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We Are Going Behind the Scenes of U-Kiss’ New Music Video

August 11, 2012


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So we have some very exciting news for all the Kissmes out there! We just got invited to film behind the scenes at U-Kiss’ new music video! Holy cow those guys are STILL working really hard, and I’m personally wondering if this might be the last music video we get to see AJ in before his hiatus from the group while he studies in University.

As well as filming behind the scenes, we get to interview Ukiss AND they’re giving us autographed CDs to give away to our viewers! EXCLAMATION POINT!!! This will be the first time that we get to see what the making of a kpop video is actually like! I have so many questions, like: how many times will Ukiss have to re-film until the final cut is chosen? Will the director be yelling out instructions behind camera, like “MORE EMOTION, MORE SADNESS!!! YES YES!!!” Will there be unicorns farting out marshmallows for all of us to enjoy? That last question might never get answered.

Anyhoo, rather than just asking what we want to know, we’d like to know what you guise want to ask U-Kiss. Leave us your questions in the comment section (either in our blog post or on youtube) and if you want to, include your name and country so we can let the boys know who’s asking!

Oh, and another thing. Although we’re going to film this music video next week, we won’t actually be releasing our video until U-Kiss releases their video. We obviously don’t want to be giving away top secret behind the scene video footage, so the release date of our video is kind of unknown for now. It’s so mysterious…and exciting!

Lastly, since we’re gonna be giving away awesome autographed U-Kiss CDs to you awesome people, make sure you’re subscribed to us on YouTube, and that you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. We like giving CDs to people who follow us. Yay!

If you haven’t seen it before, here’s our first chat with U-Kiss well over a year ago, where AJ calls us out for making fun of his R Squared Pi line. Ha!



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We Are Going Behind the Scenes of U-Kiss’ New Music Video


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  1. I just have a question for Kevin and Eli, and I’m just wondering if, when it is just the two of them off camera, if they speak English to each other, or if they speak Korean.
    Thanks! I’m Emily from Green Mtn. Falls, Colorado :)

    8 years ago
  2. U-KISS members have shown to have great charisma, on stage and on the small screen. Any chance that we will soon see the guys demonstrating their acting skills again (ehem..Eli)? Will UKISS participate on any other reality shows? Oh, and most important, why was Tick Tack taken off of the U-KISS youtube page???!!! Wae? It’s such an awesome video!
    -Rosario, (twitter: LookOutWrld2016) P.S. please come to south Florida, USA

    8 years ago
  3. >>Are there any future plans for a US tour? (If so please be sure to come to central US!)

    for AJ:: Do you have any worries about going off to college?
    for Soohyun:: When did you know that you wanted to be a singer?
    for Kevin&Eli:: What was it like coming to Korea from the states? Was it difficult at all to get use to the different customs?
    for Hoon:: Was it difficult at all to fit in with the group when you first joined? 
    for Dongho:: Do you get teased at all by the older members or are you usually the one teasing them?
    for Kiseop:: Which do you think is stronger for you; singing, or dancing?

    [Jordan from Oklahoma, US]

    8 years ago
  4. My questions for U-kiss~

    1. Which sunbaes from the kpop music industry do you respect?

    2. Do you have any plans on debuting in America?

    3. Is there a possibility U-kiss could release a song in English?

    4. For AJ- Any worries leaving the U-kiss members and South Korea to attend Columbia?

    5. If you had one day where no one recognized you, how would you spend it?

    6. What’s your biggest goal/wish for U-kiss? Achieving #1 on a music program? Or an infinite amount of love from fans?

    Thank you! <3

    Name: Amy Wu

    From: Fairfax, Virginia

    8 years ago
  5. 1. Are you guys really close?
    2. Do you guys stay together 24/7?
    3. Where do you usually buy your clothes?
    4. Do you have a girlfriend?
    5. AJ : What is x² + y +8 [(x + 2y ² = a-z] + 2x ³ + (- 2z = 2. 4) + 10y – 5Z ³ x 0?
    6. Kevin : Have you ever considered modelling  bikinis? LOL… and where do you buy your clothes?
    7. Dongho : Do you consider yourself cute or manly or childish?
    8. Soo Hyun : Do you consider yourself the greatest leader in the world?
    9. Kiseop : Have you ever tried carrying Dongho?
    10. Hoon : Where did you get the idea of HoonMorning?
    11. Eli : Did you notice your name is ELIphant? (cause you can make elephant sounds)
    12. Who hasn’t got their driver’s license?
    13. Have you ever got your first kiss? (I know Kevin had… sorry)
    14. What age would you guys want to get married?
    15. Dongho : Why is your ideal type always changing?
    16. Can I get the CDs please???????????? ^^
    17. What do you want to do right now?
    18. Can you make more reality shows about yourself? 
    19. Who is the most annoying member?
    20. Which member has the most money in his wallet?
    21. Who is the most forgetful member?
    22. How do you guys feel if you win an award? What is your reaction?
    23. Do you like to watch cartoons?
    24. What is your favourite drama?
    25. If you were to be a girl, who would you date? 
    25. Fist impression of each member?
    26. What colour underwear is everyone wearing right now? 
    27. Who is the messiest member?
    28. Who is the loudest member?
    29. Who is the cleanest member?
    30. Who is the first to wake up in the morning?
    31. Who is the last to wake up in the morning?
    32. Which member cares for his looks the most?
    33. Who is the most innocent member?
    34. Can Eli and AJ have a rap battle?
    35. Can Kevin and Dongho have a girl dance battle?
    36. Who is your best friend? 
    37. Kevin : Have you ever got angry? 
    38. Which member likes to show off?


    39. Are my questions too much?
    40. Can you bring Spudgy?

    THANK YOU ^^ 

    8 years ago
  6. For all of U-Kiss: How do all of you feel about fans romanticizing  your friendships with each other? Does it make you uncomfortable or bother you? 

    8 years ago
  7. Posted These on Youtube, but wanted to add some more. :)

    1. If/When you guys visit your hometowns, what’s your family and
    friends’ reactions like versus what you expect from them? Do your
    friends like to show you off?

    2. You’ve done multiple interviews, so which questions get tedious,
    and which questions never get old? What’s the most memorable interview

    3. What’s the recording process like for music programs? (Because I’m such a techie. :P)
    4. How’s your relationship with production staff members?
    5. What’s one thing you can’t leave home without, excluding cell phones? 
    6. Fill in the blank: I’m currently listening to _________.
    7. What will the transition to colder weather mean for the members? Changes in routine/special precautions?
    8. What other group’s song would you like to sing/perform?

    Aaaaaaaaand that’s it for now. xD


    Li from Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

    P.S. If one of my questions was used, can you mention the city? I’m looking out for a certain reaction. ;)

    8 years ago
  8. Allana Q. From California asks, what’s the funniest misunderstanding you’ve had as a group?

    8 years ago
  9. Ask them to teach you the Doradora “reverse hump” dance. Then you can do it as professionals! Jasmine from California, USA

    8 years ago
  10. My questions for U-kiss~

    1. Which sunbaes from the kpop music industry do you respect?

    2. Do you have any plans on debuting in America?

    3. Is there a possibility U-kiss could release a song in English?

    4. For AJ- Any worries leaving the U-kiss members and South Korea to attend Columbia?

    5. If you had one day where no one recognized you, how would you spend it?

    6. What’s your biggest goal/wish for U-kiss? Achieving #1 on a music program? Or an infinite amount of love from fans?

    Thank you! <3

    Name: Amy Wu

    From: Fairfax, Virginia

    8 years ago
  11. Oh my gosh, you have no idea how jealous I am of you guys meeting U Kiss again. They are my number one k pop band and it’s my dream to meet them, too bad I live in Toronto tho. Kpop bands never comee to Canada :'((. Anywhoooooo,
    Question 1: Would you ever come to Canada? And if you would, which town? ….TORONTO….. (:
    Question 2: Do you ever regret becoming an kpop star? If yes, why?
    Question 3: Would you ever date one of your fans? Why or why not?
    Question 4: How often do you see your family?
    Question 5: Would you ever make a music video with your fans in it?
    Question 6: What is the funiest moment you guys have had as a band?(:

    I LOVE YOU GUYS, and please come to Canada you would make my life. It can be my graduation gift(:

    ^^ Josée, from Toronto Canada.

    P.s Simon and Martina since we are from the same country and same town. I feel like we need to stick together and REPRESENT!^^ Hehehe your videos are amazing, and everytime I watch them my day gets a little bit better.

    Thank youuuuu~

    8 years ago
    • god feel so left out. im just 40minutes outside of toronto. I really gotta move aha.

      8 years ago
  12. Hi!!!!! 
    My Name is Sheyla and I’m From Colombia
    U-kiss came here to have a fanmeeting and to have a presentation at 40 principales concert and It was just awesome!!!
    I would like to know what future plans they have and iwhat were their impressions of my country when they got here…Also if they enjoy all the presents we prepared for them?
    Thank you so Much!!!
    I would like them to come here again!!! 

    8 years ago
  13. My Question for U-Kiss: (might seem kinda lame, but I’m just curious)

    Do you guys come to the States and, if so, how often do you come? If you do it to perform concerts…I need to find a way to get tickets! (^^)  (P.S. I love you guys! Your hard work and determination inspire me so much in my songwriting!)

    *BTW: Simon and Martina, you guys ROCK! :) 

    My Name: Mishea’la (pronounced Mish-ee-A-luh) Russell
    City: Lookout Mountain, Georgia

    8 years ago
  14. to u-kiss:
    can you marry me? all of you? at the same time?<3

    love, maryam from texas

    8 years ago
  15. Simon and Martina – can I ask YOU a question instead – how would you like to hire an assistant that would work for free? Muahahahaha!

    Anyway, here’s my question for U-Kiss

    Hot on the heels of your Japan tour, you’re now filming a new MV, ie. no break at all. If and when you finally get a proper vacation, where would you like to go? And with whom? 

    Originally from: Singapore, but currently residing in South Korea 

    8 years ago
    • I’d like to work for Simon and Martina too! Their jobs are so UH-MAZING!!! ^^ Great minds think alike!

      8 years ago
  16. Mariana from Chicago IL

    How many kids would you guys like to have in the future?
    I would love to see Soohyun’s ageyo. Please:)
    I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

    8 years ago
  17. i’m raghad from saudi arabia !!
    i want you to ask u kiss are they remember the the kbs arab interview !!
    the arab kiss me always watch it !!
    my main questions is ..
    what is the thing you won’t forget it from fans and the other members !!
    and if they could change somthing in ukiss what they will change !!
    what theres ideal type !! and what the will do if they fall in love !!
    can you make aegyo battle !!
    sorry for my silly language -_- and my much questions !!
    fighting ukiss !! and fighting for you guys !! ^^

    8 years ago
  18. Okay….. Just two questions and I think a lot of KISS MEs will agree with: 1) When do you plan to visit America and do a tour? and 2) Is there anything you would like to say to the American KISS MEs?

    8 years ago
  19. Questions for UKISS:
    First off, you guys are amazing  for working so much.
    (it’s so amazing~ I’m going crazy~)
    1) I was wondering what you guys have thought about your crazy schedules and have they ever made you want to quit?
    2) For every album that you guys release do you feel that you grow in anyway whether it be in musical talent, time management, handling stress, etc. etc? 
    3) It seems from the previous interview that you guys watch Simon and Martina’s videos so I was wondering which UKISS song they’ve reviewed was your favorite.

    Melissa from California

    8 years ago
  20. this question is for Eli and Kevin
    ” what was it like transitioning from american lifestyle to Korean lifestyle, and do you think it was harder or easier for the transition due to the fact you have korean heritage?”
    Dakota from USA Denver CO

    8 years ago
  21. 1. If you didn’t become an artist, what everyday occupation
    would you have liked to do?
    2. What did you want to be when you were younger?
    3. if you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?
    4. what do you hope for in the next few years?
    5. What places or countries do you hope to travel to? And why?NZ?

    6. If you could kiss any other celeb in a movie, who would it
    be? why?

    7. Could you spill out the member ‘s  bad qualities or habits?or any funny/embarrassing stories?

    All the way down south NZ [new zealand~!]

    8 years ago
  22. What do you think of Simons this is mordney presant act
    My name is candy and I’m from London

    8 years ago
  23. 1. What are your favorite snacks/junk foods to eat?
    2. Are there any special items that you request to have in your dressing rooms? What are they?
    3. Tea or coffee?
    4. Who snores the loudest? (if anyone snores)

    -Jenna L.
    Wisconsin, USA

    8 years ago
  24. OMG OMG OMG, my dreams are coming true!! I need those CDs sooo bad now!
    Sarah from Sydney, Australia:
    Q1: You guys traveled to places like France, Columbia, Japan. Is U-kiss ever coming to Australia? There are soooooooooooo many dieing fans here to see you guys, including me!

    Q2: Since Kevin, Eli, AJ all speak English fluently (and help the other members with English), Are you guys planning on making a debut song in America? If you haven’t already… and if you had, what’s the title?

    8 years ago
  25. This question is for Hoon:

    You never talk much in interviews, so we don’t know much about you! Could you share one interesting fact about yourself with us?

    Emma and Lauren, USA

    8 years ago
  26. Okay, my questions:

    1) Do you guys know Turkey? And do you guys know that you have fans in Turkey?
    2) This is for Kevin; can you choose one between the members? I’d be so happy if you choose Eli (Elvin shipper here..)
    3) What’s your favorite pairings that fans made for you?
    4) Do you guys read fanfictions?
    5) Do you guys know what’s yaoi? (lol)
    6) Eli, are you planning to go back to Tumblr?
    7) Are you guys planning to have Tumblr accounts?
    8) SooHyun, KiSeop, Hoon and DongHo, are you planning to learn more English?
    9) Do you miss KiBum and Alexander?

    Dee, from Turkey
    And thank you Simon and Martina!! :)

    8 years ago
  27. What is one thing you want to do before you die?

    ~Caitlin from Minnesoa, US

    8 years ago
  28. Do you have any input for your MVs or is it all up to the director/company? I ask this because you watch Simon and Martina’s reviews and we all have noticed a lack of a home for you all in the MVs the’ve reviewed… And if you could, what would be the theme for one of your many awesome songs without MVs, such as Te Amo or  When love stops? (This is of course an individual answer kinda of question.) I love you guys…U-kiss Fighting!!
    Name: Maria S. from USA

    8 years ago
  29. Do any of you have any hidden talents?  What are they? 

    -Jenna L.
    Wisconsin, USA

    8 years ago
  30. Natalia from South America
    Many fans want to know if you guys need a place to live in this music video… Don’t be so homeless!!
    Just kidding, you guys have time to spend with family, go out and live a normal life? It is very difficult to to dedicate his life to the fans and to the music? How is to be superstar?Do U-KISS know they have fans from places very far as South America? Almost across the world!!!
    We love You guys!!
    OBS: And ask for Dongho stay away from the bathroom with Eli! :D

    8 years ago
  31. Question: What is the thing that annoys you the most? Jessica from the states!

    8 years ago
  32. What artists do they respect and who do they listen to?
    Also, please ask AJ why he decided to go to university and why he chose Columbia?
    I’m so happy that yall get this opportunity! :D U-Kiss all seem so nice too.from Marisol (like mah-dee-soul), Texas, USA

    8 years ago
  33. Hi this is Kiara from Connecticut in the US and these are my Questions for U-Kiss:

    1. In the past 4 years, do you think your skills and talents have improved, both as a group and individually?
    2.  Are there any goals you guys are hoping to achieve, both as a group and individually?
    3. Are you guys planning to expand your music overseas by doing tours throughout North America?

    For AJ: Do you plan to update fans during your studies at university, via: Twitter or a Vlog?

    8 years ago
  34. Q: How would you introduce yourselves to people just learning about KPop?
    Q: How much input do the members have in the development of the group’s concepts?
    Q: What has been your favorite concept/music video/song?
    Q: What’s the craziest experience you’ve ever had with a fan/fangirl/fanboy?
    Q: What’s the best/most memorable experience you’ve ever had with a fan?

    Emily from Wisconsin, US
    UKiss fighting! please come to Chicago!

    Thank you, Simon and Martina! You’re awesome :D <3 

    8 years ago
  35. Hello! My question for Ukiss: Do they know Puerto Rico? Will they make a concert here sometimes? These guys have fans here too ^^ I hope Simon & Martina can ask them my question <3

    Name: Marlene
    Location: Puerto Rico :)

    8 years ago
  36. My questions for U-Kiss:
    1. For AJ: How did u aced your SAT’s?? HOW?! xD
    2. For Kevin and Eli: what do you guys miss the most in the states??
    3. Who would you guys think would would get married first?? and why?
    4. Whats your advise for people who are thinking of entering the kpop music industry?
    5. Whats your favorite choreography ever?
    6. What is your ideal girls?
    7. What is your favorite EYK moments??
    8. Would you consider dating non- korean women (or men….hey JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE!) and what nationalities would they be??
    9.  What language do you want to learn?
    10. What did you guys originally wanted to be before being an idol?
    11. What instruments can you guys play?
    12. Can Kevin ever get mad??
    13. Whats your favorite foreign movies?
    14. what kind of pets do you wish to have?
    15. Who can handle their alcohol best and who doesnt??
    16. What car do you wish you can have?? (for me its an ferrari 458 or a porsche carreta GT :3 yeah im a proud car girl xD) do you guys consider motorcycles?? (i like the look of the ferrari v4 and the 2011 Honda CBR2550R)
    17. Which country do you want to travel most and why??
    18. hidden talents anyone??
    Pauline from New Jersey 

    8 years ago
  37.  I want to know: as a group what is the most memorable or impacting experience you’ve had on your journey; either positive or negative. 

    Who is or was your favorite artist?

    And personally, what is your favorite song to sing.

    8 years ago
    • Hmm… I think I would want to know what Simon and Martina’s answers for these questions too.

      8 years ago
  38. My questions for U-Kiss

    1. Who are some of their influences for wanting to become singers?
    2. Their first impression of each other?
    3. Which member would they date?
    4. Which member could most likely go solo?
    5. Their view on the Hallyu Wave.
    6. Do they own any pets?
    7. Their motto in life.
    8.The funniest moment they ever experience in the group and from fans.
    9. Can each of the members give AJ encouraging words before going off to college?
    10. What other idol groups does U-Kiss like?
    11.What idol group each member would like to be in if they weren’t in U-Kiss?

    Last but not least

    Ask them to promote Eat Your Kimchi to all the other idol groups :)

    Name: Quin

    From: Memphis, Tennessee, USA :D

    8 years ago
  39. 2 questions for UKISS: (1) When it come to hair color, do you guy get to pick out which hair color you want? (2) I know UKISS is really busy. So instead of asking for a UKISS concert, can you guys just do a “FAN MEET” in California (in “Power Balance Pavilion”)?  One last thing, UKISS FIGHTING!

    8 years ago
  40. Hello . I am Karolina from Poland .
    I would like to ask U-kiss about many question. 
    At first. : 
    1. Do you ever argue with team members? why and with who ?
    2. Have you ever wanted give a Europen tour concert ? Where? 
    3. Which songs they love to singing the most and why?
    4. What’s is them dream?
    5.What is your type of girl?
    6. Who is the most sensitive boy in members ?
    and if it possible could u Ask them to say hello or sending grettings from Poland to them? I would like to send them all love from Poland.
    And to Kevin woo.
    1. Have you ever wanted to be an actor?
    2. What is your type of girl? 
    and Please. I would like to send him the most biggest greeting from me cuz i am his big fan. Could u ask him to say Hello Poland or Kocham was. it would be so cute .. 
    I hope you will ask my question for them and ask them to say sth to Polish fans.

    8 years ago