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Upcoming Jens Lekman Concert in Korea

November 7, 2008


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**Note: this post is now over two years old. Jens Lekman isn’t coming to Korea now. Sorry!**

The two of us are pretty big music buffs, and we’ve been a little upset that we haven’t been able to attend any concerts here in Korea. Luckily, we stumbled upon a concert that we’re sure to attend: We don’t know how many of you are Indie Music fans, but Jens Lekman is coming to Hongdae on November 29th. Here’s what we know, from Last.fm:
Who: Jens Lekman
What: Playing Music
Where: Ssamie Space, Hongdae, South Korea
When: Saturday, November 29th, ???PM
Why: Because he’s awesome.

The cost of admission we don’t know. Supposedly we’re just supposed to pay at the door instead of buying tickets. If anyone plans on going leave a comment or contact us. We don’t know much more about the event because we just found out about it today. If anyone else has more information, let us know. Otherwise, we’ll keep those of you interested up to date whenever we find more information about this, and we’ll surely post videos of the concert after we’ve gone.



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Upcoming Jens Lekman Concert in Korea


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  1. Ha! This is from something like two years ago, I think :D

    If you’re interested in other indie bands coming to Korea, I'd check out http://www.supercolorsuper.com. They bring cool people to Korea to play cool music.

    10 years ago