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Vote for How to Dance Kpop Style 2011

December 11, 2011


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Hey guise!

So, if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you might have seen that we were asking for beta testers for a new page we were working on. Well, finally, it’s live and ready to go!

Here’s the deal: we never actually pick who we’re going to review for Music Mondays. We leave that up for all of you to vote on. You’d vote on our old request page, on Twitter, and on Facebook. Problem was, we had to count all of these votes ourselves. The Facebook poll was easy to count, but our request page? Holy snap. Please take a look at what we were dealing with before:

Old Kpop Music Monday Request Page

Check this out

Also, people would complain if, say, we reviewed a video that didn’t win on Facebook, and they would accuse us of cheating. Well, as you can see, there are tons more votes via our Request page. But you couldn’t see the votes that we saw. So we decided to change that.

Enter this new project. Voting will now be transparent. Basically, you vote by clicking on the thumb up. It’s that easy. If you’d like to vote more, then your Facebook Likes, Tweets, and Google +1s all add to the tally, as well as comments. Engage with the video as much as you can if you want it to win for Music Mondays. The page has an algorithm that tallies a bunch of different factors into ranking the hottest Kpop videos out there, and we determine that based on your interactions.

For now, we’re starting off by testing it out for How to Dance Kpop Style, 2011. Vote away! Voting Ends December 19th. SHAZAM! Once we’re finished that, we’ll start using the page for our Music Mondays and K Crunches. Woot!

Also, we mentioned in the video that we want to encourage good comments to the videos, rather than spammy McSpammersons trying to get their videos to win. We’ll ban spammers that try to vote multiple times in the comments. If you’re worried about the comment policy, don’t worry. You’ll know if you’re spamming, and so will we. For our good commenters, we want to give away Three CDs for How to Dance Kpop 2011. We’ll look at the comments from the top three videos that win our poll, and we’ll mail out CDs to the people who – we think – made the best comment in each. Let us know what you think of the song, dance, video, whatever. We encourage you to engage with the video and with others :D

This is a sucky comment.

This is a sucky comment.

One of the main reasons we made this chart is also because we want your voice to be more accurately reflected. For example, a lot of people have complained that U-Kiss hasn’t won any awards on any music shows, and – really – we’re surprised by that as well. Based on the responses we’re seeing, U-Kiss is insanely popular on our site and with international fans. But it doesn’t seem like the international fans’ voice really counts in the music awards shows, and that’s too bad. So our page is a step away from those charts. We’re looking at YouTube videos only, and how much you engage with those videos, not how much Korean people engage with the videos via Korean media sites. Sounds fair?

Another reason we made the page: we know that some of you aren’t really into Kpop as much as some diehard fans, and voting might not be something you’re that interested in. But, from time to time you might feel the need to brush up on what’s popular in Kpop. This page can still do that for you. We’ll display the top 60 videos of the moment. Watch them all on that page, come back next month if you need to brush up again. Yeah!

Lastly, this is still a work in progress. We plan on adding a lot more functionality to it in the future. For now, though, we think this page is gonna be pretty cool. If you’ve got any feedback, we’d love to hear it. You might find some bugs if you’re using older or less popular browsers, but nothing crippling, we don’t think.

Yeah! Let us know what you think, and get voting!



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Vote for How to Dance Kpop Style 2011


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  1. 2NE1’s Can’t Nobody, for sure!!! 
    Thanks for keeping life entertaining. I look forward to the new videos! :) 

    8 years ago
  2. Wonder Girls- Be my Baby

    Without a doubt the most catchiest, makes-you-wanna-dance song I have heard all year!

    8 years ago
  3. MA BOY by SISTAR19. Come on. the body wave is legendary.

    8 years ago
  4. There is too much for me to choose, since i basiclly love everthing kpop :) but if i had to choose the songs that really impressed me this year or i really loved, i would say…
    – Infinite’s Be Mine (i love this song for so long and the dance is amazing! =D)
    – Infinite’s Paradise (i really love songs from Infinite, theyre an awesome group)
    – Beast’s Fiction
    – B1A4’s Beautiful Target
    – U-Kiss’s Neverland
    – JYJ’s In Heaven  (a beautiful song, i really loved it)
    – IU’s You and I (love her! the MV had really good detail, which was beautiful!)
    I wish i could have chosen amost every mv in 2011 but these are the ones from the top of my head right now. There are probably more that i can’t think of right now, but i hope this will be enough. ^^

    8 years ago
  5. Hey guys~! Personally Imma say that Beast’s Fiction dance was amazing because it was so different from other Beast dances. Also the break up of each member’s solo was nice, how one guy would stand out when it was his turn and the other were in the background as well as how they didn’t keep the same transition. And Infinite’s BTD and Be Mine, though they fall into Infinite’s norm, totally deserve to win as well because they’re performances are always powerful and make me want to dance EVERY TIME. Teen Top’s Don’t Spray the Perfume was cute and jump inducing and well played out with the song. 2ne1’s I am the Best kicked most songs ass because it doesn’t have a complicated dance but it still emits charisma~! U-Kisses Neverland and Tick Tack have a nice icy and dance heavy feel which I like as well c: Jay Park needs an award, you guys can’t deny his r squared pi~! IU’s You and I was the cutest dance ever but not completely stupid haha it was a cute and nice dance c: Love is Move by Secret is extremely addicting and totally deserves to win as well! OMG so many good dances! MBLAQ! OMG. Why doesn’t MBLAQ deserve to win for Cry, Stay or Mona Lisa? Because all three of those dances kick ass. Yes. Each one is different and fits the mood of the song perfectly. Cry is a artsy dance to go with it’s ballad mood. Stay is a popping dance to go with the beat and Mona Lisa is totally inspired by it’s spanish flair c: Apink’s I don’t Know and BEG’s Sixth Sense were a refreshing bunch of dances i wouldn’t mind if they won either c:~ OKAY I TOOK UP ENOUGH SPACE~!

    8 years ago
  6. teen top – no more perfume on you, cuz it’s the most non-understandable mv of the year :)

    8 years ago
  7. Double A- So Crazy
    U-Kiss- Neverland
    Block B- Tell Them
    U-Kiss- Tick Tack
    Teen Top- Don’t Spray Perfume

    8 years ago
  8. Hey, also, I wanted to let you guys know that, for some reason, the YouTube views aren’t counting for U-KISS’ Neverland video, but they are for all of the other ones. Glitch?

    8 years ago
  9. MBLAQ-Mona Lisa 
    B2ST- Fiction

    8 years ago
  10. Infinite – BTD? if not, anything Infinite?! I’ve watched their dances hundreds of times and I regret nothing.

    8 years ago
  11. 1. SNSD – The Boys
    2. T-ara – Cry Cry
    3. Infinite – Paradise

    8 years ago
  12. 1.MBLAQ-Mona Lisa
    2.UKISS- Neverland

    8 years ago
  13. JYJ – Get Out
    TVXQ – Why – Keep Your Head Down
    2PM – I’m Your Man (does a japanese single count????)

    8 years ago
  14. 2NE1- I Am The Best
    T-ara- Roly Poly
    Ukiss- Neverland
    B1A4- Beautiful Target
    Secret- Shy Boy
    Infinite- Be Mine
    Super Junior- Mr. Simple

    8 years ago
  15. For me, I think B2ST’s Fiction takes the cake for song/dance of the year. Yes, I’m a huge fan of all of the YG artists, but their new songs just reinforced that. With B2ST, I’d heard of them, even listened to a couple songs of theirs, but had never pursued them. That is, until I listened to Fiction. I was so mesmerized that I started listening to everything they’ve put out. I’ve been so blown away by the tracks on their Fact or Fiction album that I have to wonder why I never listened to them seriously before! They’ve since become one of my favorite KPop groups, and really it’s all because you guys reviewed their video and I got interested. So, thank you, Simon and Martina, for introducing me to the B2UTY of B2ST.

    8 years ago
  16. Sam

    2NE1- I Am The Best
    Brown Eyed Girls- Sixth Sense
    T-ara- Roly Poly
    Wonder Girls- Be My BabySuper Junior- Mr. Simpleb1a4- Beautiful Target
    Hyuna & JS- Trouble Maker

    8 years ago
  17. SNSD-The Boys
    JYJ-Get Out
    JYJ -Ayy Girl
    TVXQ- Before You Go

    8 years ago
    UKISS – 0330

    Every Kpop Fans Should Really Take A Look At All Their Recent MVs . Dance Moves & Music In Tick Tack & Neverland Are Really Catchyy While 0330 Is Sth Lykka Ballad . Hardcore KissMe Here ;)) Hehe :D

    8 years ago
  19. Double A!!! Woosang’s hip thrusts and body waves are better than even the females >_<

    B1A4 Beautiful target
    BEAST Fiction (no idea how much I practiced this)
    Tara- Rolly polly
    Wonder girls Be my Baby
    TVXQ Keep ur head down and Before you go (the dance version is so HOT! )
    super junior Mr Simple (so fun to dance to)
    ummm…I forgot the name. Yesterday by the guy from SS501 and his suspender dance. 
    Kim Hyun Joon breakdown 
    Mis A goodbye baby

    These are only the ones I can remember, lol.

    8 years ago
  20. JYJ -In Heaven because even tough i’m not a JYJ fan i still cried while watching the video…
    I literally started crying when i saw the girl crying TT.TT sobs…

    8 years ago
  21. 1. Infinite – Be Mine, because it’s their first song that brought them #1
    2. Infinite – Paradise, because it’s a thank you from the bottom of their hearts to us Inspirits.
    3. Infinite – Come Back Again, it’s their debut song and because of this song, I fell in love with them. Everything started with it.
    4. Infinite – BTD, it’s just a plain sick choreography and a very catchy song. Everything blends in and fits in, making a whole great and epic piece of music.

    Okay, now you can obviously see that I’m an Inspirit but that’s how my heart feels and how I judge it. I don’t say that other artists don’t deserve to win anything and I don’t say that Infinite deserves this more. Everyone wants their favorite idol to win. That’s fine. I hope that Infinite will be in the charts! I sincerly wish for them to be in them, from the bottom of my heart and I really recommend to listen to Infinite’s – White Confession/Lately. It has both Infinite’s style and Christmas tune in it. :))

    LOL too Infinite-biased..nah. whatever flows in the wind :D

    8 years ago