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Starbucks Halloween Frappucinos in Japan

October 27, 2018


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Hello everyone!  It’s almost Halloween, and we figured we’d give some of the Starbucks Halloween Frappucinos in Japan a try.  Boy, was it horrendous.  Not the frappucinos themselves, but the recording day.  Hot damn!  The mic was buggy, and the sun kept blaring on our faces then hiding away, so the color was a mess.  It was all a mess!  

But, we still had a fun time and laughed with each other a lot.  I know this will sound corny, but I’m in a corny mood, so grit your teeth and bear it.  You don’t need to do big things to have a great time.  We went to Akita recently and experienced some of the most amazing Onsens in the world, and we had a great time.  And the next day we went to the Starbucks beside our house, shot something horrendous, and still had a great laugh, both during the filming and while editing.  All of it is fun, regardless of budget.  And it’s my humble hope we can inspire that in people as well.

I wouldn’t try it with these Frappucinos, though.  Starbucks Japan makes some amazing drinks sometimes.  Really, some of them are better than the concoctions we experienced in Starbucks Canada and America.  That peach one we talked about was so good we got upset.  These two drinks, though, were just kinda meh.  Not terrible, but nothing to write home about.  But it’s the spirit of the season, so we thought we’d give these a shot.  

I’m sure we’ll feel more festive next week when we go to Disneyland.  We heard that they don’t show princesses, but villains during Halloween!  SQUEE!  We’re super pumped.  We went there for our nine year wedding anniversary (we’re at 11 years now, by the way) and we still have the hats we bought from there.  We’ll be bringing them back, just in time for Halloween!

So, that’s it for this little video.  We’ve got a big video we’re working on from our Onsen hopping trip to Akita; it’s a lot bigger than we had expected, and we hope we can get it up soon!  Until then, if you’re looking for a few extra smiles, including our rants on millennials (even though we are millennials), check out the bloopers below:



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Starbucks Halloween Frappucinos in Japan


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  1. I feel a little ashamed because I preferred the Halloween Princess (Milk and Sweet Apple) to the Halloween Witch (Dark Chocolate Apple). I am not sure if my cold has dulled my tastebuds so I couldn’t really get the subtler flavour from the witch or what.

    I did enjoy the Peachy Pink Fruits from summer but I got a mouthful of aspartame from it, though the fruit chunks were nice and refreshing. I think my favourite frappuccino from Starbucks most recently was the Caramelly Pear – which tasted like someone baked a delicious pie and filled it with pear instead of apples. It had a good spice to it and chunks of fruit and a bitter caramel drizzle to help cut the sweetness. It also tasted closer to flavours I associate Fall with in Canada so that made me happy. Enjoy Disney Halloween, I inadvertently went last year because I wanted to go to Disney Sea for my birthday and Halloween at Disney starts in early September. The villain parade was super cool.

    3 weeks ago
  2. Starbucks here in Canada is doing their Halloween promo where the Frappucino is coloured purple with green whipped cream and its called the Witch’s Brew. Last year was a green and pink Frap that was Zombie brains.

    3 weeks ago
  3. Thanks for the great laughs <3 It's cold and rainy/snowy here today and we all just want to huddle and sleep in a kindle puff by the fireplace so this helped to perk us up. For all the "technical difficulties", you hid them well with effects and music and just plain fun. I super enjoyed this video and the bloopers too and I've been thinking over the last bunch of videos that I have to admit that I was totally wrong and you guise were totally right that yeah, you need to change up the format once in a while and this video proves you can do that and still keep all the great things about your videos that make them great. While I enjoyed the last bunch and they were all really well done, I did feel slightly…..bored? Like they were so similar in format to the ones in the past, that maybe I'd almost had enough. And then BAM! You deliver this one. I know that you didn't do it on purpose but I'm glad that you took what you had and went with it because it was just next level awesome, not just because it was kind of different, but because it felt fresher both to you and to me. I hope that you try to inject some of that funtimes into the Akita Onsen video (even if it's a more serious/sponsory one) the way you just went with in to Oshima…..Also, chocolate and apple? How is that good?

    4 weeks ago