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The Most Awkward Questions Our Students Ever Asked

December 16, 2011


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So, here’s an interesting question that someone asked, about interesting questions that we’ve been asked:

What are the weirdest questions that your students have ever asked you?
jobellebelle, Singapore!

Now, we wish we can say that there were some profound questions that we were asked by out former students, something that, in their curiosity, revealed to us an aspect of Korean culture that we hadn’t seen before…but I think we kind of already shared the more interesting questions in our “TL;DR- What South Korean students think of North America

So now you guise are stuck with the awkward stuff. The kind of special memories and special moments teacher have that can be awkward stories to tell other people, but other teachers understand what we’re trying to say. So, we don’t want to ruin the surprise in the video, but we’ll give you a hint:

Martina’s question was about the real meaning of “magic stick” and “lollipop” as found in a song. Yeah. She kind of panicked. And Simon’s was in a similar field, but we’re starting to think that someone was dared to ask Simon that question…

Now to be clear, these are not common questions (although Martina did get a lot of questions about the meaning of slang used in English songs) but just really memorable ones for us. I guess this is kind of a light and fluffy TL;DR! YAY! Something light and fluffy was needed this week…like…a giant pink unicorn toy. <---clearly Martina typing So after you watch the video and witness our awkward moments, we'd love to hear your awkward stories that you've had with students (or maybe even younger siblings?) Both Simon and I are the youngest children so we'll have to hold our sisters/brothers back from spilling any embarrassing stories about us. *Martina's eyes narrow...put that family picture album away....



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The Most Awkward Questions Our Students Ever Asked


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  1. I was in a really embarrassing situation 3 years ago.

    I was with a friend, walking on the street. We were going to eat pizza, around 8 or 9 pm. And then i saw a shop, still open.

    So i said out loud :” that’s funny, why is this shop still open ? I wonder what they are selling, we should come in ! “.

    My friend looked at me really awkwardly and started laughing at me . I asked her what happened. Still grinning, she said that it was a sex shop, but if i wanted to enter i could ! Was as pink as a flamingo

    Ahahahah Good time !!

    8 years ago
  2. My funny story: My husband and 4 yo went to the zoo with her grandparents. Apparently the male lion was sprawling and letting it all hang out. Hours later, she’s telling about the trip and she’s like, “and the Lion had 3 penises.” So my husband to explain the rest of the male anatomy to her.  A fairly well informed 4 yo is a source of lots of interesting conversations :)

    when i found out the lyrics for BigBang’s Lollipop pt 2, I always wondered if the same innuendo was common in Korea, ’cause the English translation sounds REALLY dirty and the video is all fluffy  innocent.

    9 years ago
  3. ROFL, this is the funniest one lol, “Whats your size?” lol the best question evar to ask your english teacher lol…

    9 years ago