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It’s the Pompompurin Cafe!

December 4, 2017


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Hello everyone! It’s time for another magical cafe that Martina wanted to go to for a while now and WE ALMOST MISSED OUT ON! By the time you’re watching this video the cafe is now closed and a new one has taken its place. But luckily we made it on time before its doors closed forever and Martina sobbed profusely.

The Pompompurin Cafe was open at the Parco close to Kichijoji station. We walked by and saw a big sign for it and were very chuffed. Martina loves Pompompurin! Martina has him on a shirt! We won a big stuffed Pompompuring at a claw machine! Funny story that: we actually kinda broke the game, because we missed the toy by such a large margin, but the claw lifted up the plastic that the toy was resting on, and in doing so created a ramp that rolled the toy down into the hole. We actually got a picture of it when it happened:

Winning the Pompompurin

See that look of surprise? I had no idea how it happened but it happened. Martina was just thrilled.

And so were we both thrilled when we saw that the Pompompurin Cafe would open December 3rd! Amazing! We’ve got some things to do for the next couple of weeks, so we’ll make sure to come after we’re done! Well, a few days before December 3rd we took a closer look at the sign. No, Simon and Martina: it CLOSES December 3rd. Ah! We almost missed out totally.

We made it with a couple of days to spare, which was – in a way – a good thing. If we went right when the shop opened, the lines would be insane, as they were when we went to the Sailor Moon Cafe. But after the initial rush is over, there was no line for us to worry about. Huzzah!

And so we got to sit with toys and eat cute food the end. No, not the end. I’d like to talk about this a bit more, something we talked about in the video briefly. So…why is it considered immature or childish to eat at a themed cafe? The vast majority of people eating here were adults. Should we have told them they’re too old to eat there? And what the hell is up with the idea of being too old for liking some things? Why are people so judgmental? Why is it ok for people to be so heavily invested in sports and watch them weekly, daily even! Hell, people watch programs recapping what sports happened the day before. “Hey so you didn’t see how good this team threw the ball so we’ll tell you.” That’s acceptable, but liking anime or cute shit isn’t? Pish posh. Nobody should dictate what other people should or shouldn’t like. And the kinds of people who do usually dictate what’s acceptable or unacceptable to like usually like some weird shit that doesn’t make sense.

This isn’t to say that I was a huge fan of the cafe. Pompompurin is alright. Gudetama is more my jam. I just hope that, whatever the hell you like, you don’t let judgmental dummies make you feel like shit. Anyone who tries to put you down for your preferences probably has some sad shit happening in their lives and they’re trying to feel better about themselves by belittling you.

So that’s enough of that. Time for some extra pudding!



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Food Adventure


It’s the Pompompurin Cafe!


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  1. This video is so funny and cute, I love it!

    3 years ago
  2. That cafe looks adorable! Did they have coffee/ lattes too and did you try them?

    Also, you should read Chi’s Sweet Home if you haven’t already! I feel like it would be right up your alley.

    3 years ago