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Right now we're busy restocking the store with some awesome new merch for all you Nasties! Stay tuned!

Women’s Eatyoursushi Meemer Squad T-Shirt



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Meemers presents: the Meem Shirt! *BEEEEP* The form fitting women’s shirt featuring the snugglest sweetest cat ever Dr.Meemersworth is finally here. Not really into cats? Meemers is judging you deeply…but he recommends you check out the Spudgy’s t-shirt design instead. After all…I LOVE MY BROTHER!!!

About the T-Shirt:
We’re currently using the American Apparel form-fitting women’s t-shirt in the thumbnail but AMERICAN APPAREL HAS FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY!

American Apparel Sizing:

There will be a very limited amount of shirts remaining in stock using this product. We will be switching to Anvil 880 Ladies Ringspun Fashion Fit T-Shirts. Please see the new sizing guide below.

*MARTINA’S NOTE: THESE SHIRTS ARE VERY VERY FITTED! I’m wearing an American Apparel women’s size large in the picture and it is tight. For a roomier and longer fit, I recommend the Unisex shirts. I wear Simon’s Unisex LARGE t-shirt and it fits wonderfully.

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