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The Best Sushi in Japan

March 1, 2013


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Ok, so we’re not sure if this claim is true or not. We haven’t had all of the sushi Japan has to offer. I’m sure there’s a guy somewhere that’s better. But, I’ll quantify our claim this way:

A guy we know is a serious foodie in Japan. He’s been to many awesome places. He’s eaten at Jiro Sushi. Yes, that Jiro Sushi. He’s eaten there a couple of times. And he’s eaten at this place we went to as well. He easily, EASILY recommends this place above Jiro.

For starters, Jiro is a 20 minute experience, and then you’re kicked out. Sushisho Masa, though, is a 2+ hour experience. Our friend had friends insist on going to Jiro, which he took them to, and then he took them to Sushisho Masa afterwards, and they were muuuch more impressed with the latter.

So, even though Jiro has more fame and better marketing, it’s not necessarily the best. Not that Sushisho Masa is the best, either. But, if Jiro’s supposed to be the best, and this place is better, then, well, that’s how we make our claim. Sounds convoluted, I know. I just feel like I Bucket Listed “Have Best Sushi” and will convince myself that this is it.

But that’s not a fair thing to say, either, because it makes it seem like this sushi wasn’t phenomenal. IT WAS FREAKING MIND BLOWING. Guise, seriously. This is 100 times better than any sushi we ever had, and we ate boatloads of sushi in our lives. Really, a lot a lot a lot of sushi. But, as soon as we ate this sushi we knew we were ruined. RUINED. We ate sushi a couple days afterwards, in Tokyo, at a place that we would have loved otherwise, but instead we were like “meh. It’s not Sushisho Masa.” Damn! The experience was great at the time, but the repercussions now are decreased appreciation of Sushi :(

Also, this wasn’t cheap. This was the most we ever paid for food ever. Yes, it was a lot of food. I ate till I felt ill from eating too much, and we didn’t even eat everything there. More pieces were to be had. But we had to give up. So, altogether, for the two of us to eat the sushi, and have four bottles of sake (WORD!) and unlimited green tea, it cost $525. JESUS! It’s not a meal we can have every day, or even every month. Maybe every leap year? It’s not even a meal we’d want to eat if we were immensely rich. It’s so good that I can still taste it now, a week later. Damn. My eyes are getting watery thinking about the day. It was phenomenal. Really expensive, but whoa: it’s an experience we’ll never forget.

Side note: I like how our reactions to the sushi are different. I eat the sushi and then gush about it for a few minutes. Martina eats a piece and just stares in silence. Also, sorry about the bad quality! It’s too small to bring in full equipment, and – even then – we didn’t have our full gear with us, because we were in Japan and only had iPhones with us. You can still see the sexiness of the food, though, right?

Anyhow, if you’re interested in going there yourself, you can find more information about the restaurant here. It’s got better pictures and maps and phone numbers and everything. We didn’t get that information ourselves because we were too busy orgasmating over the food to think about responsibly getting the proper information.

Edit: for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to ootoro, and what anime I was referring to, here’s a video snippet of it. Check it out:



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Food Adventure


The Best Sushi in Japan


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  1. Hi Simon and Martina! My fiancĂ© and I will go to Japan for our honeymoon in April (2016) for 2 weeks and we REALLY want to try the sushi here! Simon’s teary eyes after eating the ootoro sushi + “if I eat your sushi will you divorce me” were the key to our decision. We then tried to call the place and use our broken japanese to try and book but they said hotel concierge only. :(

    May I ask how did you guys book it??

    4 years ago
  2. Meg

    Ok so i know this is super late. But I’ve been stuck in bed the last 4 days with the flu (now it looks like pneumonia instead UGH) Anyway, for some reason I decided I wanted to learn about sushi. I watched documentaries on it and read a bunch of articles and from what I understand, Jiro’s is about the food. Nothing else. So a lot of westeners go there and aren’t impressed because their so used to the restaurant eating experience and you will not get that there. Like you said above, you’re there for 20 minutes. But in terms of the sushi it’s the best. It’s a very simple sushi that he perfected and he’s very strict about the quality of fish used. It is also so quick because it’s generally believed that sushi is at its best when served within 5 seconds after its made. But this can be off putting because many people love to be able to sit and chat and drink while they eat and that is not done there. He’s also not considered the best in Japan. Japan has SO many sushi restaurants (like here in the video) and people have so many different tastes that Japan actually doesn’t really call anyone the best. Jiro’s has a bit more fame because it was rewarded 3 stars by the Michelin so it was brought to the attention of the outside world, hence the documentary.

    SO in conclusion. There can be no best in sushi but you can damn well enjoy yourself trying to find. Oh and lose a few bucks to cause the places ain’t cheap!

    6 years ago
  3. Have you tried sushiro it’s in Japan and Korean it’s really cheap 1.00 +tax

    6 years ago
  4. What is the song at 7:01?

    6 years ago
  5. I kept on thinking “Aren’t you two full yet?!” Wow, that was a lot of sushi. They all looked so beautiful. I could see the tears forming in your eyes, especially Simon.

    7 years ago
  6. Heya Towelthief, first of all I’d like to thank you for stating your displeasure here, where we can discuss it, instead of mumbling behind their backs like some people do. ^^b

    Now that I’ve heard your thoughts on this issue, I’ll share mine.

    First of all, I don’t think they begged their fans for all that money. Arguably they might have ‘begged’ for $40 000, but they raised over $100 000, which to me seems to show that at least $60 000 was given out of love and generosity, instead of pity and charity (since they didn’t technically ‘need’ it). For the record, I’ve actually donated money to them long before they even thought about a studio – mainly because I felt it was unfair that I was receiving all this education and entertainment without giving anything in return. Thus, for me, I donated freely because I thought it was due to them, not as a charity. I was paying them for their services, and as far as I was concerned, they could spend that money on anything they liked.

    I can’t speak for the other 1500 people who donated, however. I have heard similar sentiments of wanting to pay for the entertainment (similar to renting videos or paying for cable TV) – but I’d assume most people donated because they felt really needed it, for the studio and such. This is where my next point comes in.

    It’s not as if they used the money donated to eat sushi. In spite of a lot of people donating purely to EYK and not specifically to the studio, S&M did take special care to keep records of all the money spent from the fundraiser, and has a blog specially dedicated to it: http://eatyourkimchistudio.tumblr.com/ From what I see, they’re using the money dotaed towards the studio solely for the studio. They’ve also done what they can to show their appreciation for the people who donated, in the form of perk packages, the Nasty Wall of Fame, having interviews for us to enjoy, increasing the quality of their videos, arranging visiting days, and having fan giveaways. They feel deeply indebted to all the Nasties, and they’ve never ceased to express that. I can’t imagine them being irresponsible with the usage of that money.

    But you know that, right? Am I right in assuming that the issue here is with them using their money for their own pleasures, when they could have used that money towards the studio, instead of asking for the fans’ money? I mean, this is $500 vs $100 000 dollars, but I can see how you could argue that by saving that $500, instead of asking fans for $40 000, they could’ve asked for only $39 500.

    Here’s what I think: It all comes down to our attitudes towards the giving of money. I think this is not a moral issue, but a cultural one. And since you seemed to have mentioned Asia for some reason, let me tell you something – the stigma of using money given to you by other people is largely due to the western culture of independence.

    Warning: Broad generalisations ensue!!

    I’m half Thai/Chinese and half Australian/American, and I’ve also lived in 10 countries which include Asia, Southeast Asia, America, and Australia. From my experiences moving between these various cultures, I’ve noticed that Asians, in particular Southeast Asians, are a lot more open to accepting help, monetary or not. In Western countries, people would rather borrow money from the bank than accept gifts from people. It’s as if, in western cultures, being indebted to someone is something to be ashamed of, whereas in many Asian cultures, being indebted to others is a part of life, and builds a sense of inter-dependence and community. Please correct me if I’m wrong!!

    Now this issue has shown itself in many different forms. For example, traditional family life. Generally, Asian families will completely provide for their children until they get married, whether it be accommodation, food, money, education, toys – almost everything. Children get money packages every year. Western families, on the other hand, will encourage their children to become independent as soon as possible, by getting a job, paying the rent, moving out, and buying all their own stuff. It makes Asian kids seem spoilt in comparison, and a common source of teasing and/or racism in western countries. But it balances out eventually – because Asian children have a responsibility to take care of their parents after they get married. They’re expected to provide for their parents completely, often by living together and nursing for them, and giving a large portion of their income to their parents. Western parents do expect their kids to come visit, but I have not noticed a great demand for much monetary help. Am I right? (being a Eurasian, I happened to get the short end of the deal both ways – not only was I forced to pay all my own expenses since I was 16, I’m also expected to completely provide for my parents. So unfair T_T)

    That’s just the differences in family finances. The attitude towards charity is also similar. I’ve seen many people give money to charity, yet look down on people who receive charity. I know for sure that many people in the country I’m currently in tend to look down on the recipients of government funding. There seems to be an idea that those who are poor are that way because they just don’t work hard enough, and thus are unworthy of pity. I’ve seen people shake their heads at slum-dwellers who use government benefits to buy a mobile phone. Why? Because if you receive charity, you don’t deserve to get anything better than the bare necessities?

    The other extreme is when people really do beg. Yes, i know lots of them – professional beggars, actually. The type that dress in a particular way to attract pity, and stow away the money they get at regular intervals, so it seems that they don’t have much in their bowl. Or the kind that kidnap babies and cut off their limbs and say their child was born that way. Or if they ask for money for a taxi, but instead use it for cigarettes. Horrible right?
    But consider that they were born from a poor, uneducated family, in a country that doesn’t care for the lower class residents. I’m sure you could list 101 better ways to earn money, but could they do the same, with their lack of education? How about you put it this way – that by begging for money, they’re making the people who give them money feel good about themselves. In Buddhist countries, it’s actually taken quite seriously – giving money to beggars is considered virtuous. It would not matter in the least what the beggar does with that money.

    Another issue that I’ve already mentioned earlier is the fact that giving money (not lending) between friends in some cultures is actually considered a way of strengthening bonds. I’ve noticed this a lot in Southeast Asia. If I give you what I have in excess (eg money), you will at a later time, give me what you have in excess (eg have your sons help me move furniture). The money giver is not necessarily of a higher status than the recipient, and the recipient does not think any less of themselves for asking for that money. Also, it doesn’t mean that they absolutely needed that money – they could’ve found a way to earn that money somehow, eventually, if they really wanted to – sold their daughter to prostitution, or something. But what if the friend wanted to give them money? Happily, because they’re friends? Say a person was given money to buy a house, so they used the money to buy a house, and then with their own money, they bought a TV to put in it. If the person who gave the money complained about that – isn’t that really fickle? Do they control their friend’s life, to say what they can / can’t buy? I would be happy for them, that they still had some extra money to get a TV.

    I’m not sure where I personally stand on this issue. I’ve seen it from both sides. I’ve accepted charity and given to charity. I have been hesitant in giving money to people who I know are heavy smokers. I have also received scholarships which helped pay for tuition and accomodation – and then went overseas for my holidays (which raised a few eyebrows). I suppose that compared to you, who I assume has never been indebted to anyone your entire life, I have lived my life entirely dependent on other people. But I’m happy about that, because it makes me more willing to help other people in similar situations, having received similar help myself. That is why I can’t judge S&M for asking for money, nor for using their own money as they please. Because I guess I know how it feels to be on the receiving end.

    Sorry, I guess that ended up as a super long rant ^^;; My main hope is for you to see that different cultures have different values, and what may appear to be undignified for you, may not be for others. Would you still think the same way if you were born into another family?

    7 years ago
  7. OMG! so jealous, i would so wanna go there, especially my brother since he loves sushi!
    and the clip of Ouran High School Host Club!! :D love that anime!

    7 years ago

    That sushi looked amazing though. AH-MAZE-ING.

    7 years ago
  9. I’ve named the bug Murray. In my mind he makes Waldorf and Statler like commentary on all of the videos. I’ll miss him when he’s gone.

    7 years ago
  10. I assume they ordered “omakase”. Which means they left it up to the Chef to make them whatever he thought they would like. He usually makes the BEST of the BEST, like the greatest hits list. And yeah, the bills can escalate very quickly. Typical “omakase” are about 15+ items, up to 50. It is the job of the Chef to know when to stop or the customer to give the Chef notice.

    7 years ago
  11. So bloody jealous right now….

    That delicious Hamachi will be mine one day. Just you wait.

    7 years ago
  12. To tell the truth I was thinking the same thing as I watched, especially since I know the issues with Japan and their fishing industry.

    My island also has a vital fishing industry and we are always reminded about sustainability.

    7 years ago
  13. WANT! TT.TT
    also Martina seems to be a foodie too.. always smelling her sushi before eating it! XD

    7 years ago
  14. T_T i hate you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna eat sushi now!!! TT_TT
    hahaha when Simon said “I have a question. A serious one” i thought he was talking to us nasties!!!

    7 years ago
  15. Super hilarious coincidence? After Simon acts like he’s dying at the end of the sushi vid, the player immediately goes to the scene of Simon “dying” from the vampire in the previous video. You almost think “Well, at least he died happy that he had the best sushi” – LMAO!

    Cyber_3 – is it really a coinkidink?

    7 years ago
  16. That sushi did look PHENOMENAL……

    Since you filmed eating it and put the results up on the site, couldn’t you count at least part, if not all, of the price of dinner as a business expense? I don’t know where you do your taxes, etc. but you could definitely claim that in Canada, probably Korea too.

    Cyber_3 – now pictures Simon and Martina scheming for reasons to go back and eat more…..LOL

    7 years ago
  17. Jiro’s sushi has just got bad service. Especially if you’re a foreigner; I feel that this taints people’s appreciation of the food and dining experience that they had. It’s really hard to separate the two food and the dining experience, especially when you’re paying so much money. You just don’t get the chance to appreciate the food at Jiro’s. I was disappointed when I went there (even though it was damn tasty!).

    7 years ago
  18. damn you guys ate so much!!!

    i love that Simon was about to cry and looked like he was having food-gasms after every single piece…

    that said, i can totally understand your feeling. i’m sure a lot of people think you’re over-reacting but i’ve had super awesomely amazing sushi once in my life, it was a tiny place near tsukiji market and i’ve forgotten the name, and it was about 100$ for a plate of 10 pieces of sushi. fuck me. but yeah, best sushi of my life and it wanted to cry. lol.

    i’ll keep this place bookmarked for when i win the lottery! lol.

    7 years ago
  19. And I’m sure they saved up for that. Nobody blows 500$ on a meal by accident. Their friend no doubt told them how much it was.

    7 years ago
  20. Well now I’m craving sushi and the closest sushi place is an hour away.


    But seriously, that stuff looks amazing and I’m glad you had such a wonderful meal. There was a restaurant/bar/club thingy I used to belong to back when I was really hardcore into J-Rock and Vizzie Kei and they had the most AMAZING white fish carpaccio that I can still taste seven years later. It is amazing and it haunts my dreams. That and the emu salad. Soooo delicious! I’ll have to save up my money and plan a trip to Tokyo and make a reservation there.

    7 years ago
  21. … Not fair guys. Not fair at all.

    50, 000 yen? Wow. I have never had a meal that expensive before, but I am not that surprised. Reminds me if when my friend wanted to have dinner at Morimoto and told us 6 months in advance so we could save. I still couldn’t afford it.

    7 years ago
  22. Uploading this just before dinner time, what are you trying to do to me?!?! hahaha I really want Sushi now.

    7 years ago
  23. Btw Simon and Martina, I live in a town that has like 2 tiny Asian groceries, and not a single decent Asian restaurant.


    7 years ago
  24. It took me ages to actually find the courage to try sushi – and then it ended up being terrible (yeah, my friends didn’t choose the best place to introduce me to sushi) – so I have never tried it again. But this video, this video makes me believe that perhaps I should…maybe, one day.

    7 years ago
    • Sushi, prepared correctly and made fresh, is absolutely divine. I don’t want to fan push (because I hate that) but I highly recommend you give it one more shot, especially if your friends made a bad choice for an introductory meal. But that being said, sometimes you just don’t like stuff and that’s cool. Good luck if you give it another shot!

      7 years ago
  25. Craving sushi so much now… O_O
    But holy cow, $500?! For only two people? That’s just, whoa. O.o
    And that sushi looked so shiny~~ It’s so awesome that you guys got to see them make the wasabi on the spot too! :o

    7 years ago
  26. There’s a place in Houston,TX (USA) that my dad (a food lover) always claimed was the best sushi in the city and it costed $100-$300. we went there every time there was a special occasion. it’s funny because the sushi guy there actually MENTIONED THIS PARTICULAR PLACE before! he said, “if we ever go to Japan go to THIS place~ it’s the best!” ahhhhh and now ya’ll talk about it too adksjdksad now i know for sure when I go to Japan, I’ll bring enough money to go eat here. My mouth is watering soooo much watching ya’ll eat this. Thank you so much for this video!

    7 years ago
    • Ok i just googled it (bc i had forgotten the name- it’s been 4 yrs since i lived there) and it looks like they FINALLY moved locations…. bc they aren’t in the area i remembered anymore. (they were hidden in a small, not to known plaza for years and were trying to move to a new location for a while and it looks like they finally succeeded! XD)
      i’ll ask my dad if he can tell me where the new name and location is.

      7 years ago
    • Oh yea i found that out after googling more info~ ^^ Thanks! XD

      7 years ago
  27. So there was a gnat or something that kept walking on your lens I kept thinking in was on my screen and kept trying to flick it away. well played.

    7 years ago
  28. over 500 dollars for sushi?????? MY GOD

    7 years ago
  29. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAH o_O As in, like 50 000 yen? Goodness and I thought 1000 yen meals were expensive.

    I don’t think I’d try even the most delicious sushi in the world for that price. I could buy a second-hand car with that much money ._.

    When I lived in Japan, I had a staple diet of 2 onigiri per meal…….

    7 years ago