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TL;DR – Our Weird Isms

April 22, 2015


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Last week, we had a discussion about who is more difficult to live with. We’re both very easy going people, and very low maintenance, but which one of us is the lowest maintenance? This led us to talking about each other’s pet peeves, and a discussion whose sentences mostly started with “Yeah! Well at least I don’t…” Of course, none of these issues are big issues, but we found ourselves laughing at our tiny isms, and we thought we’d share a bit of them with you in a silly TL;DR video that lets you know a bit more about us :D

So, apart from the ones we mentioned here in this video, we have a few more:

Simon: Amateur Rapping

I don’t know what it is about bad rapping that hurts me. Deep down, nothing makes me cringe so much as bad rapping. And I don’t know how to properly delineate good rapping vs bad rapping. And I’m not talking about preference, either. For example, I listened to the new Action Bronson album: not a fan. Don’t really like his style. Ghostface, also, I’m not a fan of. But they don’t make me cringe. There’s something different about amateur rapping that makes me want to run away. When I watched some of Unpretty Rapstar, when Jessie was standing around and rapping about how badass she is, and how she’d slap everyone there, oh sweet Jesus even thinking about it now I feel my throat closing up.

It’s, I think, the fakeness that burns me. It’s when someone pretends to be hard but they’re not hard that I feel like crying. I saw a video on Reddit the other day of some high school kids freestyle battling as well, and I NOPENOPENOPED out of that window as fast as possible. Some Kpop rappers do that to me as well. Just…oh plz dear no. I know it’s an issue I need to get over, but I just can’t. I CAN’T DO IT!

Martina: Female Singer-Songwriters

Step one. Write something that sounds like a normal sentence about your day. For example, today I went to school and fell asleep during math class. Step Two. Take that sentence and sing it all wobbley to the an acoustic guitar and you’ve just killed Martina. Don’t get me wrong, I like female singers like Norah Jones, Lim Kim, Neon Bunny, Beach House….but because they sing about things in an interesting way. If you just speak a normal sentence and attempt to sing it over music, like Jewel’s most painful line, “I brush my teeth and put the cap back on” I will burst into sad flames.

Simon: Hearing About Sales

Look: I worked at the mall all throughout my high school career. And I think that, because I spent so much time working in one, I can barely handle being a customer in one now. If I go shopping, it’s with a clear action plan. I go in, grab what I want, and I get out. There’s no perusing. I need to get out of there like it was on fire. So whenever someone working there tries to slow me down, I feel uncomfortable. Don’t tell me about your sales. I’m not interested. I don’t want to spend and more money than what I plan on spending. When I’m at the cash and they ask for my email, I say no. Phone number? No. Why? I’m not interested. Just let me go please! I give you money you give me product fair is fair RELEASE YOUR HOLD ON ME!!!

Martina: Turtlenecks

Anyone who has watched Music Mondays knows my deep hatred for turtlenecks. I think they’re awful and they make everyone look bad. Even hot people can look dumb while wearing turtlenecks and Korea has a major obsession with them. Almost every single actor I thought was hot has somehow ended up in a turtleneck. Where did you neck go? Oh there it is, swallowed up by that sweater that looks like it’s trying to eat your face. I don’t mind the really baggy necked turtleneck sweaters, the kind that has a huge mega wide turtleneck that you could pull over your head like a hoodie but unless you’re about to go skiing in arctic conditions just get a scarf to keep warm.

Simon: Feeling My Fingernails Touch Anything

Hahahahaha I’m not the only one, right? Right? RIGHT!!?? I keep my nails trimmed. When they grow too long and I can feel them when I type on the keyboard, I get itchy. If I grab something off a table and my nails are the first thing that touches the table I blink rapidly. I need to cut my nails immediately. It can’t wait. I’ve bought more nailclippers from all my travels than I have nails on my body. It’s not that I think nails are gross. They’re not unseemly or anything. I just…I don’t know. I hate it I hate it I HATE IT! Apparently Martina’s dad feels the same way so I know I have at least one person on mu side.

Martina: Naps

This one is sad. I really wish I could love napping. I enjoying sleeping when I’m actually able to sleep (which is rare because EDS makes for bad sleep) but when I’m exhausted and I just need to take a nap, I know I’m going to have to make a payment. The payment is napping away exhaustion in exchange for mega grumpiness. When I wake up after a nap I’m a mean, grumpy, irritable being that needs to be left alone. I’m like a wild animal prowling the house looking for something and waiting to bite someone’s head off. I can acknowledge this and Simon knows not to joke, prod, or ask me complicated questions after a nap, but I hate the feeling of being so grumpy. Does anyone else get the after-nap rage?

Simon: Banana Bread

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Banana bread. It’s delicious. I’m sure it is. I remember when it used to be delicious. My father made a wonderful loaf of banana bread. He first got into making banana bread when I was 10 years old. Then he made a new loaf every week, for a gotdamn decade. I can’t eat banana bread ever again. Please no. My body has had enough. Banana smoothies are fine. Banana chips are delicious. But make a cake out of it and our friendship is over. OVER.

Martina: Milk in Mugs

I’m a huge milk drinker. Love milk of all types and I try it in every country I visit. Don’t give me skim, because that’s water flavoured like milk and doesn’t count. I love my milk steamed and cold, but don’t serve cold milk to me in a coffee mug. I don’t know what it is, but drinking milk from a ceramic mug makes it taste like it’s lukewarm to me, and lukewarm milk is gross. It’s only not gross if it’s straight out of a cow and that’s just fine for me. But cold milk should be served ice cold in a lovely see-though glass. YUM!


So that’s it for our list of weird isms and pet peeves. I’m SO CURIOUS YEAHHHH if you have any pet peeves and isms that are the same as ours or are we total weirdos to you? Also one last thing. Martina would like to mention to you that she can now eat Cheetos and cheese puff things no problem…but she’ll have to wash her hands afterwards.



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TL;DR – Our Weird Isms


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  1. I agree with Simon’s finger nail touching thing, and stuff coming out of people’s mouth. I’m the worst person to ask to itch your back. I’ll just gently rub your back with my fingers, and if that is not a good enough itch for you, I’ll get something else to itch your back with. My nails are not touching anything.And I can’t watch people spit or vomit. If I’m brushing my teeth with someone, I have to turn away when they’re going to spit out the toothpaste. Just thinking about it is making me queasy…

    Another thing I can’t stand is drinking something straight from a paper cup. I don’t like feeling my lips touch it. I either have to have the plastic thing on top, or a straw that I can drink from. I also don’t like watching people bite the edges of those cups (yes, there are people doing that). That’s also something that makes me want to throw up…

    4 years ago
  2. Is incredible, but my pet peeve is small orifices. Like a bee hive. I got crazy and have to destroy anything that looks like little holes together.It is called Trypophobia.

    5 years ago
  3. I can feel Martina’s deep hatred for turtlenecks, I don’t like them either. Even when my mom forces me to where one, it’s just. I go on a NOPE spree for like ten minutes. A really huge pet peeve of mine is the sound of Styrofoam. It irks me to no absolute reason. Like when people start ripping up Styrofoam and makes noises out of them! Like, who invented Styrofoam in the first place. Another pet peeve is the sound of motorcycles driving, especially on a quiet neighbourhood. It’s so effing loud, and even when it’s nighttime as wel!

    5 years ago
  4. When I was growing up, my mom used to gave me coffee with cookies after dinner and she did this for years so now I can’t drink or smell coffee because it makes me cringe and it’s even worst when I’m super duper hungry and I feel the smell of coffee… It’s just horrible. D:
    And horses… Oh boy the horses… It creeps me out to walk behind them, I don’t care if I’m a mile away from the horse, I just can’t… Lol

    5 years ago
  5. My pet peeves are: Fingernails that are too long (mine or other people’s) and fingernails that are too short (like when people bite them until the white bit disappears). Fingernails that are too long remind me of things that are dirty because some Asian uncles like to keep their pinky nail long and they use it for “excavating bodily orifices” so that just. NO. And bitten fingernails are just really sad looking so no :(

    The one pet peeve I know I have and I simply cannot stand is the sound of metal hitting one another. I really don’t like putting the forks and knives back into their drawers because I have to make the sound but it really kills me :( And also the sound of scraping knives or forks on plates. OUCHHHHHH!!!

    As for all the other gross things you guys hate like cheetos crumbs and vomit, I work as a nurse so its kind of a given that whatever pet peeve I had, I had to just deal with it. Though I have to say I cannot deal with the sound of phlegm coming up or projectile phlegm (which can happen if someone has to breathe through a tube in their neck) which is one of the reasons why I will never work in a respiratory ward.

    And this may seem awful, but I also cannot deal with people giving birth, I remember seeing that as a student and I just can’t. Its beautiful when the baby comes but there really isn’t anything beautiful about the process (T.T)

    5 years ago
  6. Martina I so feel you on so many things! I’m the same way with naps, monkeys, gross gunk on children…

    5 years ago
  7. so funny!
    I played clarinet for 8 years and about two months after I stopped, I couldn’t handle wooden utensils or even the sound of a reed instrument anymore. Monkeys are fine with me though;)
    I can’t stand country music. If I can I will politely leave the room. If I can’t, I will bear it, but I will hate every second of it.
    I actually like turtlenecks because sometimes I feel overexposed in a regular-necked shirt…like it is drafty on my neck or something? idk. I try to buy only high-necked shirts/dresses.
    I had to ride the school bus for (exaggerating) hours on rainy, soggy days and the whole thing always reeked like (sorry Simon) Doritos and Cheetos and I couldn’t open the windows because of the rain and I always felt like I was getting fake cheese powder all over me so I grew up hating those kinds of chips until college when I saw people eat them without getting messy and I could just leave if the smell got to be too intense for me.
    Lastly, handshakes gross me out. I still shake hands with people but I can’t wait for it to be over. Its like “I don’t know anything about you and now I’m holding your hand??? weird.” But if it is someone I know very well, I have no problem holding their hand. I don’t get professional manicures because I can’t stand strangers touching my hands.

    5 years ago
  8. Drinking out of a coloured glass i.e. dark blue or green eeeeeeks.

    5 years ago
  9. You know the popular western parenting books. What to “Expect When Your Expecting”? Well I was wondering if you could do a segment on what to expect when you are expecting… A Korean exchange student. We are adding a 16 year old girl to our family next school year. We have 3 kids already who are 6,8, and 10. Our youngest was born in Korea and we traveled to bring him home

    5 years ago
    • Sorry hit post button too soon. How can we be good ama and appa. You have dealt with more Korean kids this age than we have. Tips would be great.

      5 years ago
  10. My biggest pet peeve is when people tell me to smile. It’s not that i hate smiling I love smiling but I cannot force a smile. If im not feelin it, it will not look good and the majority of the time it doesn’t and they complain and tell me to smile for real. Even if i say i cant force it they wont believe me and its upsetting. Just their attitude when they tell me to smile makes it harder for me to smile I cannot handle it it makes me want to spaz out my body

    5 years ago
  11. I just can’t stand microfiber! The feel of it.. Like it’s sticking to my fingers and i just happen to have a mom who loves microfiber washcloths and has filled our cabinet with them… Q3Q

    Or the squeaky sound that comes when you write on a chalkboard or your knife or fork scrapes a plate.. I literally get extreme spasm up my back and my arms wriggle around for a couple of seconds! I just can’t handle the sound~ Q_Q

    5 years ago
  12. I had a lot of fun reading everyone’s pet peeves!

    For me- I work as a cook and I have for years. When I am out eating somewhere and I hear a timer going off for more than 8 seconds, I start to flip out. I just want to scream ‘TIMER, TIMER!!!’ At the person working. I also hate the sound of a ticket printer because it makes me feel like I have to make some food (you might hear them at diner type restaurants, you can’t always see the ticket printer. It is very ‘old printer’ type sound, if you’re old enough to know what I mean).

    Having dirt under your nails is another one for me. I don’t have super long nails, but I have a nice rim of white at the top. I am constantly checking them to make sure they’re clean and pristine. If you didn’t get get done working on a car or digging in a garden, and you have dirt under your nails, I judge the crap out of you, sorry.

    Another one is car alarms. It has been statistically proven in America at least that having a car alarm doesn’t make your car safer. I live across from a parking lot at a large costco and shopping center, and car alarms go off all the time. Or at school people would set their car alarms off to find their cars. They tend to go off at inopportune moments, like when I’m trying to take a nap, or read, or not have my day interrupted by yet more beeping.

    I think the last big one is loud music at stop lights. Mostly that loud bass that shakes everyones cars. I listen to my music pretty loud when I’m driving, but I normally spin the dial down when I’m coming to a stop so that I’m not blaring whatever I’m listening to at other drivers. I hate it when people just blast that shit like they have the number one sound system and they want everyone else to know.

    5 years ago
  13. I CAN’T nap because I feel groggy afterwards and I fefuse to nap. Even when people suggest I should nap I get mad, DON’T suggest what I should do, if I look tired, I’m tired! I can’t handle things in my shoe I have to take it out automatically. I think its a bug and kick off my shoe, but this comes from actually once having a grasshopper in my shoe once and I smahed it with my foot when I shoved my huge foot in and that grasshopper was just like, Nooooooooo! He or she survived I threw him or her out the door don’t worry.

    5 years ago
  14. Any clothing that’s too tight or too close to my neck area makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. I’m not much of a food person (as much as I wish I was); I’m extremely picky and the majority of the foods that I do enjoy aren’t the most healthy, so when I try to force myself to eat something I don’t enjoy (even if it doesn’t necessarily taste bad to me) I eventually start to gag every time I swallow. Go figure. Lastly, I’m always very careful not to touch the edges of anything paper-like because even the slightest possibility of getting a paper cut freaks me out.

    5 years ago
    • Same! Once when I ate buon dieu (it’s a Vietnamese soup with crab meat and noodles and tomato broth), I literally gagged when it comes to eating crab. I hate it so much! So that’s why my parents make buon dieu tom hung (which is the same as buon dieu, it’s just that it has lobster meat, hence tom hung means lobster).

      5 years ago
  15. Thank you! I am not the only one that thinks things taste different in different kinds of cups/mugs! I cannot STAND my fingernails long. If they are showing more than 1/16″ of the white part I chop them off without mercy, because my fingers feel dirty, like there is crud growing under my fingernails! Awful.

    I don’t like that pop singer sound where they take lots of hard breaths between notes – it sounds to me like someone is punching them in the stomach or they just ran out of air. So distracting.

    I CANNOT STAND fingerprints on any kind of touch screen/ computer screen, which is actually kind of stupid because WHAT do you do with a touch screen? I am constantly wiping down my phone and I got a case with a cover so nothing touches the screen.

    5 years ago
  16. This isn’t really a pet peeve but I can’t sleep if there isn’t an open window in my room and I always have to open my window and breathe in the night before I go to sleep. If I don’t, I’ll wake up in like a puddle of sweat and feeling like throwing up. It’s a werewolf thing, I’ve gotten used to it. I also can’t handle loud noises like in crowds of people when everyone is talking I just want to curl up into a ball and disappear. It’s so unbelievably painful to my ears. I can’t handle awkward movies. I myself don’t care about embarrassing myself in public or so, but when I’m watching a movie and someone in the movie does something awkward I just close my eyes and hold my ears until it’s over, it’s sooooo cringeworthyyyy. Those are my weird -isms

    5 years ago
  17. First, Martina, the pink brows are amazing. Second, I totally get the mustard thing. Third, my daughter hates eyedrops. Here’s the trick, Martina, next time you must administer drops into Simon’s eyes. Have him lay down, close his eyes. If he needs the drop in his left eye, let’s say, have him tilt his head to the left. Administer the eyedrop onto the interior corner of his eye (closest to nose), let drop solution slowly sink into his eyes. He can even open his eyes post drop and blink and the drop will have made its way to the target. Repeat for other eye. Works everytime!

    5 years ago
  18. UN Ñiño le prengunto a su


    ¿Me quieres? Y ella le contesto

    que no.

    ¿Piensas que soy lindo? y ella

    contesto que no.

    ¿Me tienes en tu corazón?y ella

    contesto que no.

    … …….¿Si me fuera, llorarías

    por mi? y también contesto que

    no .

    …………..El triste niño se dio

    media vuelta para irse y ella le

    agarro del brazo y le dijo:

    … … … … … … …..No

    te quiero, TE AMO, No pienso

    que eres lindo, pienso que

    eres HERMOSO, No estas en mi

    corazón, ERES mi corazón. No

    lloraría por ti,

    MORIRIA por ti.

    Hoy a media noche tú amor se

    va a dar cuenta de que te ama.

    Algo bonito te va a pasar


    entre la 1 y las 4 de la tarde..

    Da igual donde estés: en

    Internet, en

    el colegio, en el trabajo… si

    rompes esta cadena tendrás

    mala suerte en10

    relaciones durante 10 años…

    Así que pega esto en

    20 comentario

    5 years ago
  19. Hey, Martina and Simon!! I’m really curious about how Korea deals with depression. All I’ve ever heard about is Koreans committing suicide left and right over small things. Is this really common? In the US, we have hotlines, and presentations about depression for students, but what does Korea have?

    5 years ago