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WTF – Personal Fans

August 4, 2011


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This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is a personalized duck/chicken fan! Wear it around your neck, and turn the fan on when you’re overheated. Boom! Sure, we’ve seen personal fans in Canada before, but we’ve never seen them in this form. Cute duck form! Or cute chicken form! Either way, it’s some kind of cute baby yellow bird form. Tweetie bird, maybe? We’re still torn as to what animal this is supposed to represent.

Who cares what kind of animal it is: these things are awesome! We saw them a while ago when Simon did his goodbye video to his school, when one of the students opens up a Hello Kitty box and a fan emerges. Since we’ve already seen those before, we didn’t want to buy them, but this one we haven’t actually seen. We still don’t understand the concept behind them. Yes, it looks cute, but why does it have to be a spring-loaded torpedo that’s really, really loud when you open it? We don’t know. Is it really supposed to be the body like Martina suggested? Since when do duchurkins hide their bodies inside of their heads?

Hell, all we know is that we’re using these around Korea now because it is nasty hot outside. Yes, we know people in the US are complaining a lot louder than we are (rightfully so, because it’s REALLY hot over there) but that doesn’t make us feel any less sweaty over here. And what a great way to accessorize your wardrobe! Cool shades, a nice bracer or two, and a totally pimping chidurkin around your neck. Flava Flav ain’t got nothin on this!

You know you want one of these. Don’t pretend you’re too cool for one!



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WTF – Personal Fans


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