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Our Interview with MBLAQ

June 9, 2012


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FINALLY! You saw our Interview with Wonder Girls and our Interview with Sistar. Here, at last, is our Interview with MBLAQ. Yay! No more people emailing and tweeting us every day asking when the video will be up!

We put the interviews out in this order to be fair, since they were the last group that we interviewed in a totally freaking hectic day. It was a good hectic, of course, but an exhausting one. If you haven’t seen our Behind the Scenes with Wonder Girls, Sistar, and MBLAQ video, then check that out. That was all in one day. All of the interviews happened within, like, three hours. We ran from the Wonder Girls from YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno over to our Sistar live chat in Google Headquarters in Mountain View. While running in the parking lot to get to Sistar, we saw MBLAQ sitting in the parking lot, but didn’t even have a chance to say hi. Then, when we finished with Sistar, we ran downstairs to interview MBLAQ. BOOM!

We were exhausted by the end of it all, but didn’t feel it, mostly because everyone that we were interviewing were a lot more exhausted than we were. Hell: all we had to do was just sit down and chat with them. They, on the other hand, had to sit down and chat with us AND plan for, you know, a HUGE FREAKING CONCERT the next day. So, yeah, we’re all a bit dead. We’re glad that they agreed to our CRY skit, though. Ha! That was…embarrassing and awkward (but when are we NOT embarrassing and awkward? That just how we roll!).

We had another skit planned with them that would have been epic, but we didn’t have the time to do. We were going to start off the interview by telling MBLAQ that we had asked you all to submit your questions to MBLAQ, which you did, when we announced that we were going to the Google Kpop Concert. Then we’d say that we printed out some of the questions, at which point we’d pull out a ridiculous stack of papers. Then we’d read the first page like “Susan from Alabama asks ‘Dear MBLAQ. PLEASE MARRY ME!'” We’d then apologize for the awkward question, and then move on to the second question, which would ask for them to take their shirts off. Then we’d look at the third question and not even read it since it’s OOOOH SO NASTY. We’d flip through the huge stack of papers while MBLAQ would look around awkwardly. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT! But we didn’t have time to do both that skit AND the Cry skit, so we stuck with the easier one. Yay!

But wait…didn’t we say something about MBLAQ signed CDs?

MBLAQ Autographed Album

You want an MBLAQ Autographed Album, don't you? OOOOH YES YOU DO!

And, yes, you saw that right. MBLAQ wrote their names all over their CDs. They touched those CDs, breathed on those CDs. Some of them even licked the CDs! That last part is not true. Anyhow, for those of you who want us to give you an autographed MBLAQ CD, here’s what you gotta do.

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Also, like in last week’s Sistar Interview, we’ve got some unused scenes that you’ll hopefully like. Check em out below!



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Our Interview with MBLAQ


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  1. Oh my goodnessss!!! You guys are going to be reading through
    sooo many comments, so I’ll try to keep this as short as possible.

    Since I just started getting into Kpop not too long ago, my friend told me to
    watch the Google Kpop concert. I thought it would be a good way for me to get
    exposure to different groups. I didn’t really pay attention to them, but when
    it was over my friend asked me which band I liked, so I said MBLAQ and TVXQ,
    because they were the only names that I remembered. So then she sent me a
    picture of G.O with a mustache and I was like “OMO! I’ve never seen a Kpop
    idol with facial hair!” And then when that was over I completely forgot
    about them.

    This next part may sound like I’m trying to kiss up to you guys, but it’s not
    like that…

    Afterwards, I started getting into your videos and I saw the interview with
    SISTAR and then I tried to win that CD. Since I didn’t win I decided to watch
    the MBLAQ interview and see if there would be a giveaway. 48 seconds into the
    video a clip for “This Is War” came up, and then I was like “Oh
    yeah, I think they did that one at the concert.” And then at 54 seconds I
    saw “one of the guys” (now that I’ve gotten into them, I know his
    name) fall to the ground wounded, and then I was like “Hmmm, maybe I
    should watch this video later.” 65 seconds into the video a picture of
    G.O’s facial hair popped up and I went through my surprise phase again. I
    finished watching the interview, and I was like “Maybe I’ll try competing
    for this CD.”

    But I hadn’t really fallen in love with them yet, so I put it off. But 2 days
    ago I decided to watch “This is War” and I was like
    “GAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Why did I wait so long?! This is amazing!” and then
    I cried a little at the end of the video. Then I decided to watch the Kpop
    Music Mondays review for the video. Then I heard Simon mention the “donkey
    kick to the balls” which I hadn’t noticed, so I had to rewatch the video,
    not that I minded…

    Then I thought, “the guy that shoots himself looks kinda hot,” so I
    looked up his name and then typed his name into YouTube and one of the first
    videos was of him ripping his pants. And that’s when it happened. I fell in
    love with MBLAQ at that moment. So now that I have seen that video I can write
    my entry for this contest…

    Hmm I guess I didn’t really do a good job of keeping this short, but yeah,
    that’s how it happened. I may not be a life-long fan, but I just started
    getting into Kpop, so… yeah.

    TL;DR: I saw Lee Joon ripping his pants >.<

    I don't know how YouTube works, I think I'm suscribed and I think my username
    is FlorMoHdz

    So now that I wrote this I'm going to try to catch up on MBLAQ…

    8 years ago
  2. youtube: angelicad7

    The moment I fell in love with MBLAQ was when I first started watching their Idol Army show. The members were so AWKWARD at first because it was their first big show. They were absolutely hilarious and I laughed so hard in every episode; since then I have become a huge fan due to their outright silliness. Especially Seungho’s Old Man personality that comes out when he lets loose and forgets that the camera is rolling =D

    8 years ago
  3. youtube: angelicad58

    : D You guys are so lucky & sweet! Its so awesome that you got to interview MBLAQ!

    MBLAQ’s leader, Seunhgo, actually made me fall in love with MBLAQ. His laugh is addicting so when he laughs at the smallest thing it becomes the most hilarious thing. Also his random old man dance cracks me up!

    8 years ago
  4. The first time song I heard from them was the song “This Is War”, I’m being honest. I fall in love with Lee Joon’s smile, I just keep my eyes in him and G.O. (who doesn’t appear to much). I love the song so much that I begin to find more music about them. Every single video I love it, and I love how you guys (Simon and Martina) comment about their videos, I’m just so distractic looking at them that in the first time I don’t know what is going on in the video, thank you Simon and Martina. One of my favorite videos of MBLAQ is “Y”, and when I say the word “why”, the next thing that I say is, “Give it to my Y, listen to my Y”. This one of my favorite bands, and I know that this guys going to succeeded in the future.

    Youtube: PauGirl1518
    TWITTER: PAUhyun

    8 years ago
  5. I know this is really off topic, but in places where a lot of Asians live like southern California and where Kpop is popular like Vietnam, they tend to cut their hair just like Joon, Thunder, and my bias Seungho and watch a ton of kdramas. Back to the topic.
    Reasons I fell in love with mblaq
    1. I fell in love with mblaq when the last episode of hello baby came out. Mblaq was the funniest and saddest season I watched and I needed to see more of them.
    2. I cried watching this is war and y
    3. Mblaq is really funny on variety shows like when they were on mydol with vixx. Agil agil fantastic!
    4. Mblaq is really nice and they make awesome songs
    I’m not entering for a cd(but I wanna)

    8 years ago
  6. Wannnnnnnnnnnnnna win this :((((((((((((((((((((((

    8 years ago
  7. youtupe: Hoejfeld
    at first MBLAQ was just another kpop group, I had heard a couple of songs and I really liked them, it was Sesame Player which made me fall in love with them. The fact that they where completely and utterly themselves, dorky and not caring what people would think, that they where so honest made me fall in love with them. I have always struggled with my self-confidence, thinking too much about what others think of me, and MBLAQ help me a lot to get rid of it, to dare to me myself 100% all the time. And besides their dorkyness and honesty they make some of the best music out there, and puts their hearts into it, and you can hear that. I love these boys – without them I would still be stuck a very insecure version of myself – and every time I’m down, they can always make you laugh – I don’t care what they do, how many albums or songs they make, or how long it takes them, as long as they’re happy and healthy, and I’m gonna be here – on the other side of the world – supporting them all the way, no matter what they’ll do :)
    you’re so lucky you got to meet them ^^

    8 years ago
  8. Hello, I’m Sylwia, and I’m addicted to MBLAQ. You as ‘Y’ I fell in love with them? (see what I did there ;> ?) Ekhmmm… Honestly speaking… I have no idea how that happened. I wasn’t fan of K-pop at the beginning ( I was young and stupid!). I saw one MV. My friend made me. ‘Let’s watch it’ she said, ‘It’s fine,and completly safe’ she said. I thought: Yeah, well, why not… One MV. Few days later I woke up with mind full of Korean Idols mostly MBLAQ… I think my love for them started somewhere in between those 2 moments… Yeah that must be it ^^ I guess I was watching some variety shows back then. And then came ‘Hello Baby’. Why did they do that to me!? I think those kind of programs are scary> Getting to know idols from more every day side, makes you feel really attached to them. And than there is war with your common senses… Anyway, finally answering question….They are indywiduals acting as one, they are funny, caring, and sincere. They can be serious, but they are not afraid to look a bit silly sometimes…and they are handsome <3 aand…I think I have to stop now, because my mind is getting out of control…
    YT: SylwiaMycha
    Ekhmmm… You are reading this? Then Happy Anniversary ^^ Yaay ^^ And uhmmm… if first part was akward… I wan’t you to know that It’s late here now, and that Poland lost our sink or swim match and… and… and my best-best-friend is far away.
    Sorry… I’m too talkactive. Bye

    8 years ago
  9. Btw, You guys are awesome :D

    8 years ago
  10. Hi~ :3
    I knew about MBLAQ because my friend made me watch their mvs, at first, I didn’t wanted to watch it because I only loved SHINee and I wasn’t interested in any other groups (Oh My gosh, so SHINee biased, I was really obsessed over SHINee at that time…) So,when I watched “Y”, I liked the song and the whole music video itself, I repeated the mv for a long time and started watching videos of MBLAQ after that.
    I don’t really ‘believe’ in reality shows and variety shows, because I think they are scripted. Besides watching their mvs, I felt in love with them while watching fancams, sometimes fancams shows what the tv didn’t showed me before. In a lot of fancams I saw them really playful and cute, all dorky too; but at the same time, I saw them tired and sleepy, That made me realize that idols put a lot of effort on what they do, and at how time passed, I kind of stopped watching fancams because I noticed some fans can get really annoying while filming them. I can’t say I’m the one who love MBLAQ the most, but I do what I can by voting for them and supporting them, even if it is from afar. They have hard times, but manage to smile at the end, and times when they win, and they tweet about it saying “thank you”, when I should be the one who thanks them (Eww, that sounded cheesy, sorry xD) Anyways, even if they aren’t the best kpop group to others, as long as they keep smiling and enjoying what they do, then yes, they are the best kpop group to me. ^-^
    MBLAQ Saranghae~ <3
    Youtube username "XxStrawberryJuicexX"

    8 years ago
  11. YouTube Username: KiRAWRra131

    Okay, so I continue to fall in love with MBLAQ, every time I see them, even to this day.
    One of my most memorable “I think I’m in love with them” moments though is when I watched and listened to their MV ‘Cry’. I’m not a ballad lover, but this song has got to be one of my most favorite KPOP songs, ever. They show a lot of power in this song. Not only in singing, but in dancing. For example, 0:18 – 0:25 seconds into the video, the teamwork control in their dancing is amazing. And i really love Seungho’s Caterpillar wiggle hand dance. Also, that dance at 0:45 – 0:52 seconds gives it that feel like their tied together. And I mean really, that amazing G.O. groan at 1:58 – 2:00 gives me chills.
    Now not only did I fall in love with them for their singing and dancing, but also their personalities. I defiantly fell in love with them again during your interviews. In the bloopers when they’re watching that video on the giant YouTube phone, it shows a less posed side of them, a normal human side that you can’t always find in stars. They way they laugh at each other and play with each other makes me proud that the stars I love are more that just societies play puppets.
    I can’t say my reasoning is good enough to win the CD seeing that it’s taken me over a week to think of an honest response, but I am glad that I got to watch you guys mingle with my favorite idols.

    8 years ago
  12. What made you fall in love with MBLAQ!

    There are some simple reasons~ They’re good looking. I like their music and dances. My first time, when I saw MBLAQ was their dance battle. Then Joon showed his ballet skills and rent his T-shirt, so it left a very good impression. MBLAQ are good in variety shows, later even my stomach hurts from laughing. Their personalities are nice and they all have some special talents. Seungho can repair bicycle and play piano~ G.O have a wonderful vocal abilities. Joon can dance a ballet. Thunder are the best at languages from MBLAQ. Mir, the maknae, are good at rap and he is adorible. I like their teamwork and finally I also want to live in absolute quality.
    Oh yeah Mona Lisa, it’s war~
    Youtube: Imiliukea
    Twitter: Miliukea
    FB: Indre Lebedevaite

    8 years ago
  13. I fell in love with MBLAQ during their “This Is War” promotions xD I know Im horrible for finding out so late, Im a bad A+ But I remember I kept hearing about them & was like “Oh Dara’s brother I guess I’ll go see” and then BAM. fell in love, it also helped that all the A+ on the channel were so helpful & friendly to me when I first joined the fanclub ^^ Soon after I started looking up all their old songs & shows not to mention HB just started & I just fell in love with their crazy personalities

    8 years ago
  14. Their personalities made me fall in love with them, especially Lee Joon’s aegyo and Thunder’s evil laugh.
    Youtube Username: moonstar275

    8 years ago
  15. The moment that make me fell in love with MBLAQ was the
    first time I saw one of their video, their voices and amazing looks made my
    heart jump with emotion and my brain explode with though of happiness in a
    wonderful world where MBLAQ rule the universe and as I was watching the most
    amazing video ever a miracle happen, sweet Leen John show me his abs for the
    first times ever, my eyes melted while my heart pumped blood so fast that my
    nose started to bleeding, I have finally found heaven in earth
    Youtube: Raquelcesi13

    8 years ago
  16. Hello Simon and Martina! I am Laura from Austria! I wonder if i can still participate in the CD-competition, but I still want to tell you this even if I am too late ^_^

    To be honest, I didn’t like K-POP in general at first and was forced to listen to it by my friend. I was used to Alternative Rock which is so different, that I couldn’t stand the beat and the sound of K-POP songs. But my attitude to K-POP changed drastically when I listened to MBLAQ’s ‘CRY’. It was somehow love at first sight – or at firsten listen? ^_^
    From that point on I loved MBLAQ, especially G.O with his outstanding voice. And with MBLAQ my love for K-POP grew too <3 now I am a proud A+ and hope i can see them once in reality…

    My Youtube's account name is 'TheNochamol'; Twitter 'LaLoewenherz'; Facebook 'Lala-chan Palaoro' xD

    8 years ago
  17. I love and miss you too CheonDoong

    8 years ago
  18. Ooh, this is such a hard question… I guess the way I really fell in love with MBLAQ was partly because of you guise. The first time I even heard about MBLAQ was through the This is War Music Monday. I LOVED your review, and I had to watch the music video. When I did, I fell in love with the song and the video, and I started laughing at all of the parts with the plot holes, even though it’s SUCH a sad video, and when Joon died I loved it, even though it was so sad and realistic. It still almost makes me cry when I watch it today.
    Speaking of Cry, I loved that music video too. It’s so artsy and such a creative, expressive dance and amazing vocals. Mona Lisa, Y, Oh Yeah, Stay – all of these songs are amazing, and the dances and videos are so great too.
    I guess that I really love MBLAQ because all of their songs, dances and videos are so artsy and creative – well, not artsy, not all of the time, but certainly creative. They’re all very…MBLAQian. MBLAQ has a style that shows up in all (or almost all) of their songs, dances and videos. And no, I’m not just talking about the accordions. Though I like those, too. It’s something else, something purely MBLAQ, and I can’t quite place it. There’s something about them that only a few other groups have ever had in them for me.
    I also really love watching things like your interview with MBLAQ, where they’re not on stage, not really, and they’re just laughing with each other and playing around, because many idols in different music cultures around the world (cough cough…America…cough cough) are often portrayed as better than regular people, or they don’t appear to be regular people because whenever you see them they’re always acting or singing or dancing. K-pop is less like this, I think, than some other places, but maybe I haven’t really looked into American culture – I mean, other cultures – in that way much. I’m Canadian (where the most popular music is American), so I’m not just saying this with no experience of American music culture. Anyway, these interviews and such make you see that MBLAQ (or any other idols, for that matter) interact with each other just like everybody else. Your interview (especially the goodbye part, where the rest of MBLAQ were teasing Mir about saying goodbye just to HIS fans) and other times like these really make me fall more in love with MBLAQ.
    Sorry if this is too long and boring for you to read, but I really love expressing my feelings about this kind of thing.
    I’m a YouTube subscriber, by the way, and my username is AngelaCat13.

    8 years ago
  19. I fell in love with MBLAQ because of their differences in personality and how genuine they are. My fav maybe Mir but I love each of them to where sometimes I can’t tell who’s my favorite. They each have this flair about them that appeals to me. Like how sweet and funny G.O is and how comical Mir and Joon are together and how Seungho can keep them under control and still be a kid and how Thunder is so protective of his noona, Dara. MBLAQ definately has made me happy in many ways and one of them is inspiration. Thanks so much MBLAQ for giving me something I didn’t have before, inspiration to be myself.

    8 years ago
  20. I first fell in love with MBLAQ when Lee Joon was a guest on Running Man and after seeing him, I started to scour the internet for other variety shows that he was on, which led me to watch Sesame Player in which I totesmahgoats fell in love with every single one of them. After Sesame Player, I started to watch any variety show that they guest starred in cause I adored how playful they are. I saw them three times in concert and I’ll continue to watch and support them and their music. Hwaiting!

    8 years ago
  21. I can’t really explain what made me fall in love with them… It’s really hard to put my love for them into words. When I first saw ‘Oh Yeah’ I knew that this group was going to go really far in the music industry. The catchy rythm, beautiful vocals, and amazing dance skills is what made me (and so many other fans) keep coming back for more. So, I began looking more into the group. I bought their album, watched their interviews, and supported them as much as I could. At the time I was still a noob in the K-Pop world, but that didn’t stop me from giving them all my love.

    Now, even after these past few years, I continue to love and support them by watching their shows/interviews, buying their merchandise, and I’ve even sent them letters and gifts (although I’m not sure if they REALLY received them…). I want to thank them SO much for being so amazing and unique! I’ve been an A+ since the beginning, and I’ll be one ’til the end! MBLAQ and A+ hwaiting!

    Youtube: xEmoAngel7x
    Twitter: _J00NiN_
    Facebook: Alli Taylor

    8 years ago
  22. I first got interested in MBLAQ when they debuted with “Oh Yeah” because I liked that it didn’t sound like everything else. I then started watching them on variety shows like Idol Army and then Sesame Player and so on. I instantly loved their personalities becasue of how down-to-earth they all seemed and just how goofy they all could be. I am always surprised to this day at how G.O. and SeungHo both can be so serious one moment and then pretty much do a 180 and be complete goofballs! G.O. in particular beacause he can say and do soem of the funniest things with a completely straight face! Also, SeungHo always amazes me with his piano playing skills! So overall the moment I fell in love with MLBAQ was upon seeing their “chic-dol” image on stage and then seeing their goofy and down-to-earth personalities on Idol Army (mainly during the first episode). I sincerely hope they have continued success in their careers because they are truly a very talented group of great guys!
    My youtube username is: ladidadidodida
    P.S. I also wish EatYourKimchi all the luck in the world to have continued success with this blog and any other ventures you guys take on! You guys truly are awesome!!

    8 years ago
  23. I can’t pinpoint exactly what makes me love them. They were one of the first groups I found when I discovered Kpop and their videos really impressed me. Then following AKPF, I discovered all the quirky hilarity that generally ensues. Lee Joon pretty much always makes me laugh. Your interview displayed all the things I like best about them :)
    YT: cloiebuggeater 

    8 years ago
  24. <3 

    8 years ago
  25. I am a much older unnie/noona who listened to S.E.S., Baby V.O.X., Turbo, H.O.T. and Fin K.L. back in high school. I rediscovered KPop in 2009 after a 12 year break, right around the same time MBLAQ debuted with Oh Yeah. I have to honestly say that I have Joonie’s abs to thank for reminding me about my first true love. When I saw those abs I knew I was in love again. I thought to myself, “Oh yeah, this was why I loved KPop so much before. Why did I ever stop?” Joonie’s abs got me hooked on MBLAQ. And brought me back to KPop again. I’ve been a dedicated KPop lover ever since. YouTube : svang0001Twitter : svang0001Facebook : Sheng Vang

    8 years ago
  26. Oh, and Simon, you are pretty cool too! lol

    8 years ago
  27. Martina… a moment…. uhhh… you are awesome!!! it takes some serious guts to make yourself silly like that in front of strangers, and famous strangers at that!
    Props…. props!

    8 years ago
  28. Honestly, I fell in love with MBLAQ when my friend sent me the MV for Y. Initially, I died laughing at the pants they were wearing, but I loved the song! From then on, I’ve been a big fan of MBLAQ. I even have a poster of them in my college room, which receives a lot of questions such as “why are they majestically floating underwater with bubbles all around them?” and “is this some weird asian version of the little mermaid?”. In the end, their amazing vocals and powerful dancing style won me over!!

    youtube username: Ghiblijp

    8 years ago
  29. ouh and. WELCOME to malysia on 30th june :)

    8 years ago
  30. kyahhh, simon and martina, you guys are AWESOMEEEEEEEE :) and the skit tooo ! haha thanks for this awesome video. i love it,,,-from malaysia- 

    8 years ago
  31. Thunder is so adorable in this interview. I really adore seeing them dressed down and goofing off like regular guys. :)

    8 years ago
  32. i first fell in love with MBLAQ when i heard their song cry. it was such an amazing song and then i started watching shows with them in it and found out more about the whole group. they are all equally amazing with their own characteristics that stood out in the group. not only are they talented but they have wonderful personalities and awesome looks (; LOVE MBLAQ!!!

    8 years ago
  33. I first fell in love with MBLAQ when I watched them on Hello Baby. Only because before I didn’t pay attention to them as much. At the time they were just another kpop boy band to me, but after watching Hello Baby I got to know MBLAQ when they were off stage or a different side of them. Seeing them act as themselves made me like them even more. Also, I didn’t first like them for their looks. They have amazing talent and I love how childish they are because It’s always good to be not so serious. Furthermore, I fell in love with ALL their songs. I just became so attached to them that I constantly listened to their songs, literally all day. Even if the songs weren’t recent they were still great and catchy. I really love MBLAQ now and will never forget the moment I fell in love with them when watching Hello Baby. It was very touching and I felt like it brought me closer to them, thinking, they aren’t just another boy band. Even when I never been to any of their concerts because I live far away, I’ve watched majority of their performances and tv show appearances. I really loved them that much(: I thought that they are unique in their own way and that’s why I love them so much.

    Youtube: Skychasergirl

    8 years ago
  34. Who is the member in the white stripped shirt? He is too adorable :)

    8 years ago
  35. A

    the moment i fell in love with MBLAQ was when i realized that they are not only amazing singers but really cool guys as well. i would love the chance to hang out with them because they seem like super awesome people. especially Mir lol he’s so crazy (but not in a bad way of course). they just seem like such great down to earth guys.

    8 years ago
  36. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had a lot of time to get to this website in a while… and what do I see ? An interview with MBLAQ :D I’m so freakin’ jealous! They have been my favorite boy band since I got into kpop… so glad I saw this before the CD contest ends!! 

    Thanks for all the hard work you do btw, I hope you’re enjoying every minute of it… Martina has some seriously big balls too. I would be nervous just talking to them much less acting out a small skit with them… you should share your secret with us ;) 

    8 years ago
  37. I want a schticky~ ^^ kekeke! :-P

    8 years ago
  38. G.O I’ll be your 외국인 친구~ ^^ I’ll practice 영어 with you and you can teach me 한글. ^^

    8 years ago
  39. Well, I heard “Y” by them when I first got into kpop and I really liked it, but I really fell in love with them after I gave up tumblr for lent haha, all I had was youtube and I think I randomly found out they were doing “Hello Baby” so I started watching that and I loved it! They were so dorky and funny so I would get bored waiting for the new episodes and I started watching their other variety shows and I just loved how spazzy and ridiculous they could be and I loved how they left me dying of oxygen loss from laughing so hard. It was sort of funny to go back and watch their MV’s after that because they’re so serious in their MVs and it’s so different from how they really act. I feel like they, more than any other band, would get along with me best if I were to ever meet them because I’m a huge spaz and a dork to boot and I think that’s what I love about them best. They’re not afraid to make fools out of themselves or “ruin their image”- I personally think it gives them a better image because I like dorky MBLAQ more than “sexy” MBLAQ…though I do like sexy MBLAQ too but oddly enough I choose dorky over sexy ;p Sorry…that was really long but it was sort of instant love for them once my other bands stopped promoting and I’m pretty sure I’m a fan for life of MBLAQ. Wafurrs for the win!! (youtube name: spzimefrk16 (lol you recognize the name? ;p))

    8 years ago
  40. Martina you are such an amazingly, hilarious, lovable dork (I mean that in the best way possible!) I don’t have the courage, confidence, nor the comedic timing to ever do what you did in front of MBLAQ in the intro! So jealous!!  Love your skills and talent. Makes me crack-up, love, and idolize you more. You are a role model and an inspiration!!! <3

    8 years ago