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We’re Going to Interview K.Will

March 29, 2013


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Yay! Another interview in the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio. This time we’re interviewing K.Will for his upcoming release. We’re totally excited!

If you remember back from our Eatyourkimchi Awards, you guise voted for K.Will’s “Please Don’t” as the best plot of the year. Rightfully so! That video was awesome. Well, soon afterwards, K.Will sent us a thank you video, to thank all of you awesome people for voting for his video.

In that video he said that he hoped that he could meet you all in the Eatyourkimchi Studio. Well, now the time has come! K.Will will be coming over to do an interview. Huzzah! We’ll be talking about his new album and new song, and also his music videos (which we’re big fans of).

Of course, whenever we do these interviews, part of the questions come form us, but a lot of the questions come from you as well. You can see a lot of interviews with Korean people speaking to Korean artists in Korean, but we want our interviews to be kind of a small bridge in another direction. Let the Kpop artists speak to the Kpop fans, answer their questions, in a more international setting. Does that make sense? I hope so.

Point is, here’s your chance to talk to K.Will. If you have anything you want to ask him, let us know! Leave your questions in the comments to this post, or in our YouTube video for this post, or send us a tweet. We’ll pick a bunch and try to ask as many as we can the day of the interview.




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We’re Going to Interview K.Will


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  1. Here are my questions for K.will, most of them are about his trainee days, because I`m really curious about it ^^

    mostly you sing ballads with strong and of course meaningful stories behind it,
    have you ever considered to try another genre once??

    you are the only solo singer in starship ent. was that something you chose yourself, or would you rather like to try out being in a group, and what do you think are the good and bad sides of going solo and be in a group? (Weird question, I guess I formulated myself a little bit wrong)

    How was
    your trainee days and do what are you most memorable moments from that time?

    What do you
    feel about having so many international fans from all over the world?

    During your
    trainee days, what did you find most hard during that time? What was the most
    difficult by being a trainee?

    country would you like to travel to, and why?

    And just a random one here, your ideal type ? xD

    THanks and best wishes form Tanja from Norway ^^

    7 years ago
    Which album/song did you have the most fun creating/promoting? In terms of music videos, onstage performances, behind the scenes events, etc.

    7 years ago
  3. I’m a huge K.Will fan, so I’d like to start off by thanking everyone at EYK and K.Will himself for doing this interview! I absolutely can’t wait to watch it. As for my questions:

    1. Throughout your career, you’re sure to have heard a lot of advice from others. What advice do you feel helped you the most? Or what was the most memorable? (If possible, who said gave it to you?)

    2. Your voice is absolutely gorgeous and I’m so happy that you made the decision to become a singer, but did you ever have another career in mind? What did you want to be as a child?

    3. Becoming a musician is so very hard, were there times where you just wanted to give up? What made you change your mind and keep pursuing music?

    4. You’ve done several collaborations with other musicians before (idols, rappers, etc) before. Who are you currently most interested in doing a collaboration with? What style of song would you like to do with them?

    5. What songs have you been listening to the most lately?

    7 years ago
  4. Awesome that you are going to interview K.Will!!! I would like to know if he is feeling as a different idol when knowing he is being acknowledged by international fans? Does he want to try and reach more out to not only Asian fans? Hugs from Katrine in Norway!

    7 years ago
  5. I am SOOOOO super excited. When you tweeted about an interview and them K.Will’s Facebook posted about his comeback I was like please, please, please let this be who they are interviewing! Oh my gosh so can’t wait! ^_^!!!!

    7 years ago
  6. F*ckyeah! I’m so happy for you guys, and for K.Will – I hope he gets a lot more exposure and international love from this :)
    He’s one of the few ballad singers I like :)

    Question: Is there anyone in the Korean industry or internationally that he’d like to collaborate with?

    7 years ago
  7. Cries K.Will is such a cutie ;a;

    But my questions for him are:

    How did it feel doing a collaboration with SISTAR and Boyfriend for your latest video White Love?
    What was your reaction when you had to sing that long, high note in the chorus of Please Don’t?

    -Sheri (From Thailand)

    7 years ago
  8. My questions for him:
    What are his thoughts on homosexuality? (Since his last mv was a twist)
    – from Faiz(Singapore)

    7 years ago
  9. What’s your dream girl like?

    7 years ago
  10. OMG so looking forward to that interview!

    Something I am curious about:

    In interviews and shows K.will does, people always comment about how it’s sooo obvious that he’s a good singer because apparently his looks are not something that would sell his music. He also stated that his company doesn’t really pick him for his own music videos due to his looks not being ‘right’. To me, as a foreigner, I don’t really get why people make jokes about his looks seeing, that in my opinion anyways, he is very handsome and good looking. What does he think about those kind of jokes directed at him (and other artists in the field ex. Daesung), and how does he deal with that? I imagine something like that could be very hurtful, especially at the beginning of one’s career.

    7 years ago
    • i think the kpop industry are too used to seeing pretty boys in korea LOL they don’t appreciate real handsome men like him :P

      7 years ago
    • I have the same comment about Gary from Running Man. They call him ugly but I think he isn’t, and he is pretty handsome, especially his personally makes him more attractive.

      7 years ago
      • I am a big fan of Running Man and I know exactly what you mean. The program staff actually conducted an online poll once, asking people questions that included “Who do you think is the best looking?” From what I remember, Jae Suk was voted #1, Gary #2, and KJK #3.

        7 years ago
    • Seriously? 0.o That’s harsh.

      I think both K. Will and Daesung are good-looking.

      7 years ago
      • Me too, I think they are both very handsome… but I wonder if people still ever get them confused for being the other person, I remember watching something a while back saying that they have had that happen to them in the past, but idk about now if that still happens.

        7 years ago
    • I’m actually flabbergasted at this. Seriously? Wow. I mean, even if he’s not in the music videos, he’s still going to perform songs live. I find him very handsome myself and agree with your comment.

      7 years ago
    • I think that is kind of interesting, and sad at the same time. I can understand if the artist doesn’t want to be in their own music videos or what not for their own reasons, but not because the label doesn’t think they don’t have the looks that the company wants them to have.

      Also, when you mentioned Daesung I remembered an article I saw on Dramafever. It was about how much K.Will and Daesung look alike. I was floored by how much they do. And when I look back at the pictures, I can’t imagine a company not WANTING to use K.Will as his own poster boy for everything. But I guess that is just my opinion. /shrug

      Here is the link to the article for those interested:


      7 years ago
      • WOAH!!! They do look alike!!! what the heck!!

        He is handsome. In some aspects, handsomer than Daesung. (Daesung fans, don’t kill me.)

        There is something wrong with Kpop industry.

        7 years ago
  11. What was his most memorable trip?

    7 years ago
  12. My questions for K.Will…

    – How did your life changed after entering the music/show business yourself? Was it more difficult for you or easier?
    I heard that you teached others in singing…

    – What do you want to achieve with your songs?
    a)What emotions do you want evoke?
    b)What level of popularity do you want to achieve with your songs?

    By the way: Your voice is great!
    Greets from Germany :)

    ~Linh H.

    7 years ago
    1. What is your favourite song you’ve recorded thus far ? And what is your favourite MV ?
    2. Can you please talk about your experiences on Immortal Song 2 ?
    3. Do you have any thoughts on acting ?
    4. What is your most memorable performance ?
    5. Which groups are you looking most forward to in 2013 ?

    Thank you so much for your wonderful music ! ^-^
    Karen from Australia !


    7 years ago
  14. My question is:

    -We usually see more bands/groups now a days than solo artists, so how do you feel about it and do you feel that it is hard to make it as a solo artist?

    -In your music video “Please Don’t” was about gay love, what made you decide to make a music video about it when you knew that South Korea is not yet really that open about it?

    -Can you talk about the most embarrassing thing that has happend to you?

    -Can you talk about the most precious memory you have?

    Eva from Sweden

    7 years ago
  15. When you sing in the shower (if you do that is…) do you sing your own songs, or ones from other artists? Always wondered that about singers..

    Amy from Scotland

    7 years ago
  16. This may be pretty lame, but I’m a huge fan of 8eight so I must ask:
    -Would you like or are you planning to do a collaboration with any of your friends who are singers, like Wheesung or Lee Hyun? That time when you collaborated and sang together on Music Bank was amazing!!

    -You are best friends with Lee Hyun and Wheesung, since they are both in the military service, do you keep in contact with them?

    7 years ago
  17. I’ve noticed he never stars in his own music video, and instead it is often times other idols, singers, etc. Is there a particular reason why or it is kind of his concept? If he were to be the main character of one of his MVs, which one would he choose? ^^

    7 years ago
  18. Yay for the interview ! I really love K.will, he has an amazing voice.
    Now for the question :

    I know you must have seen so much plot going on in your music video but you could never be a part of it, so : what’s the thing you want to do most if you get to stare in your own music video ?

    Tiphany, from France.

    7 years ago
    • Ok, not sure why I said “stare”, is it even used in this context ? I meant “appear” ^_^ (sorry)

      7 years ago
      • You can use “star” as in, “to be the star in something”, you were close!! XDD Good question

        7 years ago
        • Haha thanks, I knew there was something like this :) !

          7 years ago
  19. I’m so glad you guys are interviewing K.Will, he’s one of my favourite korean artists! ♥ *fangirling*

    So, my question for K.Will:

    – How is it to be a solo artist in the kpop industry? What are the good and bad aspects of it?

    Thank you!!

    – from NB, Canada

    7 years ago
  20. Please explain to us what “Please Don’t” is about because there are two possible reasons. The first is Seo Inguk is gay, and the second is that Seo Inguk is jealous that Dasom took his best friend away and just wanted his friend back. I am really curious because my friend and I got into an argument because of this lol /it’s all good now though/ :) Thanks and K.WILL OPPA, SARANGHAEYO from Indonesia :D

    7 years ago
  21. My questions for K.Will:

    The groups that gain the most popularity (overseas at least) are usually the groups who base a lot of their of their appeal solely on their pretty faces and incredible dancing skills as opposed to vocal abilities. Has it ever been a barrier or a setback for your success that you do not?

    How did you feel the first time you saw/heard your music played on TV/radio?

    How much/What do you know about the international K-pop community?

    Who’s your rolemodel?

    What inspires you when you write your lyrics?

    – Laura, 20 years old, Denmark

    (oh.. and if you have the time… I’d die to have you tell him that he is my favorite artist! (suck-up, I know, but his music means so much to me!)

    and now to my personal comment:
    OH MY (……!!!) GOD.
    i’m so ridiculously jealous of you guys. I’ve never been this jealous of anyone! I really really hope you will enjoy meeting him and that he will have a pleasant experience interacting with the foreign K-pop community. He is such a fantastic, talented artist. I look up to him so much! I can’t wait for this interview!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for arranging this!

    7 years ago
  22. wow so cool!!!
    hahaha i laughed a bit too much when the TV screens covered your heads!!!

    7 years ago
  23. My question for k.will

    You have done some collaborations with artists like epik high and B.o.b, Are there any international artists you would like to collaborate with and can you please sing a little bit of a song in english <3

    Kahu from New Zealand

    7 years ago
  24. You are never appear in any of your videos. Is there any video that you would have wanted to be one a part of as one of the actors and will you appear in one of your videos?

    7 years ago
  25. ….well, if you wanted to surprise me by hiding the name, it worked ^^;

    K.Will huh. He was SPECTACULAR at the MAMA awards. Looking forward to this :)

    7 years ago
  26. Yes you get to interview K.Will >.<
    My question(s) :
    How did you first react when you discovered the plot for the "Please don't" music video ? Were you scared of the public's reaction ? Especially in Korea ? Did you expect this song and music video to have such a big success with overseas fans ?

    Love from France~

    7 years ago
  27. What made you decide the plot in your last music video?

    Did you ever reject the idea of a homosexual relationship linked to your image as an artist? Also, what your views of homosexual relationships in current South Korea and, given the fans and the constant ships between artists and idols alike, its future as a possible social revolution, if not now than ever?

    -Love and support from New York

    7 years ago
  28. My little question <3:

    The last music video you made for 'please don't' was about homosexual love. I have personal experience with homosexuality as my father is gay, it really touched me when i saw this video. So I was wondering if you were the one who came upon this idea and what it means for you.
    Anyway that MV is just great! ( as well as the song :))
    Laura from the Netherlands.

    7 years ago
  29. tells us about the new single that going to be release 4/4. …
    is the new mv going to be a sequel of please don’t?

    and… when will you feature in your own mv? I really wanna see your acting skill.

    7 years ago
  30. What is your favourite food?

    7 years ago
  31. My question is:

    How did you pick out an actor to act as the gay male in the scenes? Was it random, or was it because the actor had previously worked in a drama where he was portrayed as a gay male (Reply 1977)?

    7 years ago
  32. Waah I’m so happy you guys are gonna interview K.Will, I love him!!
    My question for him is:
    I love all your songs, and I can’t wait for your new album! I was wondering how you get inspiration to write songs? Do you come up with the lyrics from your own experience? Please tell!~

    7 years ago
  33. My question for K.Will would be “What is the most difficult obstacle you’ve had to overcome in your singing career? Is there a story about it you could share with us?”

    7 years ago
  34. My question for K.will is :

    Is this video and song based on your previous experiences ?

    And also just want to give support from Norway <3 K.Will Fighting <3

    7 years ago
  35. OMG OMG OMG I’m sooooo excited!!! I’ve met him here (in Senegal) for the MBC KOICA’s dream and he was SO kind!!! I’ve become a fan since then!!! Sobs, I can’t wait:!!!!

    7 years ago
  36. *squealing hard*
    i’ve always wanted to ask him…
    What did you think when the plot of “Please Don’t..” MV was explained to you? Did you think it was interesting? Or maybe you felt uncomfortable?
    Thank you~ ^^
    – Evelin

    7 years ago
  37. Simon & Martina you can always keep the golden spudgy with me! I promise to send it after K.Will leaves. :)

    7 years ago
  38. My questions for K.Will:

    1. Since your latest video is about gay love, what are your opinions on LGBT people and community?

    2. Did you expect the video to have any impact on Korean society or to change the way people think about gay love and gay people?

    3. What do you think about not appearing in your own video?

    Thank you!
    – from Vietnam with love

    7 years ago
  39. That is awesome :D yayy I can’t wait

    7 years ago
  40. I love your sad ballads that you had sung before such as “Miss, Miss, Miss” and “Dropping The Tears” that really evokes my emotions when I hear them. What kind of mindset do you put yourself into before singing a sad ballad?

    7 years ago