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Jumbo Spudgy Squad Tote bag


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Made with an unfolding square bottom, this 12oz bag is not your average tiny tote…he’s a BIG BOY! This design features Spudgy reppin’ the Squad and Meemers attempting to eat your sushi toy on the back.

This tote bag is perfect for just about anything. The roomy, square bottom means you can confidently carry all of your stuff, from books to beachwear and more. Currently I’m storing all my rolls of KT Tape, knee braces, shoulder braces, heat patches…and more!

* 100% cotton canvas
* Fabric weight: 12 oz (407 g/m2)
* Dimensions: 14 ¾” x 14 ¾”
* Dual 22” handles
* Reinforced bottom

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