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Restaurant Reviews: Hongdae’s Dos Tacos

January 9, 2009


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Korean food is great, but – as you can tell from our last Thai food restaurant review – we’re also looking for foreign food. Our hunt for Thai food failed. We can’t find any Mexican places in Bucheon, so last Friday we travelled to Hongdae to try our luck there. We heard about a place called Dos Tacos, which supposedly served really good Mexican food: burritos, nachos, margaritas, tacos, so on and so forth.

Would it be authentic, though, or at least as good as the Mexican food we’re used to from back home? After all, back in Toronto we constantly ate at Bar Burrito or Burrito Bros, and they serve some pretty good stuff. Have our standards been met here at Dos Tacos?

If videos just aren’t your thing, then we’ll spoil it for you right now: Dos Tacos was a big let down. Any burrito with pickles in it just ain’t a burrito to us. The refried beans were kidney beans! Although it tasted good, it just wasn’t Mexican enough for us. What a letdown.



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Restaurant Reviews: Hongdae’s Dos Tacos


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  1. I live in west Texas, near the border, and I know whenever I move to Korea I’m going to really miss the abundance of real Mexican food. (Not texmex) It just won’t be the same! lol I might have to endure a train ride if I get too home sick!

    5 years ago
  2. Who would of ever known a real Mexicano would go to Korea! Yeah.. we are everywhere :) … I would have a hard time without Avocados and real Mexican food. Would have to take ingredients with me to last lol

    6 years ago
  3. Amigos in Itaewon closed, so sad… I will highly recommend Taco Chili Chili http://travelingseoul.blogspot.kr/2012/06/taco-chili-chili-in-itaewon.html I believe they have 3 locations now.

    7 years ago
  4. We don’t have burritos here … we have something similar …some eatable stuff mixed in a thin pizza-like dough… it tastes alright but some restaurants put too many stuff in it … I don’t know if burritos are healthy to eat but this thing I’m talking about, isn’t…

    8 years ago
  5. Well then, I'm glad it was different for you than it was for us. We should check it out again, then. And thanks for the recommendation in Cheongju. If we ever head down there, we'll give that place a shot :D

    10 years ago
  6. If you can, please stop by again when you try out those other places. I'd love to know if they're worth it.

    10 years ago
  7. I've heard of the place often, but have never been. We'll make sure to check it out. Thanks!

    10 years ago