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Our Interview with MFBTY

February 21, 2013


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Woohoo! Our interview with MFBTY is now ready for the world to see! It’s in three parts: the first being talk about their album and video. The second part is their actual video (check it out, yo!) and then the third is more personal questions about them as artists, the music industry, and just some more personal stuff as well. We hope you like it! We’re still experimenting with different interview formats, so this looks a bit different than our Clazziquai Project interview, and it looks different than our Eric Nam interview (which we’re still working on), so let us know what you think :D

Anyhow, we were really happy with this interview. We were supposed to only talk with them for an hour, but we almost went on for two hours because the conversation was going so well. We even told MFBTY that we didn’t want to go past their deadline, but they were totally down for staying longer, which was really awesome of them. Seriously, those guise are cool. And they have so much insight into the industry, and we would have loved to have sat with them for hours more and just gobbled it all up. We’re happy with what we got, though. It was just hella difficult to edit! How do you choose what to cut out and what to keep? It’s all so good!

More importantly, we were really amazed with what TigerJK told us. He was really happy to be able to do this interview with us, which surprised the hell out of us because – really – the honor is ours, not theirs! WE’RE the ones that are lucky to have them come by the studio! The point is, though, that he wound up thanking everyone on Twitter for organizing this. It was you Twitter Nasties who kept on Tweeting us, MFBTY, and their company, in hopes of getting this all arranged. It was your hard work that made this happen. So, thank you all, really, for setting this up. One of the things we always talk about when we describe our channel, even when we’re here in Tokyo talking to CEOs about what makes our channel successful, is that you guise, you Nasties, aren’t our audience. You’re our collaborators. We’re not making videos for you, but WITH you. The effort you put into this site and these videos we do our best to match. This interview is as much a product of your work as it is ours. So, thank you. Really. TL;DR – HARASS JYJ TO GET THEM TO COME TO THE STUDIO! Hahahaha no, I’m joking…

or am I?

Moving on, now for the CD Giveaway! Yes, we’ll be giving away a BOATLOAD of signed, not for retail purchase, MFBTY CDs! Good luck getting these anywhere else. We could have kept them all for ourselves, but we want to give them to you instead. Thank you all for making this interview happen. Here’s what you gotta do:

First, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out MFBTY’s “Sweet Dream.” You’ll need to know it well in order to enter the contest. Here’s the video, with contest instructions below

To Our YouTube Subscribers!
1) Click this link to Subscribe to us on YouTube. We only give CDs away to YouTube subscribers :D
2) Let us know in the comments to this video on YouTube, what you thought was most interesting about the Sweet Dream Music Video. MFBTY said there was a lot more to the video and a lot of symbols. What symbol stood out for you the most?

To the Eatyourkimchi.com Nasties:
1) In the comment section below, right here on this page, answer the same question. Boom!

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And, lastly, we’ve got some extra footage from the event that didn’t make it in. Check it out!



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Our Interview with MFBTY


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  1. A K

    I’m so happy you did this interview! I didn’t know MFBTY before (well, I heard some of Tiger JK’s work tho)’Sweet Dream’ but when I watched MV I really liked them. Thank you for making avalible for me to see how awesome those people are!!

    I can’t choose one thing because when I start thinking about one I have to say word about other. Everything on this video is part of one story. So maybe this is the best part of the video, that they could make everything so conected. So instead of writing about one thing I will write about how I feel about what this video is about.
    I feel like the video tells about that no matter how many painfull and terrible moments in life we have, we must just gain experience, not giving up and making our dreams come true.
    These people who make man on the bed suffer are representing all bad things, tiger who is eating parts of man is like people who are slowly ‘eating’ you, make you suffer and stop. And after the tiger, because of him, there are spikes coming out of man’s body (btw,this scene and part of song are just amazing). These are like his own weakness what he started to think about after people started to talk about them. The man has got also handcuffs, which can be some circumstances which make this man be like this, or maybe his own imagination, lack of motivation or hope. There’s also a scene when those bad people are in car around fish. Fish in symbol for Christianity. So it means that bad people are around all religious and good people. Then these people also ride on bed in something what looks like time machine, so these bad people will be always, no matter what time is it.
    But even after all these bad things happen we can see scene of the man going to sky to the Cosmos. After all what he suffered he was able to make his dreams come true.
    So what people have to do is after all suffering stand up from bed, rise head up and just go foward dreams without looking at bad people around. I just love everything in this video, to much to choose just one thing!

    You even don’t know how hard was writing what I thought in English. There is probably bunch of language errors but I hope you understand, I tried ;^; And this comment is long. really long. woohoo~

    Going to love MFBTY a lot after this.

    7 years ago
  2. At 49 seconds of the MV, the wall at the back really captured my eye. At first you think okay MFBTY is sitting on a bed with a graffitied wall on it, but when I looked at it again for the third time I paid attention to the words on the wall. I recognized ‘Wanderers’, ‘Threshold’ and ‘Bona Fide’. Being a student of a seriously passionate English teacher, I understood this words. ‘Wanderers who have faith in their newly found beginning of a new dream.’ Well I really liked this MV so bad and FREAKIN LOVE MIRAE’S VOICE ! ! But the random robotic beast thingy was the most interesting and WTF? moment in the MV, Sorry if this was to long ><

    7 years ago
  3. Maybe it’s just me but the chorus sounds more like she’s saying “We weren’t meant to be, another time, another life. Possibly, probably, you would be mine.” I saw someone once suggest the song was about star-crossed lovers/lovers who weren’t allowed to be together but it sounds more like someone who has lost their lover.
    I think it’s Tiger JK (or his character here) who has lost Yoon Mi-rae (her character).
    Tiger JK dreams of Yoon Mi-rae and her efforts to “save” him (perhaps signifying the effect she has on him – bringing light and love to his life) having good times with her and their friend, Bizzy while she sings “Can you get away? I wanna go where you are.”
    Only to have him wake up in the end alone, in a dark almost scary place, wishing he could go where she is.
    Haha, I’m bad with symbolism.
    Learning about MFBTY and its members through EYK has been great and I’m definitely looking for more of their work! Thanks for the interview!

    7 years ago
  4. I think my favourite symbol is when MFBTY are prepping TigerJK’s body to be attacked by the badass, glowing, mechanical tiger by putting meat on his stomach…
    Great interview guys! :D There was such a fun, relaxed atmosphere xD

    7 years ago
  5. I loved the whole video, but the part I liked the most is when they are in a car and then they show that they are just on a couch. It reminds me when I was a kid, it just bring good memories because I used to do that with my granddad because he was the driver and told me stories for me to imagine the landscape. Thanks MFBTY for bringing back such a beatiful memory :D

    7 years ago
  6. The part that was most symbolic to me was at the 3.13 minute mark in the video where he was running from all this white specs which I think are his regrets & sickness that had been plaguing him & he’s trying to get out of those pessimistic feelings he’s having because if he doesn’t, that’s where the ‘tiger’ comes and eat up his mind and body, leaving him with nothingness. The part “what goes around comes back around’ depicts his mind being tormented by all those feelings that come creeping back out once he thinks he has them under control. He wishes he could get away to a place where he isn’t tormented, A place of possibilities, hence the sweet dream.

    7 years ago
  7. I’m so with the commenter below about fangirling all through this interview. I love kpop … but the way I feel about MFBTY and all their old stuff is on a whole different level (I have an hour drive to university every day after I drop my kids off at school and it always starts with Monster cranked so high my minivan is shaking) . I CAN’T WAIT!! for a full length album to drop!

    But back to the video – there were so many symbols! But I remember when I was watching it the third time around and one thing hit me in particular and made me have a “wowwww” moment. Tasha is holding onto the the bed-rail when they are shocking the unconscious version of JK and she is shocked too, as if because of their relationship she feels all his pain also. When you know
    the history of his illness, that scene becomes so powerful. Also, the baiting of the tiger scene was so freaking awesome! Like they are tempting JK’s inner ferocity – his tiger – to come out and fight for his survival. THOSE are some caring friends :) Beautiful video, amazing song!! Thank you Simon and Martina for sharing this interview with us and for all you guys do!!

    7 years ago
  8. I
    feel that the video represents maybe the struggle into the industry.
    The man being maybe their struggle to find inspiration, so finally they
    hit that spark and give themselves a name (writing MFBTY on the man) and
    adding the bait to the masses.

    big machine comes in and tears into them causing destruction and pain,
    but they break free and leave that place, when they return they bring
    their own destruction and crumble that place that held them back.

    In the end they have nothing holding them back and there is a light shining on them.

    7 years ago
  9. Wait a sec – where’s the clip of them rubbing Spudgy’s belly? :O

    7 years ago
  10. My favorite scene was when the robo-tiger (so cool!) comes
    in and attacks Tiger JK, which causes spikes, wires, and saws to cut through
    his chest and they mention what goes around comes back around. It shows how one’s
    choices affect oneself, and can lead to karmic haunting or harm to oneself. The
    tiger represented Tiger JK’s choices coming back to bite him – literally.

    7 years ago
  11. I think this video has a lot to do with tigerjk’s illness because anyone could’ve been on the operation table. Yoonmirae in the begin was slow singing so that was more of the “loving , longing,hoping” But it speeds up and they have a crazy time almost like ” of good times” but then we’re back at the operation table and she writes MFBTY and place meat on his chest and none other then a tiger eats it. So I think that is symbolic Tigerjk been his worst enemy during that time of trial and recovery but had his fans(MFBTY) during it especially in another interview he said doctors said his career. But he’s still here living his dream and having ” sweet dreams”

    7 years ago
  12. I think the symbols show to us the need we have of escape thanks to dreams, to overcome what is on our way. We can see it when they are in the jeep, traversing different landscape. More, when the gears escape Tiger JK’s chest (as if the need was become too powerful and need to get out of him)

    7 years ago
  13. The most interesting part has got to be when the robotic tiger chomped off a chunk of Tiger JK and then his body had weird gears and sharp, pointy sticks coming out of him.

    I think that whole scene was very symbolic. What I think it is: the tiger is the truth and the weird gears and pointy sticks are the lies. Often times, we keep the lies inside us thinking that it’s good but when the truth comes and rips into us, we only know that the lies are the ones that are actually hurting us.

    7 years ago
  14. My favorite part of the video is the message of hope that I get. It isn’t hope that all things will work out but that I can reach what I dream for, what I desire. If I strive for it, I can attain it. My beginnings don’t matter, where I am right now doesn’t matter-all that matters is that I have a dream and reach for it in any way. That is hope-for my future and for my life. Hope is my favorite thing because it gives me a reason to wake up and move forward no matter how hard life becomes.

    7 years ago
  15. I found his flight and re-entry from space the most interesting and powerful symbol, as it showed their story of stepping away from society and the city life and coming back with a bang.

    P.s. my elaphant loves the music video and has become a BTY( Better Than You)

    7 years ago
  16. Love the whole music video and was bouncing up and down when i saw you guys did an interview with them!

    7 years ago
  17. This a lot to do with tiger jk’s illness b/c anyone could’ve been on the operation table. Yoonmirae in the begining singing to be the “loving , longing,hoping” But it speeds up and they have a crazy time almost like ” of good times” but then we’re back at the operation table and she writes MFBTY and place meet on his chest and none other then a tiger eats it. So I think that is symbolic Tigerjk been his worst enemy during that time but have his fans(MFBTY) during it. the smoke(us) inhales and exhales with him.

    7 years ago
  18. This interview was awesome! I think it’s my favorite one so far :D And I really like the format of it.

    7 years ago
  19. (For the contest) During the whole video, there was this Frankenstein vibe, which is awesome! Like c’mon, who doesn’t love Frankenstein?! To me it was like they were bringing Tiger JK to life, with the mechanical tiger “feeding” himself but also feeding Tiger JK new energy to come to life and take on the world, with no limits (the space scene with Felix) Purely awesome video and interview. You guys are equally as cool, if not cooler! MFEYK, yo! ^^

    7 years ago
  20. After learning of Tigers’s transverse myelitis, this video had a much deeper meaning to me. The muscles losing control when the guy’s on the table, him slowly losing himself, But the DJ brings him back to earth. The music sets him free and he’s able to get up as strong as ever. it comes across that music is life and it helps them to get through everything.

    7 years ago
  21. I loved this mv! I think it looked really unique and such. I think the biggest symbol for me was that the robotic tiger ate JK’s body and he gets in to space? I think it symbolizes that no matter what struggles and bad experience you get, once you get through you, you will get in an awesome place and be stronger then you were before.

    7 years ago
  22. i’m really interested to see what secret messages people find! i feel like since the video was so crazy, there will be a lot of meaningful things/crazy things/hilarious things that people come up with xD

    7 years ago
  23. the part where the fluorescent tiger came into the room, violently attacked the meat on JK’s stomach, and then he started convlusing with metal spikes coming from his body….so bizarre! i don’t know what the lyrics mean so i don’t know if its relevant or not…but its pretty damn hilarious xD another small part i liked was the “inhale, exhale” part with the dust moving in and out…just thought it was cool. :)

    7 years ago
  24. Well, I put my answer on the fb link. But I had to say: Martina, your outfit for this Interview was FANTASTIC! The right amount of PINK (a lot) but balanced very nicely with your hair style and the awesome Pink Elephant sweater. Two thumbs UP!

    7 years ago
  25. I want to win so badly, that I don’t want to rush my answer, just in case it’s a bad answer D: Anyway, AWESOME interview!

    7 years ago
  26. I really liked the video because it’s so different from all
    the other kpop-videos nowadays…i really like the dark hiphop flair of
    it…it’s a fantastic song to listen to if u’re feeling down

    I think the best symbol was that so much happened but u know it was a
    dream…which i think.means that anything can happen in your dreams! :D

    7 years ago
  27. Symbol? Noo… What stood out to me the most wasn’t a symbol but the face of the machine at the start of the vid, the one that looks like a crane on the left of Tiger JK … Yeah… I think it symbolises….Ummmm… Absolutely nothing! Except the epicness of the vid and song XDDD So Yeah…

    7 years ago
  28. I’m not really a metaphor kind of person…I don’t ever seem to understand symbols. But can we talk about how awesome it was that the astronaut in space was Felix Baumgartner! I noticed that immediately. That was such a cool little throw in. But over all I love the entire video, super cool and definitely on my download list!

    7 years ago
  29. !!!

    Lols, I loved the fact that Tasha is the Boss. And you got Bizzy to talk! He was still silent for the most part, but as Tiger said, it was more than he usually talks. Yey! I am so happy that their fans and the Nasties were so enthusiastic about this interview and managed to get it all set up. The power of the Internet is really working to get people, to break down the barriers of language and learn more about stuff they would never have been aware of before.

    7 years ago
    • That’s what surprised us the most. It wasn’t just us that got this started, but it was just regular fans reaching out to them that got this set up. That totally blew my mind, and really made me appreciate you all a lot more :D

      7 years ago
  30. Okay….Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so not expecting this before you guys got back from Japan. So, very happen. I’m going in late to work to watch this! (Ha! The boss can do that…right? Maybe I should GO to work and make EVERYONE watch this interview!)

    Anyway…..the question…

    Okay, like most people, I thought the whole MV was great. My favorite part, however, was when JK was shot into outer space. I loved how impossible and inspiring it came across like…..”yeah, normal people would die from this, but I’m chill, doing the possible, waving to astronauts.”

    As an aside….my second favorite was when he came DOWN from space and just crashed into the table. I cringe every time I see it, but it reminds me that even the hardest hits of life, stuff that looks like it should live us like a bloody mass of pulp, can still be overcome.

    EDIT – Just wanted to say that I just finished watching the interview. This was, by far, my favorite interview that Simon and Martina have done. That’s not saying the others were bad, but this was awesome. MFBTY are so down to earth and Martina was fantastic as the interviewer. Great job guys! and thanks to MFBTY for doing the interview!

    7 years ago
  31. I’m loving the interviews in the Nasty studio. I’m liking seeing alternative groups come and interview there. The honesty and seeming lack of restraint is really fresh and a lot more engaging that pop idols and their cookie cutter answers (as a blatant generalisation)
    And for Sweet Dream, the mix of dark scenes with the tiger and the convulsions alongside the car/outerspace/underwater scenes really fits the melodic refrain and then more grungy rapping. Definitely shows how dreams can be silly at the beginning then turn ghastly in the next.

    7 years ago
    • this video is definitely evident of variety show influence on s&m. i really appreciate all the extra work you guys are taking in editing the video. it really makes the mood of the video all the more enjoyable^^

      7 years ago
      • Variety shows are a really big influence on us. At first, we thought they were ridiculous, but now we think they’re comedic gold. We definitely want to make our vids as wacky as possible :D

        7 years ago
  32. what stood out for me in the vid was the shackles. Being free of whatever’s holding you down. MFBTY is very cool!

    7 years ago
  33. If you could get JYJ in the studio it would be like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and my birthday all rolled into one giant ball of celebration. Nasties, please let’s make this happen!

    7 years ago
    • that would be our next mission nasties!!

      7 years ago
    • Well, if we’ve learned anything from the MFBTY interview, it’s that you guise have a big impact in making things happen. If you contact JYJ, if you let them know how much you want it, they’ll have to make it happen!

      7 years ago
    • …..the legendary MFBTY interview is out, and the top comment is about JYJ??!!! xD lol jas how could you!!!!! *kicks* :p

      7 years ago
      • I’m sorry! I didn’t have time to watch the interview earlier, only skim the blog post and the JYJ thing was what popped out at me. OTL At least 4 people didn’t want JYJ to be in the top comment on an MFBTY post, lol, so it’s all good now, right?

        …Never mind, I see someone else has taken over the top with another JYJ related comment. :p

        7 years ago
  34. I’m not even 30 seconds in the video and I’m already fangirling to the point where i need to stop. pause video. breathe (in out in out) and relax, only then can I continue to watch, but i only get another 5 seconds before i need to pause the video once more because my fangirling self cannot keep calm!

    7 years ago
  35. THANK YOU FOR THIS INTERVIEW it was wonderful to watch. I want to present you both with my future firstborn which might be a little weird but just thank you so much for choosing/asking great questions and everything :’)

    7 years ago
  36. Oh man, those pies that Bizzy likes, we have them in Australia! LOVE AMBIGUOUS MEAT PIES :D

    To answer the question (I’m sooo sorry I was too excited and forgot to answer the question!!! Oh man!!)
    So……YEAH BABY!!!!! I love the MV it was directed and produced STUNNINGLY! I felt as though everything was done so meticulously and even adding Jordan’s name in the background was such a cute touch ^^ My favourite piece of symbolism would be the tiger, The fierce animal of prey hunting the person limp on the table as though it was left there seems to represent society living blankly where big opportunities arise (in the form of a tiger) and they are torn apart by their helplessness~

    7 years ago
    • lol meat pies ftw!!! I was actually like…wait what do you mean other countries don’t have them???o__O

      It’s my staple food when I have less than $5 and I’m hungry at uni….best things EVAR!!! So glad Bizzy got to talk, and he was full on laughing in the Extra Scenes – glad he had some fun too :D

      7 years ago
      • Haha I hope it doesn’t become a part of my main diet but man they’re good >3< Damn you ambiguous meat!! your sauce is too good!!!
        Bizzy is so much fun and I'm happy he got the opportunity to talk ^^

        7 years ago
  37. Amy

    The part where they were driving this awesome jeep through all sorts of scenery, including water, was interesting because they were actually sitting on a plain bed imagining it all. This stood out to me because it seems to be tied with the theme of running away to another life to be together with their love in the lyrics.

    7 years ago
  38. Is it just me or is the tumblr link not working?

    7 years ago
  39. Sooo…I guess I’m making a stop at the ATM today? :-)

    7 years ago
  40. FIRST! :p


    Edit: The last video embedded is the MV, not the BTS video? Might want to swap them :)

    7 years ago
    • Did they say “secret messages”? <..> Does that mean another Nasty forum of seriousness and BS?
      Unless I already missed it because I haven’t as active as I would have liked to be lately….. *sigh*

      7 years ago
      • lol I know right……now people can go cray cray with all their symbolism bs. This is gonna be interesting xD

        7 years ago
    • HAHAHAHA! You would be…wouldn’t you?

      7 years ago
      • hahaha I may or may not have been stalking your Drafts folder for the last few weeks……..*shifty eyes*

        7 years ago
        • BWAHAHA!!! *evil laugh*
          But it’s ok, I can’t actually see the post contents anymore – just the titles. So your secret surprises are safe :p

          PS. SPUDGY TUMMY TOUCHES!!! You said it’d be in the Extra Scenes??!! Where is it? :O

          7 years ago
        • Oh snap! It’s not there! Maybe we didn’t get good enough footage of it, or a bad angle. I don’t know. Sorry!

          7 years ago