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A Guide to Tokyo DisneySea

November 6, 2018


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Happy Halloween everybody! Though this video is a few days late, the spirit of the season is still around! Just not in Japan. The DAY after Halloween in Japan all of the decorations are down and Christmas decorations are up. They even started playing Christmas carols, on the first of November! Something about that seems wrong, just wrong!

But for Halloween, from here on out, we’re going to either DisneyLand or DisneySea. It was perfect! We went to both a couple of years ago in the summertime, and the heat was oppressive and unenjoyable. But this time of year, the temperature is just starting to go down, not to the point of being cold, but fresh and maybe brisk. Midweek the crowds are smaller yet still somewhat busy, and right around Halloween people start wearing costumes that are just AMAZING. I saw some videos of what Shibuya is like during Halloween, and it’s a hot mess of huge crowds and Don Quixote onesies. But in DisneySea, people were wearing some really impressive outfits, so much so that we weren’t sure if they were staff or not.

It was a great experience, not just for us who have already been, but also for Dan who has little joy for such things, yet he had a lot of fun here, too. The rides aren’t as thrilling as the super steep and super fast rides in other amusement parks, but DisneySea has a great feeling to all of it. Waiting in line is a treat – odd, I know – but there’s so much happening around you that you can’t help your eyes from hunting around the room for details. The Indiana Jones line had Indy’s desk; the Tower of Terror had many statues and lights and just overall neat stuff. And when you’re walking from one place to another, from Americaland to Little Mermaid’s room to wherever, there are countless places for you to stop and stare. It’s a great experience all around. 5 out of 5 will do again, especially this time of year!

We’ve got some photos we shot from the day, if you’re interested.  We only got to shooting still at night, when we should have shot some during the day.  Ah!  Next time:

If you want to see some more of the specialty food items, we tasted the Gyoza Bun in the extra scenes below!




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A Guide to Tokyo DisneySea


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  1. I really enjoyed Disney Sea when I went last September because to me it’s one of the most unique Disney Parks I have been to. I also enjoy how the parades are on the lake and river – allowing you to still be able to move to your desired destination. In early September their Halloween season started and I didn’t know until I saw all the cosplays. First one I saw was a Kingdom Hearts group – Sora, Donald and Goofy and they were amazing. I definitely want to go during Halloween in a Disney costume and have fun running around the park. What was the character you saw most people dress as? When I went it was Jasmine because it was still warm and I have realized Jasmine is a really popular princess (at least among my students).

    11 months ago
  2. Next on my future trip to japan, visit Disney Sea!
    I just ordered the new merch, help I have a problem, I can’t stop myself from buying them :D :D :D

    12 months ago
  3. I have been to USJ in Osaka but never to Disney as you guys well know I hardly go to Kanto region. This video has made it my main goal to visit Disney Sea sometime.

    12 months ago