked MBLAQ ever since I discovered kpop and I have always bought their songs and watched their appearances but I can say that I honestly fell in love with each and every one of them during Hello Baby, even though it was quite far into their career seeing this new, fathering side to them just tugged at my heartstrings and brought a smile to my face and that’s how I fell in absolute love with them!

    8 years ago
  19. Thanks a lot for this interview with MBLAQ! I love them so much. 
    I fell in love whith MBLAQ when i saw a kpop show Sesame Player(it was my first show). I have never laughed so much in my live before!! It was so funny and ridiculous =))) In this show they didn` seem to acting like stars or smthing like that. They were just guys playing  ridiculous games and having fun with each other =)) 
    Especially i love Thunder’s Laugh in this show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8q-tVt1pZ4Y

    My Twitter: _duplicity_

    8 years ago
  20. I can cleary remember the moment when I feel in love with MBLAQ. Since I had just became an avid k-pop listener a little over a year ago, I was always searching for new music to listen to. When Mona Lisa came out, I was hooked. The accordions were so cool! G.O.’s vocals were so amazing! I just wanted to listen over and over and over and over again. Plus maybe I’m an odd duck, but Thunder’s man skirt outfit was something that actually attracted my attention. xD  They all looked so good too, and the dance was fun. I always do the face arrousal part when I listen to it. Yes, face arrousal does in fact work. Haha. Ever since Mona Lisa, I’ve been keeping close eyes to them. They all seem so sweet and genuine. I can definitely tell that they care about their fans and work hard to make them happy. MBLAQ is a synonym for awesome. ^_^
    Youtube account: sma9401

    8 years ago
  21. I feel completely in love with them after I watched Hello Baby ~ 

    I mean I was a huge fan before, but after Hello Baby they were like my ultimate biased group. They were the only idols I’ve seen that were so nice, kind and down to earth :’) They always treat everyone nice no matter who it is or how exgushted they are. They should be way more famous. They could probably make it into the american industry if they wanted too ~ (especially with joon’s acting) ^ _ ^
    ^ My youtube name is “Sarah713707” i’ve been subscribed for over a year :’)

    8 years ago
  22. I fell in love the moment I saw MBLAQ’s reactions to Lee Joon’s running nose on Sesame Player. It was awkward. It was embarrassing. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. But the embarrassment didn’t stop there, being locked in a toilet and forced to confess to things like their secret pigeon folder, their baby tummies, Thunder’s dolphin scream and various members being tried into appearing as a serious exhibitionist . 

    Their personalities were so fresh, funny – and familiar. They remind me of my social group. I could be friends with these guys so easily. They’re simply beautiful people, I love them an incredible amount and the best thing is that I know that they love their fans back. 

    I’ve seen them for a scant 15 minutes from a very very large distance, and I want more than anything to let them know how much they’ve brightened up my life. 

    YT: travertineskies 

    8 years ago
  23. I actually only got into them recently, so I feel I haven’t a chance against A+’s.  My friend insisted I watch Hello Baby because we both loved SHINee’s so much. I knew and already liked Joon quite a bit, but I hadn’t actually gotten into any of their music, although I did know some songs thanks to Music Mondays.  It was only a few weeks ago that I realized I was already completely infatuated. I knew i was ‘in love’ when I could watch older shows, like Idol Army, where the quality was so low that faces were mere pixels and yet I could still tell who was who ><  I also watched MBLAQ Goes To School. I was heartbroken when they didn't make it and cheered them on through their studying, even though it was from a while ago.  I think that was when i knew I was already a fan and falling, hard. That was, 2 months ago now I think.

    8 years ago
  24. Youtube account: KateKl91
    i fell in love with Mblaq after Aleksandra Piegat started to spam me with vids of Mir’s fart jokes, Thunder’s epic epileptic laugh, LeeJoon’s sexy pole dance and awkward aegyo, Go’s awful moustache and Seungho’s everything (literally).
    then i watched This is War and saw Lee Joon falling down after kicking Thunder in the balls and it killed me xD srsly most epic fight move ever lol thats why i love Mblaq <3 they make me laugh even when trying to be serious :D

    8 years ago
  25. Youtube account: xikanimex

    I automatically fell in love with MBLAQ when I saw his moves in Oh Yeah, after that my love just get stronger with any program that they do. This programs, of some manner, let me see the true personality of MBLAQ and I love him everytime more and more. They are boys so hardworking for us, their loyal fans. Thanks Simon and Martina for this opportunity. ♥♥♥

    8 years ago
  26. When did I fall in love with MBLAQ? 

    I was in awe with them from their Cry & Stay promotions. So much charisma and emotion from these five amazing men. (I loved your intro by the way, so funny! I loved how MBLAQ went through with it and Joon was laughing quietly on the side) 

    Although I thought their music was top notch, it wasnt until watching them through Sesame Player that I fell in love, which was further enhanced by their appearance on HelloBaby! It is simply their personalities that I love the most. 

    G.O: Excellent vocalist who always tries to encourage and relate to A+. I love his sense of humor :D
    Joon: A man with many layers; Always tries to entertain when needed but is always thinking of the future and is certainly wise indeed. 
    Seungho: A thoughtful and caring leader who excels in many different areas. >.< Perfect
    Cheondung: A rather quiet person who always tries his best. Waaah! So cute yet manly at the same time! xD
    Mir: Always tries to put himself out there and puts A+ first. So kind :)

    A+ loves and supports MBLAQ! Fighting!

    Youtube Username: EmikoxD

    8 years ago
  27. I didn’t find out about kpop until December last year, and for the longest time all I listened to was SUJU ( I discovered kpop through mr. simple). I really thought they were the only ones worth listening to and that I’d never like any other group…. we’ll that was until I saw MBLAQ. Saw the Y MV and I was instantly hooked. Loved the dancing, the singing, the music…. just everything. I think they cought my attention because they seemed (and I believe they still are) a lot more manly looking than most kpop groups. It was nice finding a group which I could show to my friends and not get asked whether they’re boys or girls -.-‘! Now thanks to them I’ve opened my heart to many other kpop groups, I’m totally addicted to kpop and don’t think I’m getting over it anytime soon…. Really, they’re such cool, down to earth, hardworking guys… how can you not love them?

    username: isap21

    8 years ago

    8 years ago
  29. Hello! My YT username is “lumberhunk”.

    been a fan of k-pop for a long time but I didn’t take notice of MBLAQ until
    December of last year, when Mir and four other entertainers performed Wonder
    Girls’ “Be My Baby” on a year-end special music programme. His energetic rap
    and stage presence made me curious as to what the other members of MBLAQ were
    like so I decided to look into them.


    began with watching the MV for “Cry”, followed by the MV for “Stay”. Almost
    immediately their talent, good looks and electric charm had me hooked. The
    following days were spent curled in front of the laptop, watching Sesame
    Player and various clips to learn more about their personalities. They each
    have their charms (Joon’s naivety, Thunder’s innocence, Mir’s playfulness, G.O’s
    femininity, Seungho’s bluntness) but as a whole I enjoyed their good sense of
    humour and honesty.


    a month after my “discovery” I was browsing through their past performances on
    YouTube. I clicked on the video of their goodbye stage of “모르겠어요 (I Don’t Know)” on Inkigayo.
    Although it wasn’t the best performance, it still had something that I don’t
    see too often in other idol groups – sincerity. Individually and as a whole
    MBLAQ stand out from their peers in not only looks and charisma but also in the
    way that they are not afraid to show their imperfections and be completely
    honest with themselves and their fans. This video really shows that and so much
    more. With smiles that light up every corner of their handsome faces and their
    interactions with each other while performing they show that they are in this
    business for more than just fame or money; they are on that stage because they
    love what they do, they love their fans and they love each other. With this
    performance I found a genuine love for these boys and am proud to call myself
    an A+.


    MBLAQ 사랑해!!

    8 years ago
  30. mblaq between awesome to me when was pushed into the water by hyuna 

    8 years ago
  31. I fell in love when i saw a
    “oh yeah” performance. couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. but i
    didn’t really listen to any other of their songs until i saw simon’s
    take at “cry” and the review of “mona lisa”. then i started researching
    like crazy for their other songs. and i LOVED “Run” !! joon really
    impressed me there. When i found out they were from Rain’s agency (THE
    sexiest korean idol), there was no turning back for me… ^^

    youtube username : XxLauriRainbowLoverX

    8 years ago
  32. The reason

    8 years ago
  33. I fell in love with Mblaq because of Rain!!! I’m a huge fan of Rain, and when I heard that Rain has a group, I was already a fan!!! After listening to their songs I was MORE than a fan! :D I love the fact that thy’re so pleasant and funny, I loved them even more after “hello baby”, they were so caring and nice to the children (well not always) :D and of course “this is war” was just DAEBAK!

    8 years ago
  34. And if i win the album, i really will be happy:)

    8 years ago
  35. At first  i listened MBLAQ’s Mona Lisa i really liked the song and the MV was very good..Seung Ho was really handsome in Mona Lisa MV so i 
    researched about him.But when i saw Seung Ho’s other photos I thought Seung Ho is not very very handsome.He is handsome in Mona Lisa MV only.After a few months i heard that Hello Baby’s new season is with MBLAQ! I started to watch 1st episode.And G.O was so handome:) I really liked him..As you know Seung Ho and G.O had to have bus tickets to be faster and to find their children  early…They had no money so Seung Ho said: I will borrow money from the manager …Seung Ho borrowed money for them!Not him only!They were rival but Seung Ho borrowed money for G.O too.G.O borrowed money from director/cameraman and didn’t wait for Seung Ho…This influenced me a lot.. After i  researched about Seung Ho again and realized that he was a perfect man and an amazing leader. From it day until today MBLAQ is my favourite band. I became an A+  and  had a lot of A+ friends:)MBLAQ is a perfect band and  their fans are sober…MBLAQ can sing, dance, act perfectly and they can be perfect fathers! MBLAQ! A+ are supporting for you…FIGHTING! 

    8 years ago
  36. Thank you so much for all the work you do to bring KPop to those of us in the States. The last week has sucked & I’ve been to the ER 2 times since Wednesday. I just got home from the ER and am feeling horrible as well as depressed. This interview made me smile, and for that I thank you!

    8 years ago
  37. OMG thank you for the Interview ♥ thank you for your hard work >..< *dream*

    SeungHo married the first…really?.. SeungHo i'll marry you ♥ ♥
    MBLAQ fighting ♥ A+ fighting ♥ S&M fighting ♥

    8 years ago
  38. I’ve followed MBLAQ ever since watching Rain’s concert when they first debuted, however I totally fell in love with them when they released Cry and Stay <3. All of the members are so talented and have such awesome personalities <3 FOREVER an A+!

    8 years ago
  39. First of all, I have to say that I really appreciate all your effort and work you’ve done~! Thanks so much for interviewing all these awesome bands. :D The short CRY skit Martina did was so hilarious xDDD Ohh I love you guys :’D

    So what made me fall in love with MBLAQ? Honestly speaking, even though I have known MBLAQ since their song “Y” I never really got into them until the beginning of this year. (o_o;)
    It all began with me listening to “This is war”, I suddenly felt like they have more awesome songs like that and I wanted to rewatch the old MVs of them. So after repeating various songs (old and new ones) I couldn’t get them out of my head anymore. And watching shows like Hello Baby and MBLAQ goes to school, only contributed to increase my interest in MBLAQ! xD
    I love their unique and adorable language “skills”, actually I can’t stand it if someone really sucks at English this much (-> despite learning it since a couple of years or whatever) but it’s simply so hilarious and cute I can’t even xDD I’m looking forward to their new album as well as I hope that I can see them live someday :D
    MBLAQ fighting! <3

    youtube username: sora2ii

    8 years ago
  40. Hello Baby was the thing that made me love them. Before that of course I was following them but not that hard. After that I felt closer to them. And their interaction with the kids evoke my motherhood instincts (which is way early for me now) and made me love them.
    my youtube name is felix62442

    8 years ago