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What’s Christmas in Korea Like?

December 19, 2012


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It’s almost Christmas! Fun fact: we know most of you are from either North America or Europe. We, being in Korea, are ahead of you in terms of time zones, so that means we get Christmas before you do. BURRNNN! Except for you, Australia and New Zealand. You guise…we’re side-eyeing you……

Anyhow, today we’re talking about the difference between Christmas in Korea and our experiences of Christmas in Canada. We’re really lacking the Christmas spirit, guise. It’s hitting us hard this year. We’re really missing our families, and snow, and gaudy Christmas decorations. I want to see ugly Christmas lights outside of houses put up by people who are like “Ah crap! I gotta put out the Christmas lights! How about I just wrap this line of lights into a ball and plug that in? Christmas light ball!” Sure, you might be like “that’s ugly! I hate seeing houses like that!” but we’d love to see it. Better some lights than no lights. We’re looking out of our window right now at night and, seriously, there are no Christmas lights out anywhere for us to see at all. None. Come on, someone in Seoul! Put out a lazy light ball! Maybe because we’re surrounded by apartments? I know there are houses in Seoul in ritzier areas. I don’t know if those houses have Christmas lights. THEY BETTER! If not, I’d like to offer my services to them. *Knock Knock* “Hi! I know I’m a scary foreigner that you’ve never seen before, but can I decorate your house for Christmas?” *Door slam to the face*

OH MAN! I miss shoveling snow! I was so good at it! I took pride in being a good snow shoveler, growing up. Another interesting fact: because it doesn’t snow a lot in Korea, it always seems like people are confused whenever a big snow storm hits. We had one a couple of weeks ago and it was glorious! But (and here’s the side note part) we didn’t see any snow ploughs. Seriously! Are there any snow ploughs in Korea? Anyone ever seen one before?

To try to get some Christmas cheer, we decorated our apartment up a bit. We got a Christmas tree: not a real one, of course. We only saw fake ones for sale. You know, I’d actually have NO idea where to get a real Christmas tree from in Seoul. I’m sure we could go out of the city to pick one up. Right? Any of you have a real tree at your place? I remember driving out with my parents when I was a kid to pick out a tree, and the smell of the evergreen needles and pine cones. Ah! I really miss that. Not that we could get a tree for our place, with a new kitten now. Dr. Meemersworth would meemer all over that tree.

Now that I’m reading over this post, I know it’s looking like we’re just whining instead of informing. We just want to say that there’s a lot of stuff that we miss about Christmas that we don’t have here in Korea. We’re trying to make our place as Christmasy as possible, but we miss the collective fever. And so, the bigger point is don’t take Christmas for granted! I remember feeling burnt out during Christmas time in Canada and thinking “oh God! Not this time of year again!” Now, I’d really like to experience it again.

We’ve planned for tomorrow to try to get some Christmas spirit back. We’re gonna play Die Hard in the background all day and then put up some more decorations. Drink a hot toddy or two. Christmas cookies we’re gonna bake and give to our guards. THEY BETTER APPRECIATE THEM!

Also, we did a video a while ago about what Christmas is like, just not in TL;DR format. It’s so old! From, like, two years ago! Wow! Check it out here:



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What’s Christmas in Korea Like?


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  1. What im wandering is what are the holidays that korea and north america share? What are sime different ones? I know we share christmas but uts a little different and i know about black and white day but what about halloween or their independence day?

    6 years ago