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WTF – Pooh Sandwich Press

August 17, 2011


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This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is Pooh Sandwich presses. You can make your sandwich into Pooh! You can eat Pooh for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pooh toast, pooh sandwich, even a pooh wiper for your spaghetti sauce! Thank you, Korea, for introducing us to better ways of making our food.

For starters, let’s just all come to the consensus that the crusts of sandwiches suck. Sucks! Crusts were invented only for mothers to punish their children. “Eat your crusts, Jimmy, or you get no ice cream!” Sandwiches taste just so much better without crusts. Fact. Do a blind taste test of a sandwich with equal stuffing, only have one with crusts and one without. You’ll be amazed at how much better life is without crusts. *Martina shoves Simon off the computer*…I on the other hand happen to love crust! Simon is just a child. On our honeymoon, he ordered peanut butter sandwiches–with the crust cut off–for room service. COME ON! Why wo—*Simon wafts a coffee cup towards Martina, she runs off* Anyways, crust sucks.

So, this wonderful device has totally come to terms with the realization that crusts do indeed suck, and defies the tyranny of crusted sandwiches. Not to mention, the tyranny of square shaped sandwiches, which are just BOOORING. We’re pretty sure that using this sandwich maker and bringing that sandwich to any public area will instantly cause a doubling of those who want to be friends with you, and a tripling of those who want to date you. Use cautiously. Well, besides sandwiches, it claims to be a cookie cutter, but we think the dough would get all caught up in the pressing part. The pooh shape, yes, you can get that, but man, that’s a big cookie! Unless you want to make a Pookie Ice Cream Sandwich….oh yeah…roll that in some brown chocolate chips…MMmmmMMmmMMmmmm…And if you’re a parent with a skinny child who refuses to eat their lunch, we’re sure that shaping the sandwich in the form of a Pooh bear will vastly improve their desire to eat it, unless they’re Martina, who just wants to stare at the bread lovingly.

I think we’ve pretty much said all that can be said about this awesome device. Time for our Wonderful Treasure Find Care Package of the Month giveaway contest!

This month we’re giving away the Nail Stainers, the Duck Fans, the Soap Flakes, and the Sandwich Press. To win this wonderful package, sent to you with all the love and care in the world, all you have to do is answer our simple question: which animal shape would be most inappropriate for a sandwich press and why? We went on a rant a while ago with our Pedobear Mug how bears are conspiring to eat your children, by pretending to be all cute and snuggly when really they’re vicious murderers. This sandwich press is another example of that conspiracy, and is a totally inappropriate animal for your children to fall in love with. If you can think of another such animal, let us know. We’ll pick the winner next week, and announce them in our Blooper Footage. And on that note, here are some deleted scenes from this week’s video:



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WTF – Pooh Sandwich Press


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  1. A tapir. There’s something confusingly disturbing about consuming an edible bread print of a tapir.

    9 years ago