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Our Interview with MBLAQ

June 9, 2012


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FINALLY! You saw our Interview with Wonder Girls and our Interview with Sistar. Here, at last, is our Interview with MBLAQ. Yay! No more people emailing and tweeting us every day asking when the video will be up!

We put the interviews out in this order to be fair, since they were the last group that we interviewed in a totally freaking hectic day. It was a good hectic, of course, but an exhausting one. If you haven’t seen our Behind the Scenes with Wonder Girls, Sistar, and MBLAQ video, then check that out. That was all in one day. All of the interviews happened within, like, three hours. We ran from the Wonder Girls from YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno over to our Sistar live chat in Google Headquarters in Mountain View. While running in the parking lot to get to Sistar, we saw MBLAQ sitting in the parking lot, but didn’t even have a chance to say hi. Then, when we finished with Sistar, we ran downstairs to interview MBLAQ. BOOM!

We were exhausted by the end of it all, but didn’t feel it, mostly because everyone that we were interviewing were a lot more exhausted than we were. Hell: all we had to do was just sit down and chat with them. They, on the other hand, had to sit down and chat with us AND plan for, you know, a HUGE FREAKING CONCERT the next day. So, yeah, we’re all a bit dead. We’re glad that they agreed to our CRY skit, though. Ha! That was…embarrassing and awkward (but when are we NOT embarrassing and awkward? That just how we roll!).

We had another skit planned with them that would have been epic, but we didn’t have the time to do. We were going to start off the interview by telling MBLAQ that we had asked you all to submit your questions to MBLAQ, which you did, when we announced that we were going to the Google Kpop Concert. Then we’d say that we printed out some of the questions, at which point we’d pull out a ridiculous stack of papers. Then we’d read the first page like “Susan from Alabama asks ‘Dear MBLAQ. PLEASE MARRY ME!'” We’d then apologize for the awkward question, and then move on to the second question, which would ask for them to take their shirts off. Then we’d look at the third question and not even read it since it’s OOOOH SO NASTY. We’d flip through the huge stack of papers while MBLAQ would look around awkwardly. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT! But we didn’t have time to do both that skit AND the Cry skit, so we stuck with the easier one. Yay!

But wait…didn’t we say something about MBLAQ signed CDs?

MBLAQ Autographed Album

You want an MBLAQ Autographed Album, don't you? OOOOH YES YOU DO!

And, yes, you saw that right. MBLAQ wrote their names all over their CDs. They touched those CDs, breathed on those CDs. Some of them even licked the CDs! That last part is not true. Anyhow, for those of you who want us to give you an autographed MBLAQ CD, here’s what you gotta do.

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Also, like in last week’s Sistar Interview, we’ve got some unused scenes that you’ll hopefully like. Check em out below!



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Our Interview with MBLAQ


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  1. I’m so proud of you S&M u did the k-poper dream c’: 
    i wish you the best of luck n.n 
    -hug- ♥ ~ 

    8 years ago
  2. Im SO in love with MBLAQ! here is the story …. im a huge fan of 2ne1 and Sandara Park, so i googled her and i found out that she had a brother on a group called MBLAQ ! so i searched for them and i saw OH YEAH MV ! i fell in love with them there !  like love at first sight n.n i loved Joon and Thunder back then xD (Now im a Seungho lover !) so that’s it, now im a truly dedicated A+ who sees everything that they do! MBLAQ FIGHTING
    lots of love Simon and Martina!
     Maya from Argentina ! 

    8 years ago
  3. last year MBLAQ came to Brazil, as you know, but I could not see them. I was really sad, especially because it was my birthday. then I was looking for all that were posting about them, I waited fancams and tweets all day and I found lots of information about how they were cute and attentive all the time!! I loved to see them in the house of a fan, were actually engaged in approaching people who admire them a lot. then, after the coming of MBLAQ to Brazil, they are no longer just a kpop group for me, they took a huge place in my heart and in my bias list ^^

    8 years ago
  4. I first started to like MBLAQ when i first saw the Y music video and have been following them ever since, but I don’t think it was until This is War and their season of Hello Baby that i truly fell in love with them. I got to know who they actually were as individuals rather than just idols and found that they are really nice people. ^.^ Every one of them has their own unique personalities and styles and i could tell that they really did care about those kids. When Joon cried, I cried.<3 MBLAQ

    also, you should give one of the CDs to a fellow Canadian. *coughMEcough* CANADA REPRESENT!

    YT: hautdog11

    8 years ago
  5. Wow… I fell in love since the pre debut hehe in Rain’s concert…. I love their personalities and everything on them. Like.. since the begining watch every performance and every single varieties programs so, i really like the good mood they have cause they are like really honest and always says what they really think, they are like kid, always playing around and making other people happy, that’s why i love them… just watch them laugh or play or do something crazy, makes me laugh and makes me fell like I’m part of every moment in their life. they makes us fell like we really are part of a huge family with them, so some times I fell like we’re really closes friends for every thing that they say to know more about them…. I really love them for thir kind and sweet and amazing personalities cause they’re really nice andeach one has the own personalities that makes us fall in love without a prototype of an Idol… cause they’re really act like they are
     So that’s why I love them :3
    My username is NifelheimLand n.n

    8 years ago
  6. my brother wanted a sistar cd but thanks to him he ok with me going for an mblaq cd

    8 years ago
  7. last year MBLAQ came to Brazil, as you know, but I could not see them. I was really sad, especially because it was my birthday. then I was looking for all that were posting about them, I waited fancams and tweets all day and I found lots of information about how they were cute and attentive all the time!! I loved to see them in the house of a fan, were actually engaged in approaching people who admire them a lot. then, after the coming of MBLAQ to Brazil, they are no longer just a kpop group for me, they took a huge place in my heart and in my bias list ^^

    8 years ago
  8. Oh woow! i’ll tell you when i fell for MBLAQ it was the moment they made their debut. I’m Mexican. so the moment I heard the “amigos” part they stole my heart!!
    I mean I was new at kpop so I felt like they were meant to be my favorite group, after that I saw them in stages and saw their passion i couldn’t stop searching videos of them on the internet *-*. Plus they are so easy going and sweet i mean i never met them in person i hope one day I will, but in every interview they make me feel like i know them for years ^^. 
    Soo I hope I win the CD if not it was a pleasure sharing my love for them to you
    P.S: Sorry for my bad english :D(don’t kill me please *joking*) . Love you guys!!! keep making awesome videos ^^ 

    YT: NewSai21
    (YouTube didn’t let me put all of it so i’ll put here the extended version and the short version on the youtube video. is that ok?)

    8 years ago
  9. I fell in love with MBLAQ after learning that Lee Joon suffers from bipolar disorder but still manages to work as hard as he can in being an idol, it makes me deeply touched especially since I have a lot of loved ones sufferring from this disorder, and it brings a lot of hope that the disorder doesn’t have to be what stops you from doing what you love.

    YT Username: KPopManiacSFL 

    8 years ago
  10. First of all, thank you so much Simon and Martina for interviewing MBLAQ! I went to see them at the airport when they arrived in San Francisco that day and was so excited, but later I realized that they had such a long flight and were probably super exhausted (MBLAQ I’m sorry for bothering you!). Looking at this video, the jet-lag is very apparent. ; n ; But I still enjoyed it very much!

    What made me fall for MBLAQ: Honestly, it was Cheondung/Thunder who really caught my eye in their Oh Yeah MV. After I listened to more of their songs and watched as many variety shows I could find that they appeared in, I gradually started loving them all (but Cheondung is still my favorite!). MBLAQ is so unique – their hilarious and honest personalities make them stand out from every other group. They’re very caring of their fans and each other, but the thing that really gets everyone is how “real” and “down to earth” they are.

    MBLAQ is my favorite group! There’s no second or third place for anyone else in my heart. Cheondung, Seungho, Mir, G.O, Joon, saranghamnida! I hear you’re coming to the U.S. again this year? I hope to see you all again! Until then, please continue to work hard and take good care of yourselves and each other! Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality need quality food and sleep! Annyeong! ❤

    MBLAQ, A+, That’s Right! EXPECT THU┌┘DER!

    YT: AngelaSimple

    8 years ago
  11. The moment i fell in love with MBLAQ was when they was on Hello Baby It showed there real character 

    8 years ago
  12. I heard a lot of MBLAQ and then one day I accidentally heard their MV This is war and they just called my attention. I loved the song the orchestra everything and couldn’t stop listening to it. I looked at much more songs from their debut days to now. Then after looking at interviews, sesame player and many more shows they were featured in I fell in love with them! They are fantastic and talented and hilarious. I love how they are with each other, make fun of each other and then bro moments it’s fantastic. I love their performances they get into the music and dance amazing! I noticed their smirks when they dance and sing and ir melts my heart <3 . 

    YT: Pandabearmelmel 
    Twitter: @pandamelmel 
    Facebook: Melanie Mares 

    8 years ago
  13. when martina dropped her chocolate bar i paused the video xD i don’t tjink i can see it xD it’s soooo embarrassing 

    8 years ago
  14. I fell in love the first time I watched Oh Yeah. That was the first music video of their’s I saw and I was blown away!!! It was really catchy and what girl wouldn’t fall for Joon after seeing his amazing smile and that one part where he lifts up his already see-through shirt!!! I am completely in love with him!!! Just look my picture for facebook! And also I fell in love with their personalities when I watched their Hello Baby. I can definitely relate to Joon and Mir because I am definitely still like a kid even though I’m a senior in high school. MBLAQ fighting!!!
    Youtube: lamune132
    Twitter: lamune132
    Facebook: Misa Adams

    8 years ago
  15. Sorry for my English!!!!
    I’ve never listened to Kpop. I saw the song MBLAQ (This is war) on one blog. I immediately fell in love with this song! I cried at the video. And so I became one of the most loyal fans MBLAQ. Now I try to bring them any new album, but not always I can afford it, because I live in Poland.

    Nigdy wcześniej nie słuchałam kpop. Zobaczyłam piosenkę MBLAQ (This is war) na jednym blogu. Od razu się zakochałam w tej piosence!!! Płakałam przy teledysku. I tak stałam się jedną z najwierniejszych fanek MBLAQ. Teraz staram się sprowadzać każdą ich najnowszą płytę, ale nie zawsze mnie na to stać, ponieważ mieszkam w Polsce.

    8 years ago
  16. I fell in love with mblaq because i was obsessed with variety shows. In many variety shows i watched , Lee Joon (of mblaq) was in it. So i thought to myself, this guy must be well-known. I quickly went to do my research on mblaq. What really caught me mblaq’s shows. Which mainly starred only them. I fell for their personalities, dorky-ness and almost everything about them. To me, they were so perfect. I couldn’t stop researching them, until no more could be done. So the main point is : Variety shows -> Lee Joon -> Mblaq -> Mblaq’s personality and dorky-ness -> me <3 them. I also know their background, and how hard they work so i really appreciate their efforts being put in and not to take them for granted. I always wish mblaq gets credit for everything they do. I want people to notice them more. :)

    8 years ago
  17. I fell in love with them when I watched Hello Baby. They showed a different side of them which I rarely see and as I got to know more about them, I was hooked. I also enjoy listening to their songs such as ‘Cry’. It’s a really good song and I even love the choreography for that song. Such things like that makes me admire them more.
    username : tinkletwinklelittles

    8 years ago
  18. i first saw mblaq when i was watching rains concert when they sang at first i just thought they were like any other idol but then i saw an interview by accident that had mblaq and they made me laugh the whole time slowly i started to get addicted to listening to their music and once they were having a concert in my country but my parents wouldn’t let me go and slowly i started to think that these people are so far away from me and ill never be able to ever interact with them i once even thought that they weren’t real and even though i would think these thoughts i cant spend an hour without listening to a song by mblaq and the have also cheered me up when i was sad. if i was able to win i would never ask for anything ever again 
    – a die hard A+

    8 years ago
  19. @feariekelly:disqus  twitter and feariekelly youtube
    The moment that i fell in love with them was when they were on a variety show called Idol Army i thought they were dorky and adorable. it made me mad when fans of other groups were comparing and bashing on MBLAQ, and i and many other A+ stood up for them in a rational and civil manner. Every Mblaq song that they have released from Oh Yeah, Y, Cry, Stay, Mona Lisa to It’s War, up onto Run, I have all enjoyed. I will always stand behind Mblaq, because to me they will always be #1.

    8 years ago
  20. The moment I realized “How did I go this long without hearing MBLAQ?”
    The first song I heard was ‘Why’ and it was awsome but, when I was watching ‘It’s War’ and he curved the bullet was when I fell in love..
    I listen to thier music when I’m angry and it helps me calm down.
    I just dont think I can imagine not listening to thier music now that I found it..

    P.S. They’re also cute, talented guys dancing and singing to what fells like olny you..what’s not to love?

    -hannahworkman003- is my youtube name.
    -Hannah Workman- is my facebook name.
    I’m not sure if this is the contest tread for the facebook..?

    8 years ago
  21. The moment I feel in love with MBLAQ… when they showed how adorkable they are… dork is the new sexy LOL at least for me <3<3<3<3<3

    8 years ago
  22. I fell in love with MBLAQ after watching Mir’s, girl band, dance against Key on Idol maknae rebellion

    8 years ago
  23. I think there was no exactly THE moment when I fell in love
    with MBLAQ. It started off when I was with my sister; we watched Hello Baby
    Season 2 featuring SHINEe then she told me that MBLAQ have already started
    filming Hello Baby S5. I kinda refused watching it because I was a Batoost (B2ST)
    fan back then and I thought that they were rivals, B2ST vs MBLAQ? I would’ve
    gone for Beast. After that whole scene, my sister insisted on watching it
    alone. I heard her laugh so much like she was literally LOL-ing and I kind of
    got curious and jealous so I watched it with her. By the time that we were half
    through with it, it clicked me; I’m already falling in love with MBLAQ. They
    were on my mind like, all day and I even think about them before I slept (up
    until now XD) I think what made me fall in love with them is their smile, their
    humility, sincerity and honesty in their work, during filming and interviews.
    They never wore masks, hiding their true colors on camera instead they show
    their true selves except of course when they’re performing on stage which is
    like an exception. I now have all their songs in my hand phone, I don’t have
    the money to buy their cds online cause I’m still a student entering college. There
    are only few stores here in the Philippines that sell Korean albums and I haven’t
    had any opportunity to buy them. So I’d like to thank you if every you’d choose
    me cause it means the whole world to me. Even if you won’t choose me, I’d like
    to thank you for giving us fans the opportunity and chance to even watch MBLAQ
    and other Korean Idols, and a chance to have an album. With that, thank you
    again. More power! God Bless! Take care always! Love from Rachel, Philippines. :)

    8 years ago
  24. first, i fell in love with mblaq when i saw their music video : Cry.

    it really catch my eyes;their performance on the music video, and also
    when i heard Oh Yeah for the first time, i love Thunder’s rap part in
    this song.
    that what makes me love MBLAQ till now ♥

    8 years ago
  25. the reason i fell in love with mblaq is because at the begining of the school tear at my school we had Korean foreign exchange students and i had no way to relate to them so i went on youtube and looked up top 10 boy bands of 2011 and they were in the top 3 their song y was the song featured in the video and i really liked it and wrote the band name and song down i looked up the music video and song and fell in love with my first K-POP band ever i found all of their songs on youtube and for about 6 month would talk almost alaways about mblaq i even put their band name in my email adress and their accatually the reason i found eatyourkimchi.com because i was watching one of their videos and i went up to the top 100 videos by mblaq and at that time your review on mblaq’s cry was at #6 and i watched it and you guys cracked me up and thats how i found you guys and from there on not only have i loved mblaq but alot of other bands too like SHINee B1A4 Super Junior U-Kiss and many more so mblaq has caused me to absolutly fall inb love with K-POP and also your videos so thank you simon and martina

    8 years ago
  26. the first time i fell in love with them was when i saw Lee Joon for the first time then i had to know what kinda music they made so i heard the son ‘Y’ and it was AMAZING! and then i was even more in love with them !

    8 years ago
  27. Well I recently got into Kpop like 10 months ago and while searching on youtube and clicking I found their Mona Lisa MV and I was like I like this group. I started to watch their variety shows and I loved their Idol Army season and Sesame Player. I fell in love with these boys then, especially pabo Lee Joon <3 They had this side to them that seemed totally real and not fake and I loved how they weren't afraid to show their real selves to all their fans. Now they are always on my favorites playlist on my iPod Which is significant because the songs in that playlist have a listening life of about a month, 2 months if it's especially good, but all of MBLAQ's songs have always been on that playlist since I discovered.  <3 <3

    Youtube Username: Witchgirl289

    8 years ago
  28. I fell in love everytime when they’re performing, because they’re talented and always they try their best for make us happy with their music. ^^
    (Sorry for my bad english) |:+Youtube: 0o0supergirl0o0+Twitter: @CNBoice_94:disqus 
    +Facebook: Diana Sofía Valdivia

    8 years ago
  29. Ah…I remember like it was yesterday when I fell in love with MBLAQ. It was when I was in Korea for a visit and met saw them at their debut showcase!

    Youtube username: evan1enemy

    8 years ago
  30. Hey Simon and Martina, I would like to translate what Cheondoong (Thunder) said to English so that all the people who would watch your vid will be able to understand what he said. So here it goes,
    I love you. (Mahal ko kayo)
    I love the (Mahal ko ang) [I think he made a mistake here. He cut off the sentence.]
    I miss all the friends that I have in the Philippines. (Miss ko ang lahat ng kaibigan ko sa Pilipinas)
    I love you all. (Mahal ko kayong lahat)
    I’m Filipino by the way. :) Hope it helped.

    8 years ago
  31. After watching Hello Baby S5. ♥ While promoting their It’s War comeback. I really like the tracklist of their latest album, especially the song “Beautiful”. I didn’t even know that I’m falling for them already. I can describe that moment as one of the happiest that ever happened in my fangirl life. I’m just glad that I’ve met 5 amazing, adorkable, and heart-melting guys. Even though I’m just a new A+, I really love them already! On-stage, on variety shows, behind the scenes, wherever; I really like it when they show their true selves. Their bond is one of a kind and they’re not “just another kpop boy group”. They have such charisma with them and overflowing talents. That’s why I’ll continue loving them. (・ωー)~☆ ♡ MBLAQ FTW!

    username in youtube: mellomellokazu

    8 years ago
  32. Poor MBLAQies were so tired :(  When Seungho told Chundoong to say it in English I was like, exactly!

    8 years ago
  33. Zandra Pasia (zhie0690) 
    what made you fall in love with MBLAQ :

    What made me fall for MBLAQ was their different charms. They were equally unique and they just oozed masculinity. Each of the Mblaq members had unique charms: Seung Ho, had an “oxymoronic“ responsible but mischievous leader image, G.O, had a masculine (from his beard) but totally feminine charms (he`s a good cook, i think) (G.O umma), Lee Joon had a Babo Handsome guy image (he`s quiet funny when he projects that babo image)(and it also helped that he looks similar to Bi, so plus points on just looking sexy as hell like Bi), Mir with his weird babyish aegyo and uber charisma in stage (ironic to see actually) and of course Cheondung for his cool, laid back image. It also doesn`t hurt that I`m Filipino and was charmed that he could speak some Tagalog phrases, it also helped that he`s Dara`s brother. Its a good thing I didn`t dismiss them as just another K-Pop group (trying to break free of the aegyo mold) that will be overshadowed by giant Groups like Suju, BB, TVXQ. (who had lots of originality) 

    I was also mesmerized with their music. They were one of the pioneers to mix more latin influences to their K-Pop songs. Their songs always had a kind of mysterious, sexy and uplifting vibe that really diverges from those disgustingly cute aegyo filled songs. So kudos to Mblaq! I`m actually really not the type to stick to just one K-pop group (except BB and Suju) but Mblaq has kept my interest every time they come up with new material. Awesome Job guys. 

    8 years ago
  34. Why did I fell in love with mblaq? Because they are doing an amazing job for their fans! They always work so hard for us and they never give up :) I think they have amazing personalities (well, what we can see on shows XD) and with Hello baby, I just melted :3 They are all so adorable ^^ MBLAQ has a unique style that no one can imitate :)
    youtube name: magikia02 ^^

    8 years ago
  35. oh poop….that other skit would have been awesome!!!!!!!! But i liked the interview…even though i dont listen to MBLAQ

    PS I googled them and the meaning of their name had me dying in laughter!! :()

    8 years ago
  36. This interview was awesome! I especially loved Martina’s acting in the ‘Cry’ skit.

    When you guys reviewed the ‘전쟁이야’ MV, I decided to check them out. I was so absorbed in the MV and the song…the moment I saw 승호’s tears, I came back to reality and found myself completely in love with them. ^_^ Before that, I had never watched their MVs or listened to their songs; I didn’t know anything about them. Now I’m always searching the interwebs and trying to learn more. Thanks Simon and Martina; I’m totally obsessed with MBLAQ!!

    It’s time for breakfast now, so I’m gonna eat some waffles with my little cousin…who also happens to be named Mir <3

    Twitter: @teknet00
    YouTube: teknet00

    8 years ago
  37. Youtube user name:  noangeleyes2

    It’s easy! Since I heard the first song and saw them performing on Rain’s stage. But I fall in love again and again, more and more every single time I see and hear them. How can you not love “the waffuuur”-Mir, “the mustache”-GO, “Seungho appa”, the”you shouldn’t do that”-Joon and “the face”-Thunder. They aren’t my addiction, they are my daily dose of smile.
    Martina, you didn’t ask Mir to do the warfuuuur thinghy…you said you will!

    8 years ago
  38. Wow! I never thought Thunder can still speak tagalog!! I’m a proud filipino and I’m proud of him and Mblaq!! This was nice! Thanks Simon and Martina~~~ :)

    8 years ago
  39. I fell in love with mblaq( specifically joon) with one of their first songs ” stay”!! I love that song and it never gets tiring! Plus I watched joon on many variety shows and I fell in love with his character!!Z

    8 years ago
  40. The moment I fell in love with MBLAQ was watching them on Sesame Player and seeing how big dorks they are. I love dorks! Also watching them do the ‘Multiplication Game’ made me more interested… Let’s just say I feel for anyone who doesn’t have the best math skill as I do, okay? This made me look more into their dramatic music videos, hilarious wardrobe, catchy awesome songs, and awesome dance moves which made me love them even more :) MBLAQ DORK LOVEEEE FIGHTING WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~

    Youtubez: nicollabal
    Tweeterz: @vanillaskiin
    Faaaaassbook: Nicol Labal

    8 years ago