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We Are Going Behind the Scenes of U-Kiss’ New Music Video

August 11, 2012


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So we have some very exciting news for all the Kissmes out there! We just got invited to film behind the scenes at U-Kiss’ new music video! Holy cow those guys are STILL working really hard, and I’m personally wondering if this might be the last music video we get to see AJ in before his hiatus from the group while he studies in University.

As well as filming behind the scenes, we get to interview Ukiss AND they’re giving us autographed CDs to give away to our viewers! EXCLAMATION POINT!!! This will be the first time that we get to see what the making of a kpop video is actually like! I have so many questions, like: how many times will Ukiss have to re-film until the final cut is chosen? Will the director be yelling out instructions behind camera, like “MORE EMOTION, MORE SADNESS!!! YES YES!!!” Will there be unicorns farting out marshmallows for all of us to enjoy? That last question might never get answered.

Anyhoo, rather than just asking what we want to know, we’d like to know what you guise want to ask U-Kiss. Leave us your questions in the comment section (either in our blog post or on youtube) and if you want to, include your name and country so we can let the boys know who’s asking!

Oh, and another thing. Although we’re going to film this music video next week, we won’t actually be releasing our video until U-Kiss releases their video. We obviously don’t want to be giving away top secret behind the scene video footage, so the release date of our video is kind of unknown for now. It’s so mysterious…and exciting!

Lastly, since we’re gonna be giving away awesome autographed U-Kiss CDs to you awesome people, make sure you’re subscribed to us on YouTube, and that you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. We like giving CDs to people who follow us. Yay!

If you haven’t seen it before, here’s our first chat with U-Kiss well over a year ago, where AJ calls us out for making fun of his R Squared Pi line. Ha!



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We Are Going Behind the Scenes of U-Kiss’ New Music Video


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  1. Ah~ hope u’ll read it! >____<`
    YEAYYYYYYYYYY~ ___< **
    Again- Really TY!! <3
    I'll die from happiness if u'll ask them this!(and I think all the kissme's will~)
    LOVE U&U-KISS!!~~ <3

    8 years ago
  2. hi,i’m ninis from Malaysia.i wanna ask all of the u-kiss members,when they would like to get married?at what age?and will they still be doing music activities after they get married?thank you :)

    8 years ago
  3. Questions!!

    1. Can they give a shout out to Arab Kiss-Me’s? Just say “Kiss Mes, Min-hib-kom ik-theer!!” (the ‘th’ sound is like the one used in the word ‘three’) The shout out means “Kiss Mes, we love you a lot!!” It would mean the world to us Arab Kiss Mes!!2. Now that they can date (it’s actually been a while since this was put into place) have any of them dated? Or are any of them currently dating?
    3. Who are the closest members in the group? Any best friends within the group, or does everyone have bff’s outside of the group?
    4. If a foreign fan came to Korea, what food would you suggest for them to eat?
    5. What kinds of things (food, items etc.) do you wish foreign fans to bring? Chocolate? Teddy Bears? Country specific things? KETCHUP? *cough cough HOON* We want you to have everything you desire that we can give!!
    6. Favorite songs? Tell us your favorite songs ever-they can be Korean, english, whatever, I’m curious!!
    7. CHOPSTICKS OR FORKS. This will most likely be pointed towards Kevin, Eli and AJ :)
    8. Best and worst part about being maknae? (Dongho<3)
    9. (Soohyun) How different is it being the leader? 
    10. idk…tell them that we love them lots and lots and lots and we want to love them forever and ever!! 

    My name is Sundos (soon-dose) Alhayek (al-ha-yik)
    I'm from Oregon-in the US! And I'm 17 years old!!

    8 years ago
  4. My Questions!

    U-Kiss, what do you think of Simon’s  and Martina’s “homeless” comments about your videos? How much input do you have on the making of the videos, and do you envision having more control in the future?

    Courtlyn from Alaska

    8 years ago
  5. Stephanie D from Washington USA
    If U-Kiss had the option to revisiting an old music video set which one would they pick and why?

    8 years ago
  6. my questions for ukiss.
    TO SOOHYUN:  What was your happiest moment in life?
    TO KISEOP:  who is the most closest member to you and why?
    TO KEVIN:  Name some of eyk’s video you have watch.
    TO DONGHO:  who is your ideal type? :)
    TO AJ:  How do you feel when you first move into U kiss?
    P.S. can you bring spudgy and meemersworth?? or maybe just spudgy?? Kevin when be so excited!!~
    MY NAME: Daniel Nguyen

    8 years ago
    •  4 – Yes, that’s why Kevin has walked up to Simon and Martina. 5 and 6 – answered to this one hundrets of times -_-”’

      8 years ago
      • Lol, Its not your interview. :)

        8 years ago
        •  LOL, yeah, true. But it’s silly to ask about something you already know :) just saying. chill out~

          8 years ago
      • 1.well I”m asking the WHOLE group not just kevin, and of course everyone knows that, but some people might want to know bout the others:) thanks for feedback tho

        8 years ago
        • oh~ ok. Good luck with your questions :)

          8 years ago
    • OMO I LOVE QUESTIONS 5,6,8,10, Soohyun’s question, and Dongho’s Question :D ESPECIALLY 8~!!!!

      8 years ago
    • Great questions! :)

      8 years ago
    • WOAH u pretty much done all my questions Lol

      8 years ago
  7. ~edited :$~

    8 years ago
  8. Here is my question for U-Kiss :

    Which member makes the more NG when they film their music video ? 

    From : Tiphany (pronounced “Tiffany”) from France

    8 years ago
  9. This is for all of them :)
    Are you thinking of having a debut in the states? You know making an english single ?
    and when are u coming back to the philippines ? and tell them I want to say thank you to all of them that they were the reason for giving kpop a chance thanks

    8 years ago
  10. Courtlyn From Alaska

    U-Kiss, How do you feel about Simon and Martina’s “homeless” comments about your videos? Do you have any input in the making of the videos? Do you want to have more control of your videos in the future?

    8 years ago
  11. Hah i should be asleep right now xD but nope
    hmmmm..i can’t think of anything D: uhhhh…
    my questions for U-Kiss are:
    1) Is there anything(object or habit) that you can’t go through a day without?
    2) Among all the members, who are each of you the closest to?
    3) Would you like to come to Toronto? (:

    Fatima N, Toronto,Canada ((:

    I want to squeal if I hear my name x))
    Rbdjhwjibbwjs and I want the album >A< another to add to my collection ♥

    8 years ago
  12. Nat

     Question: Your songs have helped Kissmes around the world with their struggles. When you are feeling down, who inspires you to stay strong and keep going?

    – Natasha H. (California, USA)

    8 years ago
  13. Are there things that have made You think – “wow, I didn’t expect I’ll have to do this to be a celebrity/idol/singer?”
    Arta from Latvia (one of the twins) :D

    8 years ago

    Will we see them on Hello Baby in the future soon and what kind of dad do you think you’ll be ? 
    Also any reality shows ? I haven’t been able to see AJ & Hoon in a reality show ; w ;

    ’tis Tina from Sydney, Australia :3

    8 years ago
  15. Could you ask them if they know that they have A LOT of fans here in finland and tell them that we will support them and that i love Eli omg <3 

    Okay my question is: Who would most possibly date a foreigner? And could they date a fan?

    8 years ago
  16. I’m Rezwana from Arizona, USA-
    1. (specifically for AJ) Why did you decide to stop your activities for a while to go to college? Is there any particular reason?
    2. What’s your advice for some one looking to go into the Korean music industry?
    3. If you could have any other job other than being an idol star, what would it be?
    4. What’s your relationship with Mordney Present?
    5. (For Kevin and Eli) What do you miss most about the states?
    6. How do you think your fans see you?
    7. A lot of fans write fanfiction and things. Have you ever read any of them or at least have an idea about what they are about? (if you know what I mean. ;D *suggestive eyebrow wiggle*)
    9. What part of being an idol star do you hate and wish you never had to deal with and what part of being an idol star is the best and makes everything worth it?
    10. What color underwear is everyone wearing right now? xD

    U-Kiss fighting! :D

    8 years ago
  17. okey I have another one. 

    Have they thought about dating or marrying non-asian? 

    Elina from Latvia. 

    8 years ago
  18. from america, my question is:
    do you guys still only have little free time? if you’ve gotten more free time do you do anything other than resting? though don’t get me wrong rest is good when you’ve got such busy schedules :)

    8 years ago
  19. Hey U-KISS my name is Cindy I am from Australia in Melbourne… I want to ask when are you coming to Australia for a concert or a tour and where do you want to visit the most in Australia!!!    FIGHTING on your new music video and your new song. <3 Love you Soohyun, Hoon, Eli, Kevin, Kiseop, Dongho and AJ

    8 years ago
  20. Ying Ling from Malaysia – Since AJ is going to continue his studies, I have a question about school.
    To all the members: “What is your worst/best memory of high school and why?”
    Simon and Martina, u guys are awesome! :D

    8 years ago
  21. What’s your ideal type of girl?

    Do you guys plan to have a concert in LA anytime soon?
    What’s the 외모 서열 according to each member?
    Have you ever been jealous of any other member in the group? If so, what?
    I love U-Kiss<3 I've been their fan since they debuted(:-Erynne Lim (임 예린)from Los Angeles, California[name is pronounced Erin]

    8 years ago
  22. Congratulations, you two! :)

    My question would be:

    Do they want to have children when they’re older? What kind of father would they be?

    I’m Shara from USA, by the way! 

    8 years ago
  23. I’m so ridiculous I almost cry right now , I want to be like you guys.

    Question: You have already visited Colombia, so
    What other countries of America do you like to visit? Do you know how many fans you have in that side of the world?

    -Danna Mexico.

    8 years ago
  24. hm. I have a question. Are they thinking about making tour to Europe? Or maybe just going to a trip to Europe or Latvia(that`s in Europe)? :D and one more thing. I LOVE YOU ELI!!!!! :D hmm.. Elina from Latvia. 

    8 years ago
  25. How does AJ feels about going back to school and studying?
    Lisa Le from Australia
    (forgot to add this question to my other ones lol)

    8 years ago
  26. Has there ever been a time where you felt completely out of place? Or you completely did not understand the situation around you?
    Anauli Paulino from U.S.A.

    8 years ago

    How do you think it will be to stay in America during the time you will attend the Columbia University?

    Georgiana from Romania

    8 years ago
  28. They are called U-kiss so I want to know at what age they had their first kiss. 
    I’m Elda from Spain
    Thank you Simon and Martina. Great News!!! <3

    8 years ago
  29. to AJ:

    I’m really happy for you AJ! What are you going to be studying at university?


    8 years ago
  30. when will you guys shoot a music video at overseas? :) from: Aishah, Malaysia

    8 years ago
  31. This is awesome!!!!!!! I’m sure you’re going to do a great coverage and you’ll give us a great behind-the-scenes video!! yay~~~!! 
    My question is: since they’ve been on tour in Japan, wich was the most special concert there and why?
    Have a great time recording and don’t forget to say to them that all arround the world, there are Kiss Mes who will always be by their side!!

    (Pitty, Spain)

    8 years ago
  32. Hello! I’m Charmaine Cuevas from the USA. Can you please ask U-Kiss about their relationship status? Since they’re now free to date. And also if they’re planning to have a concert here in USA. P.S: Please tell them that I’m one of their biggest fans! And I love them! Thank you so much and good luck! ^^

    8 years ago
  33. AHHH!! as soon as I read U-Kiss interview I was here! I am very excited for it! The question I have for Kevin is is there a memorable fan that you’ve never forgotten about? Good luck with your interview guys :) [Diamond (it is my REAL name lol) from MI, USA]

    8 years ago
  34. OHMYGOSH YAY! YOU GUYS ARE UH-MAZING. sorry i have a lot of questions though!My Questions:
    1. Since U-kiss has heard about & even watched Eatyourkimchi videos, have you guys ever watched your own music videos on youtube and read the comments? (i’m REALLY curious since there are some uhh extreme fan girls. HAHAHA)
    2. Kevin & Eli, are there any moments where you guys really miss some of your friends in the states and wished to be with them there rather than Korea?
    3. Finally, if you guys could perform in any 3 countries, excluding the ones you already performed in, where would they be?

    I would be SUPER grateful if you (Simon and Martina) could choose at least one of my questions.
    LOVE, Jaclyn Ann P. from Los Angeles, California, USA <3 P.S. even if you dont ask my question it would be great if you just said this for me: U-KISS FIGHTING! I LOVE YOU KEVIN ^___^

    8 years ago
  35. Marol F. from New Jersey, USA – When you guys began, did you ever think that your popularity would grow to being as internationally popular as it is today?

    8 years ago
  36. Have the members always wanted to sing, dance and perform, or did they initially have other plans?
    From Eloise, in the Land Down Under (Australia)

    8 years ago
  37. What are your individual underpants preferences? For example, boxers or briefs? 

    8 years ago
  38. Hi, I am Timo from Texas USA

    My question is, If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

    8 years ago
  39.  …I don’t know why, but when the doorbell rang I was kind of expecting Kevin or another member of Ukiss to pop in and say hi. LOL, instead we got Spudgy, oh wells that’s good enough. <3

    My questions are: (relevant for all or any member)
    If you weren't in the entertainment industry, what would you pursue?
    Or are you all so attached to music that it's the only option for you?
    And what possible career options would you pursue "after" U-kiss? (but I honestly hope Ukiss stays together for quite a bit longer..) ^_^

    From: Singi
    Country: Canberra, Australia.

    8 years ago
  40. They work hard enough as it is…my poor babies<3

    I wish they'd just win on MCountdown already…their music and their dances deserve it<3

    8 years ago