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The Tower of Tuna Challenge

May 25, 2018


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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another TWO VIDEO WEEK! Two videos, one week. Hell that feels good! Hopefully this won’t be followed by a two week absence from videos. We’ll try our best to keep the videos coming. For now, though, let us bring you over to Shizuoka City and show you what the Tower of Tuna is like.

If you’re reading this, by now you’ve probably seen the video, and if not….SPOILERS BELOW! STOP! STAWWWP! GO WATCH IT!



So you know Martina won the challenge, which just…just absolutely shocked me. She’s been losing a lot of weight lately, and her appetite isn’t as voracious as it once was, so I thought I’d have this in the bag, especially because I’m actually TRYING to eat more than usual so I can build more muscle. Hell, every morning I eat two hard boiled eggs and two cans of tuna, and every lunch I have greek yoghurt with soy milk and protein powder. I’m on a protein binge, so heaps of tuna should have been PERFECT for me. But my strategy was off. I underestimated my tiny opponent, and spent a lot of time talking with you, our lovely audience, while Martina took advantage of my blathering to down the tuna at a blistering pace. I couldn’t mount a comeback. I won’t make the same mistake again. FUUUUCK that. Next time we do one of these videos it’ll be wordless as we’ll both snarl and eat like animals. I won’t be shamed again!

But it wasn’t just for the tuna that we went to Shizuoka City. We also checked out S-Pulse Dream Plaza which is like a mall meets a food court meets a market hall meets a town square. They have this big area dedicated to just dozen and dozens of bizarre and delicious Shizuoka brand sodas. If knew about that place beforehand, I would have wanted to shoot a video there!

It also has a small sushi museum, where Martina learned how to make nigiri after we toured the museum, and I killed three people for trying to eat my ice cream! Three! Don’t touch my green tea ice cream.

Shizuoka is actually famous for its green tea, and I’m trying to get more into it because its not a super sweet flavour, which is great for my current palette. Let me tell you, getting it in ice cream format is very good. Those are two bonus videos for our main video, so you can check those out there :D And maybe…just maybe…you found our extra extra extra secret bonus video ;)

I realize that our little runway section in the middle might be confusing to a lot of people if you don’t watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Instead of me telling you what it’s about, let me just say WATCH RU PAUL’S DRAG RACE! It’s great! We tried explaining what it was to Dan and Shiro (Shiro is one of our co-workers at Breaker and we made him drink the shrimp soda haha) and they were a bit confused. I don’t think it’s something you can watch snippets of. You just need to fully invest yourself in it. Hell, a new episode came out today so as soon as we’re done our first stream of comments we’re gonna watch that episode. VANGIE!

Anyhow, if you’re interested in checking out Shizuoka City, we really liked Kashino Ichi Market. The website is in Japanese so here is a google map link to the fish market. It’s located near the Shimizu harbour (where we saw the cruise ship pull in) and it’s like a one-minute walk from JR Shimizu Station (East exit).

We went upstairs for the Tower of Tuna, but they had many other restaurants there with tons of other challenges. Dan and Shiro had a mega tuna nigiri piece, and we saw huge Chirashi Sushi challenge as well, among others. There were claw machines for fish merch as well, and just…it was a really fun place. If we lived in Shizuoka City we’d be eating there DAILY.

Also, I’d like to thank Shizuoka City for bringing us over and for sponsoring this video. Not only because they sponsored the video, but also because they let us do what we’re comfortable doing: finding random things that inspire us, and shooting the fun stuff as it happens.

I remember when we were in Korea a popular prefecture wanted us to shoot a video with them but wouldn’t let us script our own course. It would have been a super lame and boring video, and so we didn’t go through with it despite the fact that they would pay us. We both felt like we couldn’t just force ourselves to make a “fun” video for you all when our hearts just weren’t in it. But Shizuoka City was totally ok with us coming to their city and letting our inspiration guide us. They told us about their fish, we found out about the Tower of Tuna, and we were thrilled to try that out. And when we saw their Shizuoka shirts and mountain hats, we knew we had to shoot something ridiculous with that. Bless them for not being freaked out. It was as enjoyable as a sponsored video could go, and we’d love to go back to Shizuoka one day and show you more of what they have.

If you’re looking for some more laughs, we’ve got a whole mess of bloopers, right here!



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Food Adventure


The Tower of Tuna Challenge


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  1. Those damned crab machines are rigged!!!!!!!! XDDD I kind of feel like I’m getting 4, maybe 5 videos for the price of one here, are you sure that you guise are slowing down?!!!! LOL! What a freaking hilarious Martuna and Salmon challenge video! It may have been a sponsored video, but it certainly didn’t feel out of character at all, I’m glad that you enjoyed yourselves. The runway moves were on point XD! You just need Colin Mochrie narrating now! Matcha ice cream is surprisingly delicious, but trust me when I say, it’s better just once in a while, you can get tired of it pretty fast (ended up with 5 gallons in my freezer at one point, had two bowls only). Dan, always nice to interject a third player – I’m just sorry that you’re so camera shy now because of all the Nasties overwhelming you with their admiration XD Martina, that sushi chef gave you a raw deal (eheh), his wet hands made his rice stickier and your gloves not only kept the rice dry, but they have an “anti-stick” coating (for in the box) that worked against you as it got on the rice the more you handled it – I believe in your sushi-making skills!!!! Lately with the videos and podcasts, I feel like you guise are more energized, like when you first moved to Japan – keep that mojo going! You’ve energized me to get out and garden – thanks for the awesome amazing video(s) :) Made my Friday!

    2 years ago
  2. Where did you guys go to do the challenge? I kind of wanted to try this challenge because I am in love with tuna.

    1 year ago
  3. Simon and Martina! I just made this account for your blog, but I’ve been watching your videos for a few years. I’m visiting my obachan in Osaka and I was wondering if you had any good recommendations for eating out? Don’t worry I’m not asking you to plan my trip- just wondering if you had a few names of good places. :) Thanks! <3 Lots of love.

    2 years ago
  4. Hi :)

    Can you tell me the restaurant’s name?!?

    2 years ago
  5. YAAAAASSS Drag Race references! If you both were “up for elimination” does that make the Tower of Tuna your lip sync for your life? If so Martina, chante you stay. Simon, I am sorry but it’s time for you to sashay away (from the tower of Tuna)

    2 years ago
  6. I knew Martina is going to win!

    2 years ago
  7. This really makes me wanna visit Shizuoka :3 Watched all of the videos (including the extra extra ;) ) and it seems like such a lovely place! Have only visited Tokyo since both times have been through studies (last year through university and the time before that with a language travel thing) But I would really love to see more of Japan!
    Also I would NEVER EVER EVER be able to eat that much XD but it looked so delicious and good job Martina ;3 I knew you would win!

    2 years ago
  8. Thanks to you guise, now I need a tako-head hat AND a mountain hat! ;)

    2 years ago