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TL;DR – Our Weird Isms

April 22, 2015


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Last week, we had a discussion about who is more difficult to live with. We’re both very easy going people, and very low maintenance, but which one of us is the lowest maintenance? This led us to talking about each other’s pet peeves, and a discussion whose sentences mostly started with “Yeah! Well at least I don’t…” Of course, none of these issues are big issues, but we found ourselves laughing at our tiny isms, and we thought we’d share a bit of them with you in a silly TL;DR video that lets you know a bit more about us :D

So, apart from the ones we mentioned here in this video, we have a few more:

Simon: Amateur Rapping

I don’t know what it is about bad rapping that hurts me. Deep down, nothing makes me cringe so much as bad rapping. And I don’t know how to properly delineate good rapping vs bad rapping. And I’m not talking about preference, either. For example, I listened to the new Action Bronson album: not a fan. Don’t really like his style. Ghostface, also, I’m not a fan of. But they don’t make me cringe. There’s something different about amateur rapping that makes me want to run away. When I watched some of Unpretty Rapstar, when Jessie was standing around and rapping about how badass she is, and how she’d slap everyone there, oh sweet Jesus even thinking about it now I feel my throat closing up.

It’s, I think, the fakeness that burns me. It’s when someone pretends to be hard but they’re not hard that I feel like crying. I saw a video on Reddit the other day of some high school kids freestyle battling as well, and I NOPENOPENOPED out of that window as fast as possible. Some Kpop rappers do that to me as well. Just…oh plz dear no. I know it’s an issue I need to get over, but I just can’t. I CAN’T DO IT!

Martina: Female Singer-Songwriters

Step one. Write something that sounds like a normal sentence about your day. For example, today I went to school and fell asleep during math class. Step Two. Take that sentence and sing it all wobbley to the an acoustic guitar and you’ve just killed Martina. Don’t get me wrong, I like female singers like Norah Jones, Lim Kim, Neon Bunny, Beach House….but because they sing about things in an interesting way. If you just speak a normal sentence and attempt to sing it over music, like Jewel’s most painful line, “I brush my teeth and put the cap back on” I will burst into sad flames.

Simon: Hearing About Sales

Look: I worked at the mall all throughout my high school career. And I think that, because I spent so much time working in one, I can barely handle being a customer in one now. If I go shopping, it’s with a clear action plan. I go in, grab what I want, and I get out. There’s no perusing. I need to get out of there like it was on fire. So whenever someone working there tries to slow me down, I feel uncomfortable. Don’t tell me about your sales. I’m not interested. I don’t want to spend and more money than what I plan on spending. When I’m at the cash and they ask for my email, I say no. Phone number? No. Why? I’m not interested. Just let me go please! I give you money you give me product fair is fair RELEASE YOUR HOLD ON ME!!!

Martina: Turtlenecks

Anyone who has watched Music Mondays knows my deep hatred for turtlenecks. I think they’re awful and they make everyone look bad. Even hot people can look dumb while wearing turtlenecks and Korea has a major obsession with them. Almost every single actor I thought was hot has somehow ended up in a turtleneck. Where did you neck go? Oh there it is, swallowed up by that sweater that looks like it’s trying to eat your face. I don’t mind the really baggy necked turtleneck sweaters, the kind that has a huge mega wide turtleneck that you could pull over your head like a hoodie but unless you’re about to go skiing in arctic conditions just get a scarf to keep warm.

Simon: Feeling My Fingernails Touch Anything

Hahahahaha I’m not the only one, right? Right? RIGHT!!?? I keep my nails trimmed. When they grow too long and I can feel them when I type on the keyboard, I get itchy. If I grab something off a table and my nails are the first thing that touches the table I blink rapidly. I need to cut my nails immediately. It can’t wait. I’ve bought more nailclippers from all my travels than I have nails on my body. It’s not that I think nails are gross. They’re not unseemly or anything. I just…I don’t know. I hate it I hate it I HATE IT! Apparently Martina’s dad feels the same way so I know I have at least one person on mu side.

Martina: Naps

This one is sad. I really wish I could love napping. I enjoying sleeping when I’m actually able to sleep (which is rare because EDS makes for bad sleep) but when I’m exhausted and I just need to take a nap, I know I’m going to have to make a payment. The payment is napping away exhaustion in exchange for mega grumpiness. When I wake up after a nap I’m a mean, grumpy, irritable being that needs to be left alone. I’m like a wild animal prowling the house looking for something and waiting to bite someone’s head off. I can acknowledge this and Simon knows not to joke, prod, or ask me complicated questions after a nap, but I hate the feeling of being so grumpy. Does anyone else get the after-nap rage?

Simon: Banana Bread

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Banana bread. It’s delicious. I’m sure it is. I remember when it used to be delicious. My father made a wonderful loaf of banana bread. He first got into making banana bread when I was 10 years old. Then he made a new loaf every week, for a gotdamn decade. I can’t eat banana bread ever again. Please no. My body has had enough. Banana smoothies are fine. Banana chips are delicious. But make a cake out of it and our friendship is over. OVER.

Martina: Milk in Mugs

I’m a huge milk drinker. Love milk of all types and I try it in every country I visit. Don’t give me skim, because that’s water flavoured like milk and doesn’t count. I love my milk steamed and cold, but don’t serve cold milk to me in a coffee mug. I don’t know what it is, but drinking milk from a ceramic mug makes it taste like it’s lukewarm to me, and lukewarm milk is gross. It’s only not gross if it’s straight out of a cow and that’s just fine for me. But cold milk should be served ice cold in a lovely see-though glass. YUM!


So that’s it for our list of weird isms and pet peeves. I’m SO CURIOUS YEAHHHH if you have any pet peeves and isms that are the same as ours or are we total weirdos to you? Also one last thing. Martina would like to mention to you that she can now eat Cheetos and cheese puff things no problem…but she’ll have to wash her hands afterwards.



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TL;DR – Our Weird Isms


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  1. Oh yeah I forgot to put this one down earlier and it’s probably my biggest one of all my weird isms. I hate eyes with a passion. It’ a bit like Simon’s but mine goes a little further than that. Aside from people trying to put something in my eye(s), I squirm at the sight of someone coming near my eyes or someone else doing something to their own. Say for example movies and TV like to get close-ups of things like people putting in/taking out contacts, putting on make-up (eyeliner in particular), or getting a shot in the eye. All of these things I find just downright disgusting. Even just typing this out is making my skin crawl, I am that uncomfortable with eyes. Sure eyes are pretty to look at, but that’s it. Don’t try to help me with my make-up, don’t put in your contacts, don’t show me someone licking an eye, etc. Nothing, I don’t want to see it or have it near me. Eyes are gross. I can’t stress that enough.

    5 years ago
  2. i don’t like watching/listening to people eating,to much perfume,early holiday ads/music.

    5 years ago
    • Completely agree with the early holiday ads/music. And even worse, listening to holiday music completely out of season. My brother keeps bugging me by trying to play ‘NSYNC’s old Christmas music right now. I love them and their music but will not have their Christmas album played any other time but Christmas time so I shut it off. lol.

      5 years ago
  3. I too defend my eyes from the slightest of things. No contacts, no eye drops. The optometrist has to literally hold me down in order to dilate my eyes. They get so mad. “You’re an adult, stop squirming.” I am trying I swear.

    Monkey are gross, all monkey, apes, gorillas, etc. Gross, gross, gross.

    After-nap rage is why I do not like to nap. I am mad for the rest of the day. It isn’t even worth it at that point.

    5 years ago
  4. I really really can’t stand it when people have a cold and they snort every 5 second. it even can make me loose my appetite if i’m eating and someone does it, and i have this urge to swallow as if it was myself who just did it… ><

    5 years ago
  5. OH MY GOSH, MARTINA. I feel for you when you started typing about naps. If I ever take a nap I just wake up more grumpier and groggier than before. I try to avoid napping as much as possible but sometimes I just can’t help it and I crash for an hour or two. ;3; //

    5 years ago
  6. – I cant stand apes like gorillas or Chimps. I can stand monkeys sometimes.
    -People typing/speaking in english and then change one word to japanese/korean ect. because they think its cute or whatever. just annoying.
    – the sound of someone getting ready to spit a loogie.
    just a few sure things.

    5 years ago
  7. my most biggest enemies are milk and beetroot >< In Lithuania in summer is very popular cold beetroot soup and all people look at me like a weirdo cause i hate it

    5 years ago
    • i feel you :p i overall dont like cold soups. and beetroot cold soup, ugh, sometimes they put beans to it, and i hate literally ANYTHING bean and sprouts related. ugh, that texture ; _; ( with egss sometimes) its just why… SOUP MUST BE WARM!

      5 years ago
  8. Put some ice cubes in your cup of milk. It is amazing.

    5 years ago
  9. I also have a phobia about barf. I once had to do that because I drank too much and I was totally freaking out. Maybe it was because of the alcohol that I freaked out like that…

    I hate the sounds some people make while eating and drinking but I have to get over it because so many people do it… I always try to eat as quiet as possible…

    I probably have many more but I can’t think about any more right now… :D

    5 years ago
  10. I have the same problem with monkeys! I cannot be around them in real life, or I just freakout. I’m not as bad if its a movie or an image, but I just cannot be around them. Bonobos are the absolute worst though. I remember in my anthropology class we had to learn and watch a video about them, and a lady put a lighter in her pocket and told the bonobo to “take the lighter and start a campfire”, and IT DID! It still freaks me out whenever I think about it.

    5 years ago
  11. Naps for me is pretty much I have to desperately need more sleep for me to nap or somehow I’m just a passenger in a car for at least an hour trip sometimes less depending on the day otherwise I’m up until I actually go to bed for the night. I’m pretty sure this has something to do with the fact I have hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid) and need to take medication for it as soon as I get up and I’m in my mid 20’s. Also I used to have bad car sickness when I was younger which I eventually grew out of or somehow I just find the ride soothing.

    5 years ago
  12. Oh god, my list of weird-isms is probably a mile long, but here is the condensed version that I get teased about the most.

    1. Any sort of irregular pattern of holes or dents or a texture like that, makes me want to puke. I think I’ve heard it called something like trypophobia, but I don’t know if that’s right because I’ve never looked it up out of complete fear of seeing anything that may trigger it. I get anxious and cry over it and then cannot get comfortable and feel like I’m going to be sick.
    2. CHILDREN BEING STICKY or CRUMBY. why the heck are children always sticky or covered in crumbs! I’m like Martina with this, like, I don’t understand how children can fathom being sticky or covered in crumbs, it makes me want to steal the child and wash it. I work in retail and there are SO MANY sticky children, like, to the point that the sticky grossness on their face is filled with dirt! CLEAN YOUR CHILDREN PLEASE!
    3. My own skin touching itself. Like, when you bend your elbow while wearing short sleeves and your forearm touches your bicep. or anything like that. I am constantly wearing long sleeves or elbow-length sleeves to avoid this. I also never wear shorts shorter than knee-length and dresses? I wear leggings or bike shorts, always. Other people’s skin? no problem, my own, please no.

    Note about Simon’s sales thing. I hate having to bother customers about sales and ask for e-mail addresses and things but the thing is: I can and will lose my job if I don’t do these things. So, yes, we understand we are annoying you people, and it annoys us as well, but we all have to struggle through it together. I’m sorry! T^T

    5 years ago
  13. -There’s a crazy duded in his like early 20ies that raps badly outside of TimHorton’s it makes me use the other entrance…
    -When people give me the store credit card pitch. NON, JE NE VEUX PAS.
    -I also get after nap rage, it’s like I’m waking from a bad cryogenic sleep and my systems can’t catch up I feel horrible and I want to slap everyone’s dick off.
    -All milk products make my skin crawl, I don’t wana drink that cow juice. Another animal’s boob milk just seems super wrong to ingest. But I will take all the cheese. Merci.
    -Monkeys are horrid Martina, I watched the TV special about the woman who’s pet monkey tore/eat her face off and that was a mistake. Life fear activated.
    I HATE styrofoam touching it or hearing it causes me to go into hysterics.
    Bathmats make me ultra upset I feel like there just a slime/bacteria catchers. Super sick.
    I’ll gag if ketchup touches me of if someone squirts some onto my plate.
    Dryness, if my hands or feet get too dry I can’t breath. Its like my lungs get filled with dust. I have to wake up often in the night to moisturize…
    Life is hard.

    5 years ago
  14. I can’t handle frosted glass. I won’t touch it at all. Touching it reminds me of fingernails on a chalkboard, which is awful and horrible. Why would they make something that makes you feel like that. It’s just awful.

    5 years ago
  15. I absolutely hate the sound of kissing in movies and tv shows! It makes my skin crawl. When I’m at the movies and they start kissing I cover my ears lol
    My dog is constantly licking her chops. It the same sound and it drives me insane! You can make the same noise by stirring Kraft Mac & Cheese. Thinking of it now makes me want to scream lol

    5 years ago
  16. I cannot stand watching an operation (for example stitching someone) and I also can’t stand watching someone getting an injection. This is weird with me because I absolutley LOVE watching gory stuff on TV or in films (for example Game Of Thrones).

    Also, I cannot stand the smell of Salt and Vinegar crisps. I don’t know why but I like the taste of them, I’ve just never liked the smell of them.

    Another one of my isms is having Cheese Puff dust on my fingers: it just makes me feel so dirty and horrible and urrghhhh.

    5 years ago
  17. 1) I am a girl but I just can’t have long nails. When they are more than 3-4 mm I start to feel them and want to cut immediately, feel like Edward Scissorhands.
    2) Me and my mom can’t have long bangs because it causes headache.
    3) Hate feeling chips on ceramic plates or mugs. I think a lot of people hate this one.

    5 years ago
  18. Yes I can totally relate to the after-nap rage! That’s why I don’t nap and haven’t done so in many years, no matter how tired I am. The moment I wake up I’m like “great job asshole! You just wasted the whole effing day!” and it gets worse from there. I’ll get annoyed by everything and everyone, curse, etc.

    Another thing I hate is people chewing with their mouths open! (or just loudly) I can’t stand it! In every single k-drama, variety show etc that I’ve watched, when they eat something and chew with their mouths open… it’s just so annoying.

    Another, less serious, pet-peeve that I have is I’m kind of a perfectionist, but only when it comes to stuff slanting, I have to go and correct it! (sooner or later, not always immediately). Also, here at home, when the aprons are sticking out a bit of the ‘closet’, I have to go and open it and put them in properly, so they dont’ stick out! That goes for everything sticking out when it’s not supposed to (did that sound wrong?)

    That’s about the ones I can think of :)
    Oh and I agree with Simon, when shopping I grab what I need and then get out. I hate shopping. One reason being the fact that I hate how I can’t take my time and look at things without people panting me in the neck waiting for me to move out of the way.

    Those are the ones I hate the most. Otherwise I’m normal :D

    5 years ago
  19. Simon, I know that feel, bro. I almost lost an eye in an accident when I was a kid and I cannot stand people doing anything to my eyes. That little air-puffing thing at the eye doctor’s that checks you for glaucoma? NOPE, my eye starts watering so much I have rivers, RIVERS of tears streaming uncontrollably down my eyes.

    I think my biggest pet peeve is the sound of smacking lips when someone is eating. I remember when it started: I was a kid staying at my grandparents’ and my grandpa always eats with his mouth open and his lips smack so loudly. It’s disgusting! On rare occasion my husband does it accidentally, but only for a few bites. But dang, I notice it IMMEDIATELY. I’d rather listen to nails on a chalkboard that someone smacking their lips. That’s probably the same reason I never liked it when someone kissed my ears — it’s lip-smacking x10!

    5 years ago
  20. omg Simon i feel so alike! I totally cringe by majority of kpop rappers, especially Ravi(VIXX) he just has this offtune style and it always makes me feel like he is too slow for his own words!(i rly like VIXX as a whole tho…)
    I ABSOLUTELY despise:
    1) any kind of clear/cold liquid in a mug. I totally feel you martine, just WHY PUT IT IN A MUG IF IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN A GLASS???
    2) when sauces/dippings/seasonings/drinks get mixed up on my plate/bowl or even when i change the juice i am currently drinking >..>

    5 years ago
    • YES to number 2!! I don’t know how people can eat a breakfast plate with eggs, bacon AND pancakes all on the same plate and have their syrup touching their eggs. Same with like dinner where the gravy on top of mashed potatoes is also touching other foods. I have to have stuff that has suace or anything that would run or spread on a separate plate. Same with drinks. Can’t use a cup and drink different juices in it. Have to rinse in between.

      5 years ago
  21. I totally get the nap thing. Sleeping during the day makes me super angry and useless. I know people who just nap when they’re tired, wake up and then do the work, but i’d rather go for a walk or something.

    Fo other isms…VEINS. Holy crap, veins on people’s arms, veins in meat… I just can’t, they make me cringe evey time. Sometimes when I lift something heavy and veins on my hands pop out and I can FEEL THEM MOVING under my skin…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    5 years ago
  22. I have so many pet peeves. . .
    1.) Whistling and humming (singing is fine)
    2.) Things touching my face: people, costume makeup, food, water, wind, etc.
    3.) People who use the word opinion wrong: “Your appendix is connected to your stomach!” “Uh, no, it’s connected to your large intestine,” “Well it’s just a different opinion than yours. . .” *eye twitch*
    4.) Finding cigarette ashes anywhere they don’t belong; my parents and most of my older siblings are smokers so I grew up with ashes in the sinks, in soda cans (sometimes while I was still drinking it but walked away for a minute- that was always fun to find -_-), and when I was a teenager my parents would stand in my room to yell at me and just let their ashes drop on the floor. Now when I find ashes anywhere (even just the ground next to a store) I can’t look at it unless I want to get angry to the point of tears.)
    5.) Feet and ears. I don’t want pay attention to yours or have you pay attention to mine. And touching is a surefire way to have me never speak to you again.

    Alright,I’m going to stop before I make myself look completely irrational lol

    5 years ago
  23. My biggest pet peeve is definitely the plastic that comes on all new appliances or new electronics or anything wrapped in plastic besides food. I’m Chinese and when I go to my Chinese or just in general Asian friends’ houses they always keep the plastic on everything. Remote controls, kitchens, TVs, phones, computers, microwaves, furniture, everything. I have to make a very conscious attempt not to rip everything plastic off if I see it in other people’s houses. It’s my pet peeve to see it, but I love taking it all of on new things

    Foam in my mouth. Not a huge fan of that, especially with toothpaste. I use an electric toothbrush so it doesn’t create foam, but if I use a normal one it’s just gross to me. Same with drinks like coffee If it’s really really fine soft foam, but if it’s not that, nope nope nope.

    Loud sounds. I hate loud sound, especially if they are sudden. Not like people laughing or parties, per say, or you guise. You’re hilarious and I thoroughly enjoy all of your videos :D. But with loud and repetitive or ongoing sounds I will hide and try to get away from it as much as possible. I dislike vacuum cleaners (even more than my dog), sirens, fire alarms, the horrendous high pitched screeching sounds, or any sort of thing like that.

    I don’t like touching my food on normal occasions. Sure, I will do it if it’s unavoidable, but if I can eat them without the use of my bare hands, I will generally do it or attempt it.

    People walking into my house with shoes on. Take em off. no.

    I also don’t like people taking pictures of me. I don’t know if that’s an ism or I just dont like being on camera.

    5 years ago
  24. i can not stand the smell of ketchup on eggs, i dont mind the smell of ketchup and i love the smell of eggs but once the two are combined it creates an explosion of stank!
    another thing i cant stand is embarrassing moments in movies they make me cringe and want to run away, if i can ill skip the whole seen, i dont even care if i miss something important as long as i dont have to see it

    5 years ago
  25. Okay, the mug thing I understand. I hate drinking anything but hot coffee or tea from a mug. There are other cups for everything else!

    I have a similar issue with my nails, specifically when it comes to particular surfaces. My mother has this enamelware black and white speckled pot that that freaks me right out if my nails touch it. It makes me super twitchy and I’m sure it’s akin to nails on a chalkboard.It’s just a really dry, matte sort of finish and anything remotely similar makes me super squirrely if my nails touch it. Styrofoam is another culprit!

    Another one of my strange isms is when someone tries to touch the back of my neck. It just makes me horribly uncomfortable and I’ve never been able to get over it. Ever had someone try to do that weird thing where they put their hand on your upper back and it’s like they’re squeezing your neck to try and be supportive or something? Yeah, nope nope and nope.

    5 years ago
  26. I have a few weirdisms and pet peeves. I can’t stand my teeth hitting metal. I really can’t stand hearing someone else bite or scrape metal with their teeth. I really can’t stand when others clack their teeth together. Something my husband finds hilarious is if he gets a handful of coins and throws them in front of me I have to immediately stop whatever I am doing and count them. All of my bills have to be facing the same way and largest to smallest. My husband, ever the gentleman, will reach in his pocket crunch them and then present this folded crunched mass of paper and it drives me insane.

    5 years ago
  27. My mom is deaf so I grew up watching TV and videos with subtitles on them always. As an adult I still watch videos that way because it feels normal to me. One weird-ism I have is that I’m not a fan of auto-generated YouTube subtitles. I know it’s better than nothing but I’ve gone as far as submitting fan subs because the closed captioning is so off. For example there’s one channel I watch where the guy always starts his videos with “hey youtubers!” and I’ve seen everything from “hay you boomers” to “slay new tumors”. If that was your only way to know what’s being said in the video you’d be mega confused. I really love your subtitles because of the little side notes you put in there like *music to show how awesome the umbrella is* or *happy music walking like nothing happened*. Cracks me up. Seriously you guise are the best!
    I think a great follow up for next week would be weird-isms part 2: things that make you incredibly happy. Like when you get a packet of m&ms and sort them by color or popping bubble wrap. I want to see a video about all the weird things that make you happy!

    5 years ago
  28. Two things about vomit … with me its the smell. Once I smell it … I’m done. Second, I absolutely hate it when all of the sudden my mouth fills with warm, salty saliva … as I know that me puking my guts out comes immediately after.

    The whistle-high scream certain toddlers and young girls use … for me this is the whole “fingernails on a chalkboard” where my whole spine and skull get rigid and cold chills go thru my soul.

    Aegyo … there are a very small number of people who I can stand to see do real Aegyo (SNSD’s Sunny is one of the few) but on everyone else … I want to slap them.

    5 years ago
  29. Yza

    I actually hate monkeys (I am so sorry, little creatures) and clowns because they scare the hell out of me! And chickens too! I have this thought that they’ll peck me whenever I pass by one and they’ll peck my body until I die. That is really horrifying.

    I love napping, what I hate is that whenever I wake up from a nice nap, I either get super grumpy or super clueless.

    I hate mushrooms too because when I was younger, my parents once told us that mushrooms are where elves live. And they look gross. And Broccolis and Cauliflowers too!


    5 years ago
  30. I hate the sound of nails on chalk board or metal on cement/blacktop. Though those are fairly common like vomit. My cousin hates the sound of teeth on metal so when he’s eating he doesn’t let his teeth touch the silverware and is annoyed with anyone else who does.

    5 years ago
  31. Something I can’t stand: Bad singing!
    I don’t care if it’s just for fun, hanging out with your friends, going to a noraebang.
    I just can’t stand bad singing.
    If I sing alone, I still try to sing well.
    I’d turn off any song that’s sung badly.
    If someone sings badly in front of me, I’ll walk away, or put my fingers in my ears, until they stop.
    And yes, if I sing badly during karaoke, I apologise. Even though everyone tells me it’s ‘just karaoke’, it makes me feel horrible when I know I sounded worse than a crow trying to sing an opera.

    Since I don’t know much about rapping, I can’t really judge when it’s good or bad, but if it sounds bad to me, I’ll react the same way I do with bad singing.

    Also: Styrofoam. My kids even bully me with it, when they see it, because they know it’s my weakness.
    The sound, the feel, and lately even the sight of it. It’s very existence gives me goosebumps.

    5 years ago
  32. My weird-isms:

    Plastic chopsticks: I’m sure it’s mental, but I am convinced food tastes different when using non-wooden chopsticks. I don’t like eating food with plastic chopsticks. If I’m at a restaurant and plastic chopsticks is all they have, then I’ll use them. If I’m at home, it has to be wooden chopsticks. Not a fan of metal chopsticks, but they are better than using plastic chopsticks.

    Squeaky Pencils: That sound annoys me. Get a 0.7 led mechanical pencil, a real wooden pencil, or use a pen.

    Utensils when eating meat with bones: I don’t like getting my hands filthy. Give me chopsticks or a fork to eat my meat.

    People my age using granny shopping carts that are bigger than strollers: If you are that weak or lazy to not be able to carry your own groceries, then I judge you. I have an urge to shame you and call you physically inferior to me (I’ve not done that yet).

    Contact lens: People ask me why I wear glassess instead of contact lens. I hate putting stuff up my eye. It’s disgusting and creepy. I dont care if it’s more convienient, I’m not putting crap in my eyes. Honestly, I’ve come to find that I look better with glassess anyways…

    Mangos: I wont eat anything or use anything with mangos in them. My family and bf think its bizarre that I dont like mangos. I only share this dislike with an uncle. Mangos dont taste or smell sweet to me. They taste like something else, and I cant describe it. It’s just.. off.

    Turkey: Dont feed me turkey. Gives me a bad memory from a reaction to turkey I had in the past. Just dont force me to eat it. I’ll eat a tiny bit to be kind, but just no.

    5 years ago
    • What is a granny shopping cart? The electronic carts/wheelchair carts the grocery stores have? I work in a grocery store now and this is the first time hearing granny shopping cart. I do not think it is the big push ones because if you are getting food for the entire week for a family or have a baby in a car seat then you need that cart because you won’t be able to carry it all and possibly with a baby in tow. Also if it is the electronic carts, they may have other factor playing into using it than just being lazy or weak though granted most of them I see are either disabled in someway, broke their leg, or are elderly. And no I do not work at Walmart, it is a grocery store called Martins so we may have some differences in customers.

      5 years ago
      • It’s those things where you bring them along.These things:http://www.cities21.org/grocery/granny.jpg

        I only call them granny shopping carts because 99%, they are used by legitimate elderly people who are not able to carry their own groceries. I’m 22 and I have seen people who are my age or younger use them for groceries that you can carry yourself.
        Unless you have a legitimate health reason for not being able to carry your own groceries, you should be carrying your own groceries. If my 80 something yr old grandma doesnt use one, I dont use one.

        5 years ago
        • Ah, I just thought they were not as long but deeper carts and the majority I see them with is older people but that makes sense to put it like that. I have normally seen those with older people and I do know they have to bring them since Martins doesn’t supply those carts but they are rarer then what we do have for carts which are the normal large carts and smaller 2 tiered carts if you are getting not as much for the big cart but more than a carry basket can hold. Though they can hold a lot more than you think you can then when it is bagged can be a puzzle piece to get back in. Most older people I see are in the electronic carts or hanging on to our push carts but a few persons bring those style carts in.

          5 years ago
        • And I suppose you have a magic radar that tells you who has a legitimate health reason? I’m 21 and I have a herniated disc that causes me sciatic pain. On a bad day I can’t even get out of bed without screaming like I’m being murdered because of the non-stop pain shooting down my leg. But on a good day? A stranger wouldn’t know anything is wrong.

          It’s called an “invisible” disability for a reason.

          So yeah, I’ll keep using my “granny shopping cart” and you can judge me all you want for it but it makes you seem like an ableist ass for doing so.

          5 years ago
    • I use a granny shopping cart, but I’m only 25.
      Judge me all you want, but I’m just happy if I don’t need my walking cane as well.
      It’s not always weakness or laziness.

      5 years ago
  33. I agree with Martina on the wooden utensil thing, totally cringe worthy. But my biggest pet peeve is when someone smells like maple syrup. Ew. You had pancakes like 4 hours ago and yet you still smell like breakfast syrup??? Why?!!!!

    5 years ago
  34. I cannot stand the sound of people eating, for one. It’s the sound of food being pushed around the persons mouth, and I bet if I could hear myself eating I would also hate that. My flatmate eats so slurpily, like all the food in the back of his throat, and it makes me cringe so bad.

    I can’t stand having to touch old food – my flatmates always pile their god damn dishes in the sink (which is another huge peeve of mine – put them on the bloody side not in the sink), especially because they will ‘leave things to soak’ but the water just gets all dirty and bits of food float in it and it makes me gag having to put my hand in to either unblock the plug hole because it’s full of old food or to just pull the plug out.

    It really annoys me when people leave mess in my room – I’m not the tidiest of people and my room is usually scattered with clothing and make up but its’ an organised mess and if other people leave stuff in my room I get so annoyed, especially if it’s rubbish because I always have bin bags on hand.

    The final thing I HATE – which is more of a phobia than a peeve – is called Trypophobia and I can’t even think about it without just curling up inside myself. Trypophobia is the fear of loads of small holes really close together, it doesn’t bother me with everything but if it’s anything in skin then I will just collapse in on my self I can’t even look at it. I also don’t like honeycombs. They really creep me out. I can’t even look at my face too closely because I don’t like being able to see my own pores- which is why I wear about 2389 layers of foundation everyday!

    5 years ago
    • I am the same when it comes to eating sounds. There is an actual term for it — misophonia. I am not entirely sure where my distaste originates from, but anybody who suffers from misophonia can understand the hardships it causes. For instance, sometimes I experience resentment and anger towards my brother for eating “too loudly” even though deep down, I know he is not eating all that loudly. Misophonia unfortunately does not have a lot of research to promote a larger understanding, as people tend to dismiss it as a petty problem. In my case, I’ve found that meditation helps me deal with the situation a little bit, since meditation helps me let go of things that are out of my control.

      5 years ago
  35. Jessi sucks at rapping, I’m pretty sure everyone who has a little bit of background with rap knows that she’s not good at it. She’s originally a singer anyways.

    5 years ago
  36. When I see a bikini top that the chest is coming out the bottom so the band is pinching the chest (in anime especially and on celebs sometimes) my chest aches it just ugh… uncomfortable

    My teeth touching bone especially if my teeth make a sound the sound like reiterates in my head.

    “Oh My God” my ears bleed.

    I think my aversion to egg yolk is similar to Martina’s I don’t like it on the corner of my mouth or my fingers I have to have a wet washcloth to remove it… I’m also like this with toothpaste… Toothpaste feels so weird.

    And recently I was explaining my dislike of a hand covering my ears it causes them to have a painful pop. Is anyone else like that?

    I loathe naps they make my head hurt. I just want coffee instead.

    5 years ago
  37. ZOMBIES. HAAAAAATE ZOMBIES. I blame my family gathering around the ye olde television set and watching a VHS tape of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in 1984, and asking me repeatedly to join them to watch it. I remember hiding in my room, hoping my army of My Little Ponies would protect me from the scary sounds. To this day, I CANNOT watch that video. I’m sure ‘Walking Dead’ is a great show, but NOOOOPE! Legit terrified of zombies. (Personal hell: having to sit thru the ‘Walking Dead’ panel at NYCC to secure a seat for the Avengers panel following….and having to listen to the preview clip of the upcoming season. While eating a chilli dog. *shudder*)

    I also hate it when the food on my plate touches the other foods on my plate. Everything must be separate and not. touch. ever. This is probably why I love bento boxes so much. :D

    Sound wise, nothing makes me internally rage more than people randomly whistling or singing for NO REASON. Or randomly clapping their hands, or tapping a pen to ‘fill in the space with sound’. This one actually physically hurts and sometimes have to leave the room if someone is doing it. :(

    5 years ago
  38. I can’t stand hearing people eat. Whenever my roommate is in the room and she is eating I get so irritated at her. When I first noticed it I thought I was just stressed because it was Finals week, but then I noticed that after finals I was still getting so irritated at her for eating in the room.
    I also cannot handle hearing people talk about injuries, it makes me very uncomfortable, and sometimes I start to feel a phantom pain in the area in question. Any talk of blood work or anything medically related just freaks me out. When I’m watching a lot of horror movies I have to look away because I just can’t handle it, but others I’m able to watch no problem. There’s something about how my mind handles each individual situation.
    Naps are an issue for me. I hate taking naps, I don’t even like sleeping in. If I don’t see the front side of noon then I’m mad because I wasted time sleeping. Even if I only get a few hours during the night I will not take a nap because I know that I could be spending that time doing something else.

    5 years ago
  39. Martina, I totally get your aversion to monkeys- I dislike apes of any kind, which is weird because I generally love most animals! Same with the napping- naps give me migraines, which means that I’m grumpy afterwards.
    My worst pet peeve is grammar mistakes and typos in professionally published material (mostly academic articles or books). I recently bought a book that I actually had to put down after the first 12 pages because there was at least one mistake ON EVERY SINGLE PAGE. Unacceptable!

    5 years ago
  40. I know it might sound mean, and also hypocritical( cause i know i can do it too :D) but i hate when someone is laughing, i mean, not everytime, but i hate these very high pitched, or very loud laughs… Its just ugh. I cant :D

    Im always grumpy when i wake up, doesn’t mater if its nap or normal sleep. I just love sleeping xD If it comes to naps, i hate it more because i feel like i wasted so much free time i could spent on doing something creative, and im really mad at me for it.

    i also cant stand old people smell. like this sweaty smell, old, like something gone bad :S

    i HATE monkeys. they so frikkin gross.

    5 years ago
    • Haha, I feel the same about time wasted sleeping. I actually hate the fact that I need sleep. My personal motto is ‘Sleep is for the weak.’ (I’m a weakling)

      5 years ago