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Spudgy Loves Canada

November 19, 2011


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Ok, this isn’t a long video, or anything really special. We know, though, that people ask for more Spudgy videos, so from time to time we gotta put something up like this. For people looking for Korean Cultural Educational stuff, today is not one of those days.

For those of you more interested in Spudgy, though, there’s something to be said about this video. For some reason, Spudgy is a totally different animal in Canada. He’s got boundless energy like we haven’t seen in Korea. When we take him for walks in Bucheon, he merely dodders from tree to pole to tree to pole to tree, sniffs them all, pees on them all – regardless of how much he needs to pee – and really takes his sweet old gingerly time. We take him to Jung Ang Park, where there’s grass for him to run on, but he just doesn’t seem interested.

In Canada, though, there’s a lot more grass than what we’ve seen here in Bucheon. Right beside Martina’s parent’s house is a huge field of tall, lush, green grass, and we would walk Spudgy there every morning. As soon as we’d open the door to go for our walk, he’d bee-line to get to the field. Forget about sniffing poles or whatnot. It’s like Spudgy was saying “GET ME TO THAT GRASS NAOOOO!!!”

Here you see him on the grass running his head off. He would just run. Not towards anything. There were no poles for him to pee on, really. He’d just start running as soon as he hit the field, and he’d jump with us if we played with him. He was just so spunky in Canada, and it’s funny writing this post now, because I’m watching Spudgy curled up at my feet in a little croissant-like shape.

Yep. That’s it. Spudgy video. BAM!



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Spudgy Loves Canada


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  1. It makes me smile :)

    8 years ago
  2. I love Spudgy. Sweet spunky Spudgy! Give him a nom for me, will ya?

    9 years ago