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Quilt Your Korean Map

August 22, 2010


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A while ago we mentioned how we were going to be on Arirang TV, and had made two episodes with them.  We were able to show one of the episodes in their from Today’s Blog, but couldn’t put up the other episode. Well, just recently we were given permission by Arirang TV to finally put it online!  Huzzah!  So here is our episode of “Quilt Your Korean Map.”

The entire episode is about Korean drinks, and it’s divided into two sections: we focus on makgeolli (Korean alcohol) while another guy focuses on green tea.   In our section, we travel to Seongju to a makgeolli factory and see how makgeolli is made.  Afterwards, we travel to Gyeongju and go to the makgeolli festival.

One story you might find interesting about this trip: at the makgeolli factory, we are given a tour by the owner’s son, who runs the factory.  After the tour we filmed a scene in which we all eat bulgogi and drink makgeolli together, and he showed us the proper way to hold the makgeolli bowl.  Then he would drink it in one shot.  Simon watched and repeated.  The owner would pour himself another bowl, and drink again, and Simon would follow suit, again.  And again.  And again.  Simon should have thought that, “hey, this guy runs the factory.  He’s probably used to drinking this stuff a lot more than I am.”  So after a couple bottles in a few minutes, Simon isn’t doing all too well.  Then the camera points at us and asks us what we thought of the whole day’s experience.  Martina’s answer was very well put.  Simon’s answer…not so much.  Needless to say, Arirang cut that scene out of the final version…

Anyhow, YouTube has a 10 minute limit for its videos, so we had to cut this video into three different sections.  Enjoy!  And if you saw this on television in your country, let us know!



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Quilt Your Korean Map


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  1. Thanks Wendy :D

    10 years ago