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Shopping Malls

June 1, 2008


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We’ve been shopping for the past five hours or so. We only went to four places: The Hyundai Mall, The Mall, The Sooooping (or something like that) Mall, and Home Plus. The Hyundai Mall is ten stories tall and mirrors The Mall via a glass walkway. The tenth floor of both buildings has no shopping; it’s called a Sky Park, exposed to the sun and clouds, where you can sit and eat in a green grassy park. The top two floors of one of The Mall is a movie theatre. We’re not sure if the movies are in English and subtitled or wholly dubbed, and we don’t know enough Korean to ask anyone to clarify.

The Sooooping mall has something called “Water Fun” on the seventh and eighth floors, but we never checked out what this was all about. The fifth floor is nothing but cellphones. Each giant floor is about the length and width of half of Sherway.

Home Plus was the best of them all. It’s a huge 24 hour grocery store, only one floor altogether, but it’s chaotic. It’s chaotic for several reasons: first of all, the grocery carts have wheels that move 360 degrees, so you can move every direction smoothly and quickly, so you never know what way people are heading. Secondly, they have people giving out free samples at the end and beginning of every single aisle. So people are stopping/gathering at all the aisle ends. Thirdly, everywhere you go customer service reps are trying to sell you stuff. They wear these huge white knee-high boot covers that look like giant white leg warmers. They give out samples and try to get you to buy the deal of the week. We just don’t look them in the eye, and Simon is afraid that they’re swearing at us in Korean.



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Food Adventure


Shopping Malls


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  1. Do Canadians often refer to their part of the world as ‘North America’?

    8 years ago
    • Sorry about that. I honestly had no idea, and was just curious. I don’t live in Canada, nor do I live in North America, so I am unfamiliar with what people say on that side of the world.
      I was surprised that they decided to refer to the continent as opposed to just the country; thank you for clearing that up.

      I apologise if I appeared to be offensive.

      7 years ago
      • Thank you for the apology. We do not use those sort of insults on this site. In fact, we don’t condone insults of any type at all.

        Not everyone knows about the specific geography of different parts of the world. Are you aware that even though the country of Guyana is on the South American continent it is technically considered to be a part of the Caribbean and its residents carry special Caribbean community passports? This is because of its history, politics, language and economy.

        Also, yes it is true that Mexico is on the North American continent. The USA and Canada are not the only places that matter. I think a whole bunch of Mexicans would beg to disagree especially considering how a large part of the current US used to be Mexico. However, Canada and the US do get lumped together a lot, which is true.


        7 years ago