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Sleepy Spudgy Mug



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Spudgy understands the importance of sleep and being lazy. He is your spirit animal to get your through the day. Whether it be coffee, tea, ramen, soup, or cereal, the Sleepy Spudgy supports your decision.

The 11oz Sleepy Spudgy is for your average serving, but the 15oz is a HUUUUUUUGE mug! That’s the one we use at our house for editing with a huge amount of coffee.

This brawny ceramic mugs shows its true colors with quality assurance to withstand heat in the microwave and put it through the dishwasher as many times as you like, the quality will not be altered. It is proudly made in the USA!

• Ceramic
• Dishwasher safe
• Microwave safe
• White, glossy

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