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Pigtail French Braid Tutorial

October 20, 2015


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Hi all, Martina here!

I’ve been trying to publish this video FOREVER but it was on my old crusty computer that almost died trying to process it. I finally got it finished and I’ve learned my lesson about trusting old computers with big files. I filmed this video back when we went on our adventure to Jeju Island which if you haven’t seen, you can see here.

My idea for this braid came from the fact that I hate my hair blowing around wildly in car trips and resulting in one giant knot. There is something epic about feeling the wind through your hair, but it is totally not epic when you get out of the car 10 minutes later and have a bird’s nest instead of hair. I wanted to braid my hair, but I didn’t want it to be just the simple braid so I tried to find something that would look funky.

I found a tutorial for a dragon bone or dragon spine look in which the two pigtails are pinned together using bobby pins in the end to create a braid that sticks out from the top of your head, but when I tried it, it hurt my head when I tried to lean back on the carseat. So I used the basic concept of the semi-detached braid but kept them wider apart so they don’t have to pin together.

I think it can be confusing to follow a braid tutorial online, so I’m hoping to explain it a wee bit better in the blog post.

Normal Braid

In a normal braid you separate your hair into three pieces. The left piece goes over the middles, the right goes over the middle, and you just repeat. (If you’re used to doing Dutch braids, you’re passing the pieces under the middle).

French Braid

When you’re doing a french braid, it’s the same concept except the left adds a little hair from beside it and then goes over the middle. The right adds a little hair from beside it and goes over the middle, and you just repeat until there is no more hair to add.

Semi-Detached Braid

The left goes over the middle (like a normal braid), the right adds a little hair from beside it (exactly like a french braid) and you pass it over the middle as normal. You continue like this. The left goes over the middle (like a normal braid) and the right adds hair (like a french braid). It’s essentially bringing a normal braid and a french braid together in one braid.

The result is half you hair is braided flat onto your head due to the french braid, while the other half has a more 3D braid like texture to it. It also can flap around which is why you can pin it together with the other braid. Hopefully I was able to explain it to you…and I’m sure there is an actual name for this type of braid, I just called it dragon bone or semi-detached but I don’t know the correct term! Help me!

Let me know if you try this out, and if you do, please send me a picture! Happy braiding!



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Pigtail French Braid Tutorial


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  1. Maaannn I can never get the french braid part right.

    I really like the effect that you get with the french braid and your pink hair. With my full on blonde hair it’s not going to look as nice. D:

    5 years ago
  2. Your hair is freaking amazing Martina!!

    5 years ago
  3. Me- *Watches whole tutorial carefully, puts hair in ponytail half bun.

    5 years ago