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Vote for How to Dance Kpop Style 2011

December 11, 2011


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Hey guise!

So, if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you might have seen that we were asking for beta testers for a new page we were working on. Well, finally, it’s live and ready to go!

Here’s the deal: we never actually pick who we’re going to review for Music Mondays. We leave that up for all of you to vote on. You’d vote on our old request page, on Twitter, and on Facebook. Problem was, we had to count all of these votes ourselves. The Facebook poll was easy to count, but our request page? Holy snap. Please take a look at what we were dealing with before:

Old Kpop Music Monday Request Page

Check this out

Also, people would complain if, say, we reviewed a video that didn’t win on Facebook, and they would accuse us of cheating. Well, as you can see, there are tons more votes via our Request page. But you couldn’t see the votes that we saw. So we decided to change that.

Enter this new project. Voting will now be transparent. Basically, you vote by clicking on the thumb up. It’s that easy. If you’d like to vote more, then your Facebook Likes, Tweets, and Google +1s all add to the tally, as well as comments. Engage with the video as much as you can if you want it to win for Music Mondays. The page has an algorithm that tallies a bunch of different factors into ranking the hottest Kpop videos out there, and we determine that based on your interactions.

For now, we’re starting off by testing it out for How to Dance Kpop Style, 2011. Vote away! Voting Ends December 19th. SHAZAM! Once we’re finished that, we’ll start using the page for our Music Mondays and K Crunches. Woot!

Also, we mentioned in the video that we want to encourage good comments to the videos, rather than spammy McSpammersons trying to get their videos to win. We’ll ban spammers that try to vote multiple times in the comments. If you’re worried about the comment policy, don’t worry. You’ll know if you’re spamming, and so will we. For our good commenters, we want to give away Three CDs for How to Dance Kpop 2011. We’ll look at the comments from the top three videos that win our poll, and we’ll mail out CDs to the people who – we think – made the best comment in each. Let us know what you think of the song, dance, video, whatever. We encourage you to engage with the video and with others :D

This is a sucky comment.

This is a sucky comment.

One of the main reasons we made this chart is also because we want your voice to be more accurately reflected. For example, a lot of people have complained that U-Kiss hasn’t won any awards on any music shows, and – really – we’re surprised by that as well. Based on the responses we’re seeing, U-Kiss is insanely popular on our site and with international fans. But it doesn’t seem like the international fans’ voice really counts in the music awards shows, and that’s too bad. So our page is a step away from those charts. We’re looking at YouTube videos only, and how much you engage with those videos, not how much Korean people engage with the videos via Korean media sites. Sounds fair?

Another reason we made the page: we know that some of you aren’t really into Kpop as much as some diehard fans, and voting might not be something you’re that interested in. But, from time to time you might feel the need to brush up on what’s popular in Kpop. This page can still do that for you. We’ll display the top 60 videos of the moment. Watch them all on that page, come back next month if you need to brush up again. Yeah!

Lastly, this is still a work in progress. We plan on adding a lot more functionality to it in the future. For now, though, we think this page is gonna be pretty cool. If you’ve got any feedback, we’d love to hear it. You might find some bugs if you’re using older or less popular browsers, but nothing crippling, we don’t think.

Yeah! Let us know what you think, and get voting!



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Vote for How to Dance Kpop Style 2011


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  1. Whoops.

    8 years ago
  2. Something is wrong with your vote tracker for kpop charts. Yesterday Mona Lisa had way over 1000 votes and were like #8. Last night they dropped down to 5 votes.Now they only have 938. Please fix this.

    8 years ago
  3. waee…why MONA LISA from no 7 (1073 votes) when i left 4hrs ago and now  reduce to 931 votes????????? what happens??????? now i can’t see where’s Mona lisa??

    8 years ago

    8 years ago
  5. AA – Because I’m Crazy
    Troublemaker – Troublemaker
    MNAME – Message
    Girls’ Day – Twinkle Twinkle


    8 years ago

    8 years ago
  7. Martina what happens to MONA LISA votes…from 1000> yesterday..and now <938?? what was that..plz fix this…

    8 years ago
  8. mmmmm i vote for super junior’s Mr.simple and 2NE1’s I am the best brown eyed girls’s cleansing cream :D

    8 years ago
  9. Wow you guys have really outdone yourselves! This voting system is truly amazing. I don’t know how you created it, but it’s awesome.

    Keep up the good work! I’d imagine that the KPop industry will soon be using you to promote their songs (if they aren’t already haha).

    Love you guys :3

    8 years ago
  10. Super Junior – Mr. Simple

    Well, someone needs to review this dance ‘deeper’. the chorus part may look easy but if you look the entire image, you’ll meet complicated moves and whatnot s: SOO I want some people to stop complaining because SM still gives SJ decent choreography

    Troublemaker – Trouble Maker

    im not even a fan but I SWEAR they got the chemistry and hyuna doesn’t seem slutty, in fact I think she looks super hot here without trying too hard. The choreography may be sexually suggestive, but still within appropriate limit (well different ppl different limit) but yeah A MUST REVIEW! (:

    8 years ago
  11. UKiss Neverland ! Bang your Bongo’s !!

    8 years ago
  12. There is a flaw in the voting system. By refreshing the page, I can vote for a video again and again. Just to let you know >_<

    8 years ago
  13. 1. Tick Tack U-KISS
    4.2ne1 I AM THE BEST

    8 years ago
  14. u-kiss’s tick tack n infinite’s be mine

    8 years ago
  15. I tried to post a video and it said it was already posted, but I can’t find it. :(

    8 years ago
  16. Okay, You know what? I shall give my top 10, since I got confused and I thhought y’all were using the Kpop Music Mondays thing for deciding the vids for THIS….Yeah I am a cunfuzzled little child…sorry.
    1. Tick Tack U-KISS
    3. 0330 U-KISS
    4. I’ll Be There Boyfriend
    5. Keep Your Head Down TVXQ
    6. Be My Baby Wondergirls
    7. A-CHA Super Junior
    8. Mr. Simple Super Junior
    9. The Boys SNSD
    10. I Am the Best 2NE1

    This is not really in the order I really I rank it in…but it’s the order that I remembered it in…sooo yeah. I dunno how to rank dem!! Me sowee…they’s just too gud. 
    Hab a berry gudnite. I shall dream of sexy kpop idols, traffic signs, odd suit prints that should be for a carpet or a sofa, some1 blowing my mind and giving me Fociacca sammies, things blwing up, Flaxston Ave, Mordney….BROHOHO…and possibly having a nightmare about Simon doing Boyfriend’s I’ll Be There dance that starts at 1:43 in the mv. Thass all. KTHNXBAI.

    8 years ago
    INFINITE – Nothing’s Over
    INFINITE – Be Mine
    INFINITE – Paradise
    Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker
    HyunA – Bubble Pop
    4MINUTE – Heart to Heart
    4MINUTE – Mirror Mirror
    BATOOST – Fiction
    G.NA – Black & White
    T-ARA – Roly Poly
    T-ARA – Cry Cry
    KARA – Step
    SISTAR19 – Ma Boy
    f(x) – Pinocchio (Danger)
    f(x) – Hot Summer
    missA – Goodbye Baby
    MBLAQ – Mona Lisa
    Orange Caramel – Shanghai Romance

    8 years ago
  18. Thank you! this new feature is amazing and easy to use! I bookmarked it so that whenever I want to listen to a plethora of kpop, I got it all in one place!

    8 years ago
  19. Aight so I’m not one of these international fangirls that seem to be the majority of the people here (1. I’m not a girl 2. I’m not an idol fan 3. I’m Korean), but no one said people like me couldn’t vote.
    My suggestion would be BTD by Infinite.
    Infinite is famously known for their perfectly synchronized dancing; thus I believe many people would want to be able to dance like them. In any case, the song itself is well made and Woolim Entertainment posted a practice video of the dance online so I thought it was perfect for this.

    8 years ago
  20.  Infinite – BTD
     Infinite – Be Mine
    Teentop – No More Perfume On You
    B2st – Fiction
    Ukiss – Neverland
    Suju –  Acha
    Suju – Mr Simple
    T-ara – Cry
    2NE1 – I Am The Best
    SNSD – The Boys
    MBLAQ – Mona Lisa
    Inspirits,Angels,B2utys,Kissmes,ELFs,A+,Sones HWAITING!!! <33 ^^
    I think i have too many biases X)

    8 years ago
  21. SISTAR- so cool!SISTAR19- ma boy!!
    BLOCK B- freeze!
    DBSK- mirotic
    DBSK- purple line
    C-real- no no no no no no
    U-KISS- binguel binguel
    U-KISS- man man han ni
    oh and of course….
    RaNia- DR. FEEL GOOD!


    8 years ago
  22. GD&TOP-knock out <3
    BIGBANG-Tonight <3
    2NE1-I'm the best <3

    8 years ago
  23. I agree with patche cruz
    I have been a fan of tvxq for generations

    8 years ago
  24. DBSK/TVXQ’s Mirotic/Purple line/”O”

    8 years ago
  25. I’m not going to be biased,  here are my opinions ;

    Infinite ; Be mine / Paradise / Before the Dawn / Nothing’s over 
    U-kiss ; Neverland / 0330 / Tick Tack
    B2ST ; Fiction
    Teen top ; No more perfume on you / Supa luv
    B1A4 ; Beautiful target / OK
    HyunAh ; Bubble pop
    Super Junior ; Mr.Simple
    2ne1 ; I am the best

    I’m a sone but SMENT lacked SOOOOOO much with everyone’s comebacks. -__________-“”
    And I don’t mind if U-kiss or Infinite wins. Both of them have great songs. But because Infinite has more songs, they go first

    8 years ago
  26. The best k pop video to be right at the TOP of the chart is any video with T.O.P. lol ^^ no one can dance better than choomTOP hehheh XD

    8 years ago
  27. My top 10

    1.Super Junior – Mr simple
    2. T-ara – Roly Poly
    3. f(x) – danger
    4. Miss A – goodbye baby
    5.SNSD – the boys
    7. wondergirls – be my baby
    8. tvxq – keep your head down
    9. 2pm- hands up
    10. kara – step

    8 years ago
  28. Okay I just want to clarify something here. First of all that spam comment WAS NOT ME. So please stop bombing my inboxes. My Disqus account got hacked by some random bored annon. So stop accusing me of spamming eatyourkimchi.com And A) I do not spam because I  have a life and is too lazy going around spamming peoples wall B) My account got HACKED C) I did not come into this page yesterday =.= I only went into The kpop crunch, IU’s music monday. Not this page. So stop bricking me. I only got my account back this morning =.= Goodness you people like to accuse people before assessing the whole situation =.= 

    So while I am here… I am going to vote :D {And this time it is ME not some random hacker that stole my account =.=} Simon and Martina I hope you now realize that the previous spam comment was not me ^^ 

    1. JYJ – Get Out 
    2. TVXQ – Why? Keep your head down
    3. 2NE1 – I am the best
    4. Super Junior – A-Cha
    5. Sistar – So cool
    6. Miss A – Goodbye baby
    7. MBLAQ – Mona lisa
    8. Sistar 19 – My boy
    9. Ukiss – Neverland
    10. Infinite – Paradise 

    8 years ago
  29. Male: Super Junior <3
    Female: 2ne1

    8 years ago
  30. Ukiss Tick Tack! and B1A4 Ok or Beautiful Target

    8 years ago
  31. MYNAME – Message…..coz..the dance is like legit.

    8 years ago
  32. I have to say, even though I am a huge fan of MBLEAST and TeeNfinite, UKISS deserves this more than anyone else. they have improved this year by a gajillion fold, starting with the gorgeous 0330, the intense shut up, the MAD CATCHY NEVERLAND ALBUM THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY, and finally the tick tack mv that is a wonderful combination of kpop and jpop in high quality and beautiful video production and amazing choreo for al the above.

    8 years ago
  33. Keep Your Head Down By TVXQ

    Now i was very worried when i heard of YunHo and ChangMin coming back as a duo much as i was when JYJ debuted as a trio. But i was very impressed on how well the song, dance, and video was done. Not only was there crisp, clean,amazing dances that we are used to when it comes to TVXQ but the outfits suited them (well the black ones did…the owl couch outfits were something YunHo and ChangMin said “Heck no!” too). They showed the Kpop industry that even though 3 members are missing they are still as good and great as they were when they were five members. Though besides the horrible owl couch outfits, my only other complaint was that ChangMin didn’t get a more epic power. I mean YunHo got fire and ChangMin got….light?

    8 years ago
  34. the songs i like:
    f(x) – dander & hot summer
    boyfriend – dont touch my girl & i’ll be there
    snsd – the boys
    sj – mr simple
    girls day – twinkle twinkle
    IU – you&i
    miss A – goodbye baby
    Beast – fiction
    sistar19 – ma boy & sistar – so cool
    orange caramel – shangai romance
    wonder girls – be my baby

    8 years ago
  35. b2st – fiction fighting

    8 years ago
  36. I think there’s some bugs in the charts because I see 2 Facebook icons but only one of them has numbers. However, neither of them have a pop out or can be clicked. The same goes for Google+. Hope you fix that soon. :)

    8 years ago
  37. simonandmartina i have a query, is it ok if the song isn’t even in korean? and that some of the songs are ballard/ band songs which don’t have a dance in ti becuase i thought it was ‘how to dance kpop’ not jpop or ballards on rock songs

    8 years ago
  38. wondergirls – be my baby

    8 years ago
  39. what happened to the votes for mr simple on this i swear there were alot more votes, simonandmartina please sort this out thank you

    8 years ago
  40. TVXQ – Keep Your Head Doooooooooooooooooooooown !

    8 years ago