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How To Dance Kpop 2010 MV Teaser

November 17, 2010


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It’s almost that time of year again. Your birthday? Nope. Christmas? Nope. You know what we’re talking about. Last year we did How to Dance Kpop 2009 and the year before we did How to Dance Kpop 2008. Since March we’ve been hearing people asking for a new version. And now that the end of the year is approaching, we’re going to start filming for it.

However, there seem to be a heap-load more songs this year than last year. Soooooooo….we need your help so we can choose the most memorable performances of the year! And remember, “memorable” doesn’t necessarily mean the best band or the one with the biggest fan group screaming for it. We’re looking for the dances that defined 2010.

Vote here for the artists you want to see. You can vote for up to three different artists.
Voting will end December 13th, and our full How to Dance Kpop 2010 video will be released December 27th, so mark the date!



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How To Dance Kpop 2010 MV Teaser


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  1. Hoot!
    Good girl bad girl!
    Run devil Run!
    Bbiribbom Bberibbom!
    I My Me Mine!
    I Go Crazy Because of You!
    Nu Abo!
    Magic girl!
    Chitty chitty bang bang!
    2 different tears!
    Can't nobody!
    I'll be back!

    10 years ago
  2. Wasn't Magic (by the girl group secret) this year too? I definitely remember seeing Daesung dance to it on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook…

    10 years ago

    10 years ago
  4. i love bonamana and Lucifer

    10 years ago
  5. Martina's eyes look gorgeous here~!!!!

    10 years ago
  6. Picking three is too hard!!!

    10 years ago
  7. The first video I ever saw from eatyourkimchi was the How to Dance Kpop 2009. I can't believe its been almost a year since I've been following your blog. ^.^ I am really excited to see what you guys do! Go SHINee, 2pm, and Kara! <3

    10 years ago
  8. I know Super Junior's Strong Heart Logo Song wasn't on the charts or anything but seriously, wouldn't it make great material? It's silly and funny. XD Here's a link to Donghae introducing it on the show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5lqTIJlfa4 Look out for 1:42-1:46 Hehe.

    Omg but why could we only vote for 3? T_T Too hard to pick

    10 years ago
  9. You really need Hyuna's Change up there!!! I want to see you guys pelvic thrust.

    10 years ago
  10. Could you maybe add Magic Girl by Orange Caramel? That dance got pretty popular (:

    10 years ago
  11. SHINee-Lucifer
    2NE1-Can't nobody
    SNSD-Run Devil Run

    10 years ago
  12. Only three! I wanted to pick all of them. >.< Well, I'll be anticipating! ^^ Have fun! :D

    10 years ago
  13. OMG! You should definitely do Hyuna's Change!!!! The pelvic dance was sensational in Korea!!

    10 years ago