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We Are Going Behind the Scenes of U-Kiss’ New Music Video

August 11, 2012


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So we have some very exciting news for all the Kissmes out there! We just got invited to film behind the scenes at U-Kiss’ new music video! Holy cow those guys are STILL working really hard, and I’m personally wondering if this might be the last music video we get to see AJ in before his hiatus from the group while he studies in University.

As well as filming behind the scenes, we get to interview Ukiss AND they’re giving us autographed CDs to give away to our viewers! EXCLAMATION POINT!!! This will be the first time that we get to see what the making of a kpop video is actually like! I have so many questions, like: how many times will Ukiss have to re-film until the final cut is chosen? Will the director be yelling out instructions behind camera, like “MORE EMOTION, MORE SADNESS!!! YES YES!!!” Will there be unicorns farting out marshmallows for all of us to enjoy? That last question might never get answered.

Anyhoo, rather than just asking what we want to know, we’d like to know what you guise want to ask U-Kiss. Leave us your questions in the comment section (either in our blog post or on youtube) and if you want to, include your name and country so we can let the boys know who’s asking!

Oh, and another thing. Although we’re going to film this music video next week, we won’t actually be releasing our video until U-Kiss releases their video. We obviously don’t want to be giving away top secret behind the scene video footage, so the release date of our video is kind of unknown for now. It’s so mysterious…and exciting!

Lastly, since we’re gonna be giving away awesome autographed U-Kiss CDs to you awesome people, make sure you’re subscribed to us on YouTube, and that you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. We like giving CDs to people who follow us. Yay!

If you haven’t seen it before, here’s our first chat with U-Kiss well over a year ago, where AJ calls us out for making fun of his R Squared Pi line. Ha!



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We Are Going Behind the Scenes of U-Kiss’ New Music Video


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  1. My questions for those awesome, kissable boys!
    1. “i do believe” in your last video you didn’t wear any shocking clothes, do you prefer this to the vibrant k-pop clothing?
    2.(everyone will probably ask this) Would you go out with a foreign person? (please!)
    3. Can you come to England … NOW?
    4. Dongho i love you! Marry me?
    5. You have lots of fans in England.. can you say something for us? <3 

    8 years ago
  2. My question for U-Kiss:
    What is the most ridiculous get-up you have ever worn and what is the best?
    (probably won’t answer this, don’t wanna hurt the feelings of their stylists….)

    My name: Laura (my last name is too hard to pronounce in English so I left it out)
    From: Finland

    8 years ago

    1. Approximately, how many hours or minutes did you
    guys sleep in a day?

    2. To other members, have you guys ever composed or
    tried to compose song(s) like AJ?

    3.       3. Out of all songs in U-Kiss’ albums, which song
    do you like the most (for each member)?

    4. How do you choose the concept for your album(s)
    (is it based on the songs or is there any other factors)?

    5. If you are given a break or holiday, what is the
    first thing you will do or place you want to go?

    6.       6. What is your source of encouragement for you to
    gain more strength (other than KissMe)?

    7. If you could have one wish what would it be?

    Kiseop : How’s your two bunnies (the one you posted the picture in Twitter long time ago)? ^__^

    My only wish is for U-Kiss to become more success in the
    future & have a break after this comeback.

    ~KissMe from Malaysia~

    8 years ago
  4. Questions for U- Kiss :D

    1:  Do you guys act different around each other when you’re not on camera?
    2: Who are the closest two members?
    3: WHo takes the longest to get ready and what is their routine?
    4: Do you like waffles? :D :D?
    5:What is your opinion of England? 
    6 : Do you watch EYK? If so, how often do you watch it?
    7: Is it tiring being a k pop star? How much sleep do you get a day?

    How do you feel knowing you have fans in England? Since kPop isn’t really popular in my part of the country :3

    Specific for the dear maknae <3 : Do the other members ever order you around? If so, what do they usually ask you to do?

    Name: Katie Warren – England, Norfolk — (English KissMes!)

    8 years ago
  5. I’m From Switzerland and here are my question for U-Kiss

    Martina and Simon can you ask them if they come to Switzerland or near Switzerland like France or Germany?

    U-Kiss do have to wash your Clothes by your self or do have somebody?

    What do you know about Switzerland?

    How long do you have to practice for a dance move?

    Kevin do you really never get angry?

    U-Kiss do you know that other Idols steal your room ? (0330) 

    Kevin do you really get a hit by the Song Believe? When yes did it hurt you? 

    Kevin, Eli and AJ your English is very good. 

    U-Kiss I’m very proud of you <3<3 Fighting!!!

    8 years ago
    Question: If any member of U-Kiss had girlfriend, would he tell
    (share on Twitter for example) it to KissMes or not? Be honest! ^^

    From: Eva, Slovakia

    8 years ago
    //trying to stop fangirling//

    Oh well, here is my questions! ^^
    1: Wich is the funniest and / or most awkward interview you guys have done?
    2: Each of the members favorite U-Kiss era?
    3: Favorite Girl group dance? xD
    4: Are you guys coming back to Europe soon? (If so, come to Sweden! >.< )
    From Daniella, Sweden ^^

    8 years ago
  8. My questions:

    1. Who are some kpop idols or groups that U-kiss as a group would like to work with in the future?

    2. Do the members have any input in the idea or making of their music videos?

    3. There have been tweets of NH Media forming a girl group, can we get any ideas/hints as to when we should be expecting their debut?

    4. Are there any plans for them to either do a tour or release their music in other countries?

    P.S. Congrats to you guys for all your success, I love your personalities and videos and hope that you guys become even more successful than you already are! 

    -Leila (pronounced as lye-luh), NYC USA

    8 years ago
  9. OMGosh this is the best news EVER!! I am so excited to see what questions you ask!! They are easily my favorite KPOP band out there right now!! I would go nutz if I somehow won a signed copy of their CD!! So many questions! (Stupid Iphone is not letting me post this. So take 4)
    1.) Have any of you ever seen an american girl that blew you away and wanted to ask her out on a date?
    2.) Would you date a older or younger woman? What are your age limits?
    3.) What is your favorite EYK video and why? 
    4.) Any of you watch anime or read manga/manhwa?
    5.) If so what is your favorite?
    6.) If you weren’t in the band, where would you be now?
    7.) Do any of you like JPOP? 
    8.) Who is your favorite KPOP artist(s)? Besides yourselves. 
    9.) Who do you think is beautiful in the KPOP world? Ideal woman?
    10.) Do you like PSY Gangnam Style?
    11.) Soohyun how is it to be the oldest?
    12.) Any of you wish you could speak fluently, that can’t?
    13.) What is your favorite song and video you have worked on?
    14.) Are your families close? Do all of you get together during special occasions? 
    15.) What do you do in your free time? (I know you get very little) 
    16.) Do you guys ever drink together? Who acts the silliest if so?
    17.) Do you like Meemers? I know you like spudgy. =)
    18.) Is there a pet you wish you could own?
    19.) Do you read all of our posts on Simon and Martina’s videos about UKISS?
    20.) Do find most of what they say to be accurate? Agree? Disagree? 

    and Fuuko 4869’s Qs as well. =)
    Thank you for the chance to get our questions out there!! <3 <3 <3 XoXo

    8 years ago

    NAME: ANA :) – plz say it…
    FROM: NEW ZEALAND- auckland (say that too please :)

    p.s wonder where i might get there clothes from, lolz :)

    8 years ago
  11. Question: have you/ can you relate to the music you sing. If so, how and which song?

    8 years ago
  12. Question for U-Kiss:

    > If you’re given a chance to have a k-drama, what would be the story of your drama and why? =))

    Question for Eli:
    > How’s Red Bull now? :DD

    Question for AJ:

    > Who’s your ideal girl (in a girl group), and what characteristics you did like about her? :)
    > How high your alcohol tolerance level is? :D
    Question for Soohyun:> Can you say ‘mahal kita’? Pleaaaaseeee? :3-Nicole from the home of typhoons, PHILIPPINES. =))

    8 years ago
  13. OKAY~ At least take ONE question
    1.Will guys ever reveal that you have girlfriends? the kiss me’s talked about it and we won’t get jealous but nstead happy for you guys
    2.Can you make hoon speak english?
    3.Can atleast one member dance gangnam style?
    4.do they know that people make smut fanfics about them?
    5. if they were not singers what would they be now?


    8 years ago
  14. My Question For U-Kiss <3<3 

     1. Do have to wash your clothes  by your self or do you have somebody? 
     2.Martina and Simon can ask them if they come to  Switzerland? 
     3. What do they know about Switzerland?
      They have many Fans in Switzerland :D 
    U-Kiss  please come to Switzerland or near  Switzerland like France or Germany . 
    Kevin, Eli and AJ your English is very good <3 

    8 years ago
  15. My questions for U-Kiss is:

    1. How do you guys feel about AJ going back to studying? What have you or are you planning to give or send him while he is away?2. If a foreign fan came up to all of you, who would be the first to greet and would you complete their request?3. Do you guys go on the net to read messages and criticism? If so, do you guys use the comments to improve yourself and what are the most surprising comments that you have ever read online?Name: Susan GuoCity: Melbourne, Australia :D

    8 years ago
  16. Yasmin from Chicago,IL USA

    Is there a country that you alwayed wanted to visit?

    P.S. There are many Kpop fans in Chicago come and do a concert here. Please come and visit. Also Simon and Martina you guys are so funny. Everytime I watch your videos it always makes my day :) U-Kiss, Simon, and Martina Fighting :D LOVES

    8 years ago
  17. What does U-Kiss think about Flexton Avenue? Did they ever noticed how much it is used in kpop videos?
    Amanda from the Netherlands

    P.s. Simon, if you see the street sign, this is your chance to destroy it :D

    8 years ago
  18. Simon and Martina~~
    You guys are so lucky…not to mention you are practically BFFs with UKiss….I mean come on Kevin is such a EYK Fanboy!!  ^_^

    Question for UKiss~~
    With your schedules being so intense and busy, not to mention the media what do you when you find time to relax and unwind?  What inspires you to keep going in such a demanding industry?(To Kevin and Eli–Noona loves you!!  *Hugs*  To Soohyun–My best friend Ashley says hello and she loves you!  *kiss*)
    Keighlynn White
    Anderson, South Carolina USA

    8 years ago
  19. asdfghjk omg im so freaking excited ;A; Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity ;A; <333

    My questions :
    1. To Eli: Can you make a rap for KissMes?
    2.Which member could you fall for if you were a girl? ;D
    3.Can each member tell us their charm point?
    4.Which member eats the most?
    5.What choreography did you guys enjoy learning the most?

    Ayza Azurine From Brunei Darusalam.

    8 years ago
  20. To U-Kiss:
    1. Do any of you still keep in touch with Alexander & Kibum?
    2. Who do u think wearing the best outfit so far when making an MV or doing performance?
    3. How long do u usually make an MV?
    4. Who spend lots of time learning Japanese?
    5. What do u think about OTP?
    6. Is there any special food to release ur stress?
    7. What kind of food do u usually order when u are abroad? Or are u brave to take the challenge to try a new one like “nasi goreng” and “satay”? :)
    8. If u guys live in a dorm, who will u choose as ur roomate? Why?
    9. To Eli and Kevin: Do u speak English if there are only u two? 
    10. Not a question, but S&M please tell U-Kiss that all KissMes will always support them forever. U-Kiss fighting! ///<

    – Fransisca from Padang (near Medan), Indonesia

    8 years ago
  21. My Question~
    Hayley from New Zealand
    Theres a fast growing kpop fanbase here. Would you ever consider coming to New Zealand for a concert or just a vacation?
    Can you please say “Kia Ora [키-아-어-라]” ?? :D
    PS. Kiseop, i love you :3

    8 years ago
  22. My question – How many scenes do you film that never actually make it in to the music video (like deleted scenes)?
    Carmen Venz – Australia!

    8 years ago
  23. What if I do not have facebook? TT TT Can’t get the CDs TT TT

    8 years ago
  24. Oh my. i should look forward to it. OMO i cant wait to see it. you guys are cool and awesome.

    8 years ago
  25. Ahh ~~ You are so lucky 

    8 years ago
  26. OMG! I’ll waiting for this! Simon pleas, can you ask UKISS to say something in polish?? Pleas, pleas. This is my only wish.I think, that all polish kiss me will be in heaven if you meet my request. :D
    Hania from Poland

    8 years ago
  27. Most awkward situation with a fan or with the group.
    If you weren’t singers what career do you think you would have gone into?
    Kevin and Eli is there anything that you miss about living in the States?

    Do you think you will ever come to Washington State (Seattle probably)…eh probably not…but still :)
    ~Misa from Lacey, Washington

    8 years ago
  28. Hey Simon and Martina, I wondering if you could perhaps pick the winners for the CDs before they get autographed? Would that be possible? Because that way the winners could even get their names on the CDs :D
    How cool would that be? xD

    8 years ago
    • You are just on fire today aren’t you? THAT IS THE AWESOMEST IDEA EVAR!! 

      8 years ago
    • YES.

      8 years ago
    • You are just FULL of awesomeness today, aren’t you?! 
      Now I’ve gotta buy a new one~ AIGO. 

      8 years ago
    Kevin, Eli, AJ, Dongho, Soohyun, Kiseop and Hoon, your international KISSME’s believe in you and are fighting for you. When you laugh we laugh (a lot) your struggle is our struggle, your tears are our tears and your happiness is our happiness (In a perfectly non-creepy way of course :P)  Its hard for us because most of us don’t understand korean but we try really hard to help you, us international kissme’s always vote your songs to the top of the charts in the international poll when you have a comeback and are always fighting for you :) We do this because your music brings us happiness and joy so, if I can, I would like to say on the behalf of all international kissme’s THANK YOU UKISS, THANK YOU for everything, you bring us so much happiness and maybe you do not know but you do. THANK YOU. UKISS FIGHTING^^^
     – Lauren from Australia :3
    PS Dongho oppa saranghaeyo, can you please marry me??? 
    PPS I’m just joking, you don’t need to include that, I don’t want my dongho to feel awkward :P

    8 years ago
  30. Farzana From Malaysia

    My question is :
    1.How much do UKISS love KISSME ?
    2.if there a week before the Day of Judgment, what do you want to do ?
    3.who act like mother and father the most ?
    4.Kevin is Dara still your Dream girl ? i hope kevin meet dara someday ~ ^^
    5.how do UKISS feel about AJ going to USA ?
    6.pick one Cats or Dogs ..
    7.question for kevin : pick one Eli or Kiseop ?
    8.question from Soohyun : do you remember that day in Hari Belia in Malaysia you took my  handyfan ~ it have a picture of UKISS in Neverland album ..
    9. …
    10. ….

    thats all ~ and i really hope you guys pick my question ! ^^

    8 years ago
  31.  Simon, this is a mission for you if by any chance you find a street sign in studio destroy it immediately with no mercy. Love, World.♥

    8 years ago
  32. Hello, I’m Christina, a supersuperbig UKISS fan from Germany

    my questions:

    1. which other Band/Idols are you really close with`?
    2. Do you miss europe(Paris)? We would love to see you again at a concert!
    3. can you ask AJ ( I mean the members) that he should tweet or anyhow keep the fans updated about his life when he’s in USA?

    sooo this are the questions that I thought about for now :)
    I would be very happy if you could ask them some of mine, I am really curious about their thoughts!!!!!

    8 years ago
  33. Questions for U-Kiss: by taetae from USA
    Will you come and perform in the states again?
    Will you know where you will perform?
    What will you do for a girl on ur first date?
    Are any of you dating?
    Would any of you date a girl from the states?
    Soohyun: Would you date a brown skinned girl? ( not a racial question just wondering ^ ^ )
    Soohyun: what do you look for in a girl?
    Soohyun: do you prefer a girl who is really really girly and does not like sports or games or a girl who is girly but love sports and games?

    8 years ago
  34. Who is the Cleanest member and who is the loudest member? (lame I know)
    If you guys could only eat one dish for the rest of your life what would it be?(Idk Im just hungry and curious :P)
    If you could be more like someone in the group who would it be and why?
    Most embarassing momment as a group?

    ~Lily from Lacey, Washington

    8 years ago
  35. how would you guys react to fanfiction (yaoi boyxboy)???

    my name: daniel nguyen
    my city:anderson.IN

    8 years ago
  36. I’m Shamsa from Dubai ,

     Why Kiseop always have a small part to sing ? his voice is so sweet and soft , i want to here more kisope pleas ^^

    8 years ago
  37. KEVIN: Can I kiss and hug you? ♥
    KEVIN: What is your favorite country? 
    KEVIN: Do you know Finland, and if you know – do you like it?
    KEVIN: Can you say ”rakastan sinua” ? (it means I love you)
    KEVIN: Why you are so handsome? U-KISS: Can you come to Finland? ^^U-KISS: I LOVE YOU GUYS, CAN YOU LOVE ME BACK ? :3

    8 years ago
  38. *squeeeelsss* Ahem. This is my question/talk to U-Kiss:

    I want to sincerely congratulate AJ for getting into Columbia University and good luck with his studies! I really loved the song Amazing and I’ll be waiting for more great music from him after he returns. :) Then, if the other members were to study or to work as something different from idols, what it would be?

    And bonus question time! :D What has been your best and most embarrassing music videos yet?

    Best wishes from Lotta from Finland

    PS. My name is not pronounced LAA-TAH it’s more like Lotte (롯데) World except with 다 :D
    PPS. Finland is part of Northern Europe, stuck between Sweden and Russia ;)
    PPPS. Not related to U-Kiss, but thanks for making your Kondoot chats more available to Europe :)

    8 years ago
  39. U-Kiss! I am so happy you got the opportunity! I must admit, after seeing your interview with Kevin (such a cute fanboy of EYK, AJ,and the rest, I became a fan of the group. So cool for them and their company to do this!

    8 years ago
  40. Hi! My name is Sarah Kitchens, awesome last name, right? ;) For Simon and Martina’s info (should you need it) I’m LaughingSarah on Twitter and HystericalSarah on YouTube. I have just a couple of questions for U-Kiss (love you guys soooo much). Q1). If there was anything you could change about yourself whether it be physical or personality trait, what would it be? And why? Q2). Typically how long does it take to learn a new language as a whole group for a performance? Q3). This is personal question mainly directed to Kevin (<3). I know from reading your tweets that you are Christian and I've really wanted to know if it's easy or even possible for you to attend Church, since you have a crazy schedule not to mention famous. Those are all of my questions, thank you all for everything you do! You bring joy and happiness to people around the world. So again- Simon, Martina and all of U-Kiss, THANK YOU and I <3 YOU!

    8 years ago