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Ten Years on YouTube

June 3, 2018


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May 30th, 2008, we landed in Korea and started shooting videos. At first it was for our families to keep tabs on us. Then people moving to Korea started watching, and so we made videos to explain how to make sense of living in Korea. Oh, how many changes we’ve gone through since then! And not just us, as creators, but YouTube as well, as a platform. So let’s talk about it from our perspective, which is very different from that of people coming to YouTube nowadays, when it’s a central part of internet culture.


We’re not gonna hide it. Hey, we love YouTube. Huge fans of YouTube. We’re not going to shit on it the way many people do. YouTube changed our lives in ways we never expected, and never even had the buddings of an idea to aspire towards. Now, after 10 years on the platform, I can’t think of a better job in the world. There’s no job I’d rather have. When people ask us if we want to be on TV, or when TV asks us if we want to be on TV, we’re not interested. TV isn’t as good as what we have here on the internet. Let me tell you the many ways why:

We work based on what inspires us at the moment, we create small pieces of art for fun, and we can distribute it to a big group of people who are happy to see it, and who are vocal about how much they like it. What other job in the world offers that? We don’t have a boss to stress us out. We don’t have weird office politics and sexual harassment and glass ceilings and discrimination. There’s no one sitting in the cubicle next to us farting silently and pretending it’s not them. Especially with Martina’s disability, we can take the time to take care of her health when we need to. We don’t have to awkwardly call our manager and ask for a sick day and hope we still have enough left in the year. We don’t have to wake up to an alarm clock. Hell we sleep and 8 hours a day! The two of us are madly in love and we get to hang out with each other all day long. We get to travel to many places. We see lovely people on the streets who like the work we’ve done, and they talk to us, nicely! Seriously, this is the greatest fucking job in the world. I can’t even think of a theoretical job that would be better. Not a doctor, not a lawyer, not a movie star, nothing.

On top of this all, we get paid enough to live off of this. Some will say that other jobs are better because they pay more, but money ain’t the motive for us. We don’t get paid Logan Paul money. We’re not millionaires with mansions and fancy cars, but we don’t want that kind of lifestyle anyways. We’re not trying to be the wealthiest, or the most famous, or the most subscribed to YouTubers. Pride and ego don’t drive us. Personal satisfaction, health and wellbeing, and community motivate us. I start feeling uncomfortable when we haven’t posted in a while, because I miss talking to you all in the comments.

Growing Numbers vs Growing as People

There was a time, though, that we were numbers driven, and we were thinking about how to grow and be more famous. YouTube invited us to a couple of Fanfests, and I remember how things felt different then. We went to Singapore and so many people showed up at the airport that the authorities were called. We went to a red carpet event and shmoozed with wealthy people. We’d get in our taxis and go to different locations while people followed us in taxis to see where we’re going. They slept in the lobby of the hotel and brought us gifts. We were profoundly flattered and honoured, and we’ll remember that time in our lives distinctly, but I didn’t want to foster this kind of relationship anymore. I don’t want to think of myself as a celebrity and you all as rabid avid fans. I’m a lot happier now thinking of myself just as regular folks, and you viewers as people with common interests. We’re a community. I’m not more special than any of you, and most of you have many more talents and interests than I have. I want to think that we could hang out at gatherings, play board games, talk about One Punch Man, gush over our favourites on Ru Paul’s Drag Race, discuss the kind of sushi we just had. I’m a lot more comfortable with this, and a lot more comfortable with our viewers now than I ever was before.

Everything I’m writing here sounds like hippy dippy shit and that doesn’t work for some people. Many others approach YouTube as a career, and expect it to be stable and fair and think that just working hard will pay off. I’m sorry that I don’t agree with that. I mean, it’d be great if YouTube was like that. I don’t ever want to worry about our future, but I always will, and I’ve accepted that it’s part of the entertainment world. Hollywood actors don’t have stable careers. How many times have you heard of people moving there and struggling to get by as they write their script, but they never get their big break. How many shows did you like the first couple seasons of and then stopped watching? YouTube isn’t much different, I think. Starting a YouTube channel isn’t the same as starting a salaried job. There are no guarantees, no stability.

With that, I don’t have any answers on how to start a career on YouTube, as our model might not work nowadays. What’d we do? We had people watch our videos, which was very surprising, and then we just worked our assess of to a profoundly unhealthy level. We used to make 7-8 videos a week. We’d work until the sun rose. We worked every day of the week. We didn’t have a vacation in years. We were very broke for a long time. But we kept trying to grow, to get better, to talk differently, film differently, edit differently. We’re very lucky it paid off. I can’t guarantee the same for everyone else.

I sure do suffer from Survivor’s Guilt. When we did our US tour a few years ago, the hour before we got on stage my heart would pound so fast I thought I’d throw up. I wasn’t scared to go on stage. I wasn’t scared to talk to all of you there. I just felt like an imposter. I felt undeserving. And I felt so profoundly blessed. I felt like I was at a Christmas party, and I bought my friend a CD that he liked, and he bought me a brand new car.

Time to Piss People off with the Algorithm

I know our comment on the algorithm is going to upset some people as well, so I’d like to unpack it a bit more, because I feel that people are going to accuse us of defending YouTube because the algorithm has treated us favourably. Hey, we’ve seen some segments not do well, some video titles not do well. Our “Importance of Community” video didn’t perform as well as others, but I’ll blame that on the content not being as interesting and inviting as a $400 Toaster video, and I won’t blame an algorithm for it.

Many of the people that I’ve seen complain about the algorithm I’ve also seen not change much on their channel. When are people going to accept some of the responsibility themselves? Is every unsuccessful video the algorithm’s fault? Isn’t it possible that people just didn’t want to watch the video? Maybe they’ve seen videos like it before. Maybe the topic is just boring to them. Maybe they’ve just seen too many of your videos and want a break. Maybe they’re vegan and don’t want to watch videos about meat. Maybe they’ve found another creator that does similar content to yours that they like better. Shit, last year we had a video on the Trending Tab on YouTube almost every freaking week. Now, we’re barely ever there. And that’s natural, because something can’t be trendy forever, or else it wouldn’t be goddamned trendy!

After all, it’s people that watch your videos, not robots, so why not think of human behaviour as a valid reason for your successes and failures? There are many natural, easy answers for underperforming videos and channels. Hell, we know that we’ve had many viewers come and go. Many have subscribed, and many (MANY!) have unsubscribed as well. I even know with this video there will be lots of people that unsubscribe, because some people just want to watch us for food videos, rather than 30 minutes of self-reflection on our careers. And those unsubscriptions aren’t YouTube’s fault. I’ll accept responsibility for my failings and not blame the mystery box of an algorithm.

We Will Change Again, and Again and Again

What does the future hold for us? We’re not really sure, but we talk about it regularly. Five years from now, ten, twenty. We don’t only think about what we want to do with the bodies and abilities we have now, because we know that we’re not immune to the demands of aging, and we also know that our interests will change, just as they have changed, and so too might your interest in us. What I don’t think ever will change are our core value. Be true to yourself, and be good to others. Don’t let your health, mental or physical, stop you from having a fulfilling life. Don’t hate yourself for the pain you have, and keep trying to be the best version of yourself. Life will never be easy or predictable for any of us, which echoes our thoughts on YouTube. One day Martina is feeling great, and the next day she’s struggling to get out of bed; for now, YouTube is great for us, but we remember when it wasn’t, and we aren’t sure it won’t go back to what it was again. We’re not giving up on either, and we’ll keep trying to find inspiration wherever we go.

I hope you can better understand what YouTube means to us. It changed our lives. We’ve met thousands of wonderful people. We have a very fulfilling career. And we feel endless gratitude for it. With that, we won’t be angry at YouTube for any slip-ups. It’s got many smart, good-hearted people working crazy hours on making it better, and I can see the fruits of their labor, and I think it’s better than it ever was. I worry that many of the people who speak angrily of YouTube do so simply because outrage is the trendiest form of discourse at the moment, while patience, understanding, and self-reflection are viewed as weak and apologetic.

So that was a long ass video and blog post. We’d love to talk about this more in the comments here. If you don’t like or agree with some of the things we said, though, please don’t show your anger in your tone, and don’t try to subtly insult us. Ask a question! Be civil, be decent, and we’ll do the same. Though I know most of the regular readers here know these rules, sometimes these posts get shared to others with less self-control.

Here’s to our next ten years on YouTube! Let’s see where we’ll go from here…



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Ten Years on YouTube


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  1. There was a video in the last 6 months that I can’t find where in it you Martina mentions what software you using for editing. Can you recall the video, or even better, share again the what was the software? Or maybe someone else within the community remembers and can share? thanks!

    2 years ago
  2. Congratlulations on celebrating your 10th year anniversary on Youtube guys! Thank you for inspiring, educating, entertaining and just sharing your loving, positive, and insightful life in Korea and Japan with us throughout the years. I have watched you from almost the beginning when kpop Music Mondays were around and that was what got me so involved with Korean culture beyond just being a Shawol. Thank you so much guys! I am finally going on my Korea/Japan trip with my bestfriend in January 2019 and if it wasn’t for EYK, I don’t think I ever would have made the first big trip alone with just a friend! xoxoxo Please always keep making youtube content, no matter what it is. It is always relevant and true when it’s from the heart! <3

    2 years ago
  3. ❤️

    2 years ago
  4. Hey guys, I first found your channel about a year ago, and I am extremely glad that I did. You both have been such a profound, positive influence in my life over the last year, especially Martina. It’s a bit too long of story for the comment section, but I’ve been planning on writing you a letter soon, so I will save the most of details for that. I will tell you that like Martina I too suffer from multiple chronic illnesses, including chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Some of these things like the chronic depression and anxiety, and some of the chronic pain I have lived with since childhood. While others are a lot newer and harder to deal with. But since I started watching you guys and your
    videos,living with these conditions has become easier. Again I would love to explain more in my letter, but please know that no matter how bad I’m feeling, watching any of your videos always makes me feel better. You guys have become a permanent rug in my ladder, one that I am so grateful for. Thank you Simon and Martina for being you.

    2 years ago
    • P.S. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary of your amazing YouTube adventure. (this was supposed to be added to the beginning of my comment, I kinda forgot)

      2 years ago
  5. Congratulations on 10 years!! You guys were a shining light while I struggled through grad school, and I’m so glad to have recently come back to your videos after falling off the YouTube grid for a while. What you said in this video about you looking so much happier since coming to Japan is absolutely true and very contagious! :) Also, the overview of your musical themes was AMAZING and made me miss hearing all those songs! (Martina, I still have your cover of “I’m the Spudgy” on my iPod.) Thank you both for your joy and positivity–the world sure needs more of it!

    2 years ago
    • P.S. I’m an author, and so much of what you said here–about trolls and fans, community, growing your platform vs. doing what you love–echoed things that I’ve heard in the writing community. It’s really inspiring to hear someone talk about the realities of putting creative content out there, both the highs and the lows. Thanks for that!

      2 years ago
  6. I’ve been watching for 6, almost 7, years and I gotta say good job on those early songs, Martina!!! I loved them and it really sent me back getting to hear them again :)

    2 years ago
  7. I’ve been watching you for about 7-8 years and I’m happy that you’re here for 10 years. I hope you will keep going for another 10! Also I loooved your homemade theme music. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t make it to the fan meeting in Poland. But maybe one day I will be able to meet you. Big thank you for all your videos. I’m waiting for more :)

    2 years ago
  8. Congrats, guys! It’s been a great 10 years. I’ve been around since the beginning. Well, maybe not the very beginning, but somewhere 2009ish. Originally I was just interested in Korea. My husband had learned Korean for his work and I was finally giving in to find out more about that place in the event we ever moved there. We never did, but I really enjoyed getting to know the country through you. I was never big on Kpop until I started watching Music Mondays, but I really like the Indie Playlist more. And about the time you guys were finished with the great machine that is Kpop, I was too. I was happy to move along on the next great adventure with you. I was sad when you announced you were moving to Japan. I’d invested all this energy in Korea (not nearly so much as you guys). But Japan sounded like a lot of fun too. And it really has been! I also agree with everyone else, you just seem happier. Happier isn’t the right word really, you always show your joy in your videos (there is even sunshine behind the clouds in the sad ones). I think the best word is freer. And Japan probably has its role in that, but I think your maturity makes a big difference. We are about the same age. I really think in the last few years I’ve reached a point of acceptance of myself and how I fit in the whole wide world. And I think you guys have to. You know who you are now and it’s freeing. And that comes through your videos. It’s awesome. And inspiring. And I think important especially for those kiddos growing up behind us that can watch your videos and know it gets easier to be an adult. (Not always easy, easier) So thanks guys! You do you and I’m happy to continue to follow along on the adventure.

    2 years ago
  9. Monumental Decade! Hi you, yes you two, you dont know me but we have been friends for a long time. When you wrote undeserving of the love and attention, I felt I needed to come out of the silent lurking mode and say something. Im not a fan, Im just someone who really enjoy your content. Having shared so much of your lives with me, there were countless times I laughed and cried with you, and I have come to love you. Im very fond of you not because I aspire or look up to you, but because we have just been through a lot together. You make my life brighter and better, I hope my comments also make yours slightly happier. To another dacade!

    2 years ago
  10. Hi guys! First of all congratulations on your 10 year milestone! The first video that I happened to stumble upon was “Korean Like a Pro 3: Restaurant Talk” and it opened with Martina telling the audience the difference between Russian 사람? And ~Russian 사람~ (Implied giggity giggty boom boom) xD Ever since then I’ve enjoyed a great number of your videos and a few of your podcasts! (Which reminds me I need to catch up on a couple) You guys just keep being you and do what you guys always do best! I’ll be honest that montage at the end of the video got me teary eyed (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

    I don’t comment all too much but I hope you guys notice me! ( ゚д゚)

    2 years ago
  11. おめでとうございます!!!!! Happy 10 years of YouTube! I am so glad and thankful that you have had success and have kept creating videos for so long. I think I started watching in late 2010 – like right before the new year late – with your ‘How to Dance K-Pop 2010’ and I was hooked. Both of you have inspired me to move overseas for teaching, and I am so happy. So thank you for sharing your experiences! The music was super nostalgic. I didn’t actually know you made it all yourself, I assumed your purchased it because it all sounded so legit. I am sad to hear the K-pop community was so toxic, but I am also glad that you decided to cut the poison out. Also the Spudgy <3 <3 <3 seeing all those clips of him ahhh. I wish so much that he recovers smoothly from his surgery. He is a mystical luck dragon that is Martina's spirit animal. I hope you both continue to do something you love and that you keep pursuing your passions! You both drive me to try new things, to build my ladder and for that – thank you.

    2 years ago
  12. Congratulations guise! 10 years! WOOP! WOOP! What a nice retrospective, the montage at the end was super delicious as well XD I don’t know why you’re so hard on yourselves about the early music themes, they were goddamned FANTASTIC! Give yourself some hi-fives, they are top notch! They stand up even today and were such a great way to set the mood for each type of video. I felt like I was getting a listen to my favourite hits when you played them T_T. The little intro videos were so adorable and stylish as well (although I much preferred the first WTF intro to the second). Be proud of your awesome work! If you ever become professors of asian studies at a video online university, that kind of hook-ability would be a great tool (that was totally un-sarcastic btw). And Spudgy and DaMeems, so cuuuuuuuute! Still so cute :3 :3 . I thought I had methodically watched your back-catalogue of videos back in the day, but obviously I missed a few, like the one on the Korean public washrooms, gotta go back and watch that ;). I’ve been watching your videos since 2010 and I didn’t even know kpop existed until you guise. I like all of your videos but the kpop ones really got me through a rough patch. My husband and I started living in separate cities far away as he suddenly got a new job and we tried to get our house ready for sale but our plans went horribly wrong and we ended up like this for 2.5 years before he finally ended up quitting and moving back at a new job. It was heartbreaking and nearly broke us both (wasn’t great for my young son either) so when he found your Kpop Music Monday about Itaewon Freedom and shared it with me, your videos became something we could share and talk about and connect over the distance and helped to keep us positive. I was disappointed when you stopped KMM, but more because I miss the hilarious skits rather than the kpop – it would be great to make a video of all the funny moments/memes and recurring characters. My husband and I still use the “Ayy gurl, can I buy you a drank?” as our meme for some youtubbers that overuse certain things – like Gemma Stafford is “Ayy gurl, can I buy you some sprank?” because she totally overdoes sprinkles on everything XD And of course, while you may regret it someday, every time anyone thinks of excuses or diarrhea, they think of you Simon XD As a compliment but I doubt a non-Nasty would find it so LOL! Thanks for all the happy times, the cool learnin-nating, the droolz, the virtual hugs, and the laughs, looking forward to more. Much loves from all 3 of us <3 <3 <3

    2 years ago
  13. Hey guys!

    I just want to tell Martina that I was hit with nostalgia after hearing her old musical themes! Even though I love the more instrumental tracks you’re using now, especially on your high-end artsy videos, I also love those more hook-driven little tracks you made. To me the difference is sort of like in old-school Final Fantasy games, where you’d have these beautiful, atmospheric background tracks for dungeons, and then there’d be the shorter, catchier battle theme.

    A few years ago, I followed a random link to a video where an adorable kitten was licking this girl’s ears. The girl had pink hair, and I was kind of wondering what that was about. After that, I saw a link to a video aptly titled, “How I Dye My Hair Pink.” Excellent! I clicked on it for insight into the hair situation. The pink-haired girl was named Martina, and I really liked her personality and theatrical humor right away. There was an exchange where baby Meemers was climbing up the camera-man Simon’s leg and thought he was pretty awesome, too – especially given that he was willing to help his wife with doing the back of her hair. (Simon, I’ve always really appreciated your willingness at times to ignore the Western box-mentality in regards to masculinity. You’re definitely a dude, but I’ve always really liked and admired that you don’t mind being tender or silly, too. It shouldn’t be something that has to freak guys out so much!)

    Anyway, I started watching you regularly ever since then. All I remember was that the video with G-Dragon where he was in front of the stone wall was the lead for your site. I was interested in other cultures in general, but not specifically Korea. It’s weird because I wasn’t really interested in K-Pop, but I watched all of your Music Mondays. (Though I will admit, I did genuinely like Big Bang’s music.)

    I’ve always been along for the ride because of your personalities. So when you switched away from music to focus more on food and travel, I was all for it. I’ll be around for your further adventures, because I believe in who you are as people, and as a couple – positive, inclusive, and loving.

    Also, you have cute pets. :)

    (P.S. Simon, do you still play Brave Exvius at all? They’ve released Sephiroth and Cloud now!)

    (P.P.S. Martina, thanks for being weird, smart and cool all jumbled together. You are the first person who I felt was like me – a mix of pretty rainbows and edgy black spikes. It made the world seem brighter and a little less lonely.)

    2 years ago
  14. So great and I just love you guys. It’s kind of strange because I feel like we’re friends? Youtube is funny that way. Not sure if you remember an email from so many years ago, but I had found you guys by chance and then proceeded to binge-watch your entire library and then I’ve kept up with you ever since. One of these days, it’s on my bucket list to get you guys to the US to try Maryland crabs. I think you’d love them.

    I think it truly shows in your videos that you really just enjoy what you’re doing and I think a lot of YT content creators have lost sight of that. Many of them have gone down the rabbit hole of views and clicks and think focusing on that makes them successful. The reality is that as a viewer, you stick around with someone because of the quality of their content, how genuine they seem, and what level of engagement you feel. I think a lot of creators got a little lazy in building a quality audience and focused on quantity. It’s those channels that seem to be a bit more cranky than others. They built their channels to be sexy to the casual passer-by. Like a restaurant with a beautiful menu and decor but boring food. People don’t come back because of the decor.

    2 years ago
  15. Guys, I can’t believed I’ve followed you for such a long time! I got into your channel the very week you published your TL;DR announcement video. It was like 7 years, I think! I loved seing you change as I changed, and sharing all the things you wanted to share with us, discovering new things and developping new interests as your channel evolved.
    My favourite memory was your first live chat on that new website called kondoot, I woke up at like 5 am in the morning only to discover the website had crashed because two many of us connected at the same time. We nasties really lived up to our nickname that day, I think ;) It was the first time I felt part of an internet community, and it never stopped from then on.
    Thank you for all those years, and I’m excited to see where you will lead us in the future!
    PS the Spudgy song made me teary eyed! I had no idea you guys were the one who made it!

    2 years ago
  16. I really enjoy videos and blog posts like this because it makes me able to relate to the people I watch on YouTube as people. I know many people just watch YT as a daily dose of entertainment, but I find it much more meaningful to be able to connect with the people behind the camera. I’ve only been a viewer for around 3 years, and I have already been lucky enough to meet the two of you during the Tokyo meetup last year. Thank you for being so inspiring! <3 Y'all reaffirm the reasons that I write my own personal blog in the first place- it's because I enjoy sharing and reflecting on my life experience.

    On a more lighthearted note, you two are really cranking out videos lately, especially with the double bonus videos! Make sure that you two also take a well-deserved break! I'm happy for you two in your YT journey and will support you guys wherever life takes you!

    2 years ago
  17. Its amazing seeing you guise coming so far <3 I change my mindset and attitude somewhat positively towards the world and people from watching you two bundles of positivity and silliness. When you talked about negativity in Internet, I got related so much. But from other domain thou, the domain of real world. Yup, it's not the trolling or hating comments on FB or Youtube that happen to me, but actual human beings with direct interactions. you guise said ignore is the key, but i canot see it that way. Sometimes in certain situation you just cannot ignore the person who talked aka verbally assault right in your face. As a person of socially awkward and not good at expressing myself, confronting those mean ppl is hard (even impossible in some scenarios…). What can I do then when i forcefully got into this kind of annoyance?
    p.s: I'm also live in Asia, but in opposite and lower end of it ;)
    p.s of p.s: you two really got talents in making music, huh? Once I binge-watched your W.A.N.K series and the entrance music stuck in my head like foreverrrrr

    2 years ago
  18. The typos in the last paragraph! “As a question!.. shared to others will less self-control” <3
    I love you guys so much and you've helped me so soo much.. (like currently when I'm having crippling anxiety over my thesis ^^; ). Everything you do, when you tweet (especially when you've liked or answered my tweets @whipishu also known as Nekohi-gh ;P) When you upload new videos! Everything help me remember to stay positive and to build my ladder! I rewatch so many of your videos for daily motivation and just rewatched the TL;DR on Mukbangs to remember why I voted for Martina in the Tuna Tower challenge video XD <3 keep being yourselves and I'll definitely continue following the ride <3

    (Disclaimer if you don't want to read my little rant.. Here it starts xD)
    However, with the algorithm(s), and not really concerning the amount of views. Many very good and amazing LGBTQ+ creators are having their videos be automatically age-restricted and/or demonetized, with on of the trigger words being "trans". This, personally, make me quite angry, as their content is, in my opinion, very important and educational! Moreover, the videos which get ads, get anti-gay ads… This has nothing to do with you guys and even though I'm sure most of the employees at youtube are nice people, I'm very disappointed at youtube for doing this… Especially the fact that this is happening right before, and now currently during, pride month is sickening in my opinion.
    I know that you guys don't stand behind this mindset/opinions that part of google and youtube seem to have, but I think it's important to shed light on it…
    As a part of the lbgtq+ community it's quite hurtful to see us be censored by the same platform which claims to celebrate us..
    Rant end

    sorry for the sad stuff so… um.. I really do love you guys xD Have been watching you for 5-6 years now and as I said before you've helped me so so much <3 Going to hopefully start therapy soon (FINALLY!) And know I'll definitely talk about how you've helped me there xD

    2 years ago
    • Hmm. I didn’t know about the LGBT demonetization issue on YouTube. That totally sucks, I agree. I’d like to offer something that might ease the anger or upsetment a bit, if that’s ok? I think that all the blame for this isn’t just on YouTube. Blame the advertisers themselves.

      Ten years ago, we didn’t want to post our videos on YouTube. We were hosting our videos on our site. But fuuuuuck it got expensive, so we moved over to a free platform to host our videos. Free for us, yeah, but that doesn’t mean it’s free for YouTube. It’s really expensive to host all the millions of videos online.

      YouTube WANTS to put ads on your videos. All of your videos, and lots of ads on them. They don’t want to host your videos for free and get nothing out of it! That’s a shitty business model. Advertisers, however, don’t want to put ads on LGBT videos. They don’t think it’s safe. And it’s shitty of them to think so.

      So YouTube is making it easier for advertisers to choose where to put their ads, and for now LGBT videos aren’t where advertisers want to spend their money. Nor can YouTube make them do so.

      None of this solves your original issue, but it might make you think about it differently. Advertisers are pulling their ads, and then making YouTube out to be the bad guy.

      2 years ago
      • I agree with you 100%, it would just be nice if they maybe looked over the ads they decide to run and didn’t run ads which are anti-lgbt+. This wouldn’t affect the majority of their ads (I presume), if it does then maybe they could make it common-knowledge for creators how to filter out ads on their videos. If advertisers can choose where to put their ads, creators should as easily be able to choose what kind of ads they get.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That’s my opinion and I really hope Youtube will get to work on something like that <3 Because it's an amazing platform just like you said!

        2 years ago
  19. 10 years! I actually cried a little.
    This is 1 of my all (maybe) 5 comments I left you over those years because I always said to myself (nah,next time) and now I realized that my next time is 10 years apart.
    You got me with your Sorry,Sorry video and after that I checked everything u had (loved the korean public toilets video with the hole in the ground – something I will never forget!!!!) and since then – always with you!As you said – your sparkle actually touched a lot of people!Keep having it!
    I wish you guys to be with us for a long time because you make us happy.
    I know there is more people like me that don’t speak,write or say anything but I hope u feel our presence <3
    Love you a lot!

    2 years ago
  20. I love your TL;DR videos. They have always been my favorite and their absence has mostly been why I’ve stopped watching. I’m not asking you to change but if you are ever wondering if you should make more and thinking people don’t like them as much as the $400 toaster (which I did watch because toast is my favorite food) then I’m saying I love them. I especially miss the political and cultural videos explaining why something is the way it is. I know there are other people out there making those videos, but I like the way you do it and your perspective on it. Japan is a land of contradictions that somehow exist side by side. I miss Korea but Japan is interesting too. I loved learning about how your house works, what neighborhoods are like, why it’s so safe. I want to know more about environmental protection efforts, protest culture, changing gender roles, racial tensions, and so much more.

    As I write this I’m figuring out that you do this more on your podcast so I guess I’ll just focus more on that. As a side note, I know I’m not the only one to say this, but I also don’t like the meat videos, so I appreciate that you make it clear in the title so I can just not watch it.

    Anyway, thanks for the work you do to build cross cultural community and understanding. You are making a difference.

    2 years ago