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The Truth About Real Kobe Beef

December 9, 2018


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Here it is folks.  The low down.  The truth.  If you want to eat Kobe Beef, you might be getting ripped off.  We’ve seen lots of imitation Kobe Beef, so here we’re laying out, in very fine detail, what makes Kobe Beef.  In order to be certified Kobe, you must be:

  1. Tajima Cows grown in the Hyogo Prefecture.  Anything outside of those rules won’t be Kobe Beef.  Like Champagne.  If you grow those grapes anywhere outside of Champagne, it won’t be called Champagne.  And the same is said of Kobe Beef.  
  2. Even if it is a Tajima Cow grown in the Hyogo Prefecture, it might not be approved.  Some cows don’t make the cut.  And it’s not even based on size, as some cows that grow too big are denied certification.
  3. If you’re certified by the Kobe Beef association, you will receive a bronze statue.  Not the people that grow the beef.  They’re not the ones that get the statue.  The restaurant gets it.  That’s the proof.  If you see that statue in the restaurant, you can be more assured.
  4. Every piece of Kobe Beef has a certificate and a unique number.  You can ask the restaurant for their certificate, which will tell you the name of the cow and its dates, and if you’re still skeptical you can enter the number on this site.  

Sure, some of this seems really overboard, I know, but we’ve just seen a lot of restaurants advertise Kobe Beef and tricking people into paying premiums for something fake.  So, if you’re hesitant, I hope this video kinda helps.  Or if you’re serious about food, you should definitely try some good real Kobe at least once in your life.

I know this sounds like an ad as well, especially because this video was sponsored, but we’re not overexaggerating.  Hey we had the same reactions our first time having Kobe Beef years ago, and that video wasn’t sponsored. Still, Kobe Beef is crazy delicious.

If you’re looking for a bit more silliness, we have a pretty decent set of bloopers this week, because it felt like we were making the same mistakes in both restaurants.  Ha!



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The Truth About Real Kobe Beef


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  1. Hello,
    Loved the video. I am going to japan soon is it possible to have the address and name of the two locations you filmed in the video. I want to try the Kobe beef . Do you still pick Akita beef over Kobe?

    Thank you,

    2 years ago