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Why Superman Man of Steel Super Sucked

June 19, 2013


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Time for another Open the Whoopass on a Movie video. Yay! This time, I’m talking about why Man of Steel was a terrible sack of crap. I was harsh on Iron Man 3, but…whooooaaaa. Man of Steel was a lot lot lot lot worse. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t watch it. If you get frustrated by the illogical actions of idiots for the sake of plot pushing, don’t watch this movie. Watch Star Trek: Into Darkness. If you’ve seen it, and want to spend your money on Man of Crap, spend your money on a ticket for Star Trek again. Watching that movie twice is better than watching Man of Steel once.

One of the points I forgot to mention in the video is this: yes, I know you might be confused and wondering what channel you’re watching. Who am I, and why am I on the eatyourkimchi channel? Eatyourkimchi is mostly Simon and Martina. Simon wears glasses. You don’t have glasses, weird angry guy, so WHO ARE YOU?!?! Sure, that’s part of the Superman mythology, that he puts on glasses and people can’t recognize him, but COME ON! Laurence Fishbird saw this white dude flying in the air in blue spandex. I think he’d remember if someone looked like him in the future! BARGH!

Another point: at the end of the movie the city sure does look fine and dandy, rather than a city that was nearly DESTROYED UTTERLY INTO DUST. You know how much money it would cost to repair that all? Who’s paying the bill? Lex Luthor?

Ah. I don’t know. It’s like they started writing the screenplay for the movie thinking “I want to see Superman fight other Supermen,” wrote in those parts, and then came up with drivel to fill in the rest of the movie. The villains were stupid. Superman was kinda stupid. The plot was stupid. The climax was stupid. All of it, just a really, really bad film.

Maybe you’re DC biased, and Superman is one of your favorite characters ever, so you feel you have to watch it. First of all, where are you?! I haven’t met a single person who likes Superman. The idea of him is cool, but I’ve never met anyone into reading Superman comics and being like “yeah, Superman rocks!” I read “Kingdom Come” and Superman sucked. If anyone can recommend a Superman comic line worth reading, please share. I need to try to find something good about him.



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Why Superman Man of Steel Super Sucked


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  1. Seinfeld! Seinfeld loves Superman! There was a whole Superman sketch that was kind of a commercial thing he did years ago.


    7 years ago
  2. I think this is a very flawed “review” lots of nitpicking and most of the points you raised are easily answerable. The film explains lots of them.

    1) The rulers of Krypton did not agree with Jor-el or General Zod that their destruction was imminent. They refused to believe that the actions and direction that they took had doomed the planet. That’s something that agrees totally with the premise established in the comic books. Jor-el is unable to convince his contemporaries in time and that is why he chooses to send his son to another planet. It is also why General Zod shouts at them during his sentencing. He took action because he believed in Jor-el’s words and he was willing to do whatever it took to save the planet. That included taking over Krypton.

    2) Scientist guy was obviously a part of the group who tried to overthrow the government. I don’t think you can save a dying planet or even evacuate a planet without one scientific mind there to help…

    3) It was what his dad wanted. He didn’t feel it was time for Clark to reveal his powers and this would have totally exposed him. He wasn’t known by an alias, using a fake social security. He was in his home town where he was known as Clark Kent. He was also still a minor and believed in his father so when he told him no he listened. That doesn’t mean he lost his propensity to save people it just means that in this one case he didn’t because his dad felt it was more important for him not to. You can tell Clark is haunted by his choice.

    4) Journalists do stupid shit. I thought it was much more ridiculous that she was only wearing one layer of clothes, a puffa jacket and a hat. She didn’t even bother to put her hood up!

    5) How did he appear in the ship in the first place? Because they are a more advanced society and Jor-el was a very well respected scientist? I think him making a suit appear that is the right size seems like much less of a feat when you realise he managed to send his son to another planet in a space ship and created a way for his conciousness to appear in the future even though he was long dead.

    6) How does he shave? This is the only one not answered in the film. In the comic he uses a piece of his ship and reflects his own heat vision back onto his face to burnt he stubble off.

    7) It was a bit random that he brought her onto the ship. But he probably noted their close connection and decided to mine her for information in case Superman was not willing to co-operate. Also, Superman should have stopped her from going? I don’t think she would have taken that very well. Sure he could have physically restrained her but she made the decision to go because she realised the situation would have gotten hostile if she had refused. Who is Superman to tell her what she can and can not do? Just as he trusted the judgement of his dad and believed in him by not rescuing him. He trusted the judgement of Lois and respected her right to make that decision.

    8/9) Because he is an unreasonable dick. He was a relic of the old Kryptonian breeding programme he was a born and bred warrior with Krypton as his number 1 priority. He must have felt extreme emptiness after the destruction of the planet and he was searching for a way to fix his inability to save the planet. He didn’t want to co-exist with humans and create a new way of living. He wanted to rebuild the old Krypton; that’s why Jor-el told him that they were both ghosts. They were both ghosts of a time that had gone by, relics of a failed era and a way of doing things which only led to destruction. Jor-el realised that they needed to start a new, Zod wanted to hold onto the past.

    10) He didn’t but his dad did. Jor-el told Lois who then relayed the information to Clark and then in turn the military. They explain that right there in the film in very very clear terms… Very clear.

    11) This one I will give you. She didn’t need to be and I found her generally a bit annoying; they were trying too hard to push that whole Superman/Lois Lane thing. But it was hard to as it was such a high paced film and she wasn’t very well developed as a character. Hopefully that’ll change in the sequel.

    12) Because of what Superman had done Zod couldn’t save Krypton and recreate what once was. That is why he felt that he had failed and saw the murder of Superman or his death as the only option.

    13) Because the final battle scene was set in Metropolis and just looked cooler there. That is the only reason; yes they could have made Superman lure Zod away so they could fight out in the open. But it was much more fun for them to fight in a city. It looked better and added more excitement.

    14) She saw where they landed and was worried about him? You really don’t know how far away it was from where she initially was standing. Nor does it matter… It’s not a very important point. This is nitpicking at it’s finest. Sort of like how when someone who you generally find to be very annoying and grating does something very innocent like ask you how you are it still drives you crazy.

    We also do not know how long it is before Superman moves to metropolis and starts at the Daily Planet. It could have been years after the incident with Zod. Enough time for him to gain some qualifications to become a journalist, for some of Metropolis to be rebuilt and for the fine details of that day to be jumbled in Perry’s mind.

    There were some minor plot point inconsistencies but it was generally a good film. Visually impressive and a good solid origins story for Superman.

    7 years ago
  3. My generally feelings on this video are as follows: … *ahem*…


    That is all.

    7 years ago
  4. While I won’t say this is the best superhero movie ever or anything similar, I really have to disagree with you on points that you’ve made.

    1 – The rulers of Krypton don’t believe there’s anything wrong with Krypton & fucked things up. THAT’S why General Zod is rebelling, trying to take over the government & eventually fails to do so. Now re-emphasizing that the rulers DO NOT think that there’s anything wrong with Krypton, they freeze the rebels (General Zod & crew) & send them to the Phantom Zone. They’re not supposed to wake up from that state, the only reason they do is because Krypton was destroyed. & they also mentioned that they reworked the ship to travel to other places, it’s purpose wasn’t to travel.

    2 – Clark DID try to go save the dog but Jonathan didn’t let him, he told him to protect his mother & get her to safety. As per a conversation in his childhood with Clark when he saved a busload of children, prompting a bit of chaos – that oh so special bit of dialogue came up. “What did you want me to do? Just let them die?” “Maybe.” Jonathan is SO convinced that Clark will be taken away & locked up, shaking everyone foundation in religion & being human because he’s the answer of ‘if we’re alone in the universe’ & all this… he’d rather Clark hide his gift from everyone & pretend to be normal. Cut to tornado scene. Clark is 17 when this happens, they’re in front of a lot of people. Clark doesn’t want to go against his father’s wishes. Even when he was about to fly in & save his father, he refused. Granted, yes, he did later betray that because Clark couldn’t help but save people…but he always disappeared. Always left the town & used fake names so no one could track him. In Smallville, everyone would’ve known who he is, where he is & reported it to someone, putting into events the things Jonathan didn’t want to happen. Plus what would happen to Martha when she was found housing an alien & knew it the whole time? Jonathan didn’t want that to happen to his family.

    3 – I feel like you were kinda digging when it came to Lois walking on the ice. Stupider shit happens in other movies, someone desperate to get an exclusive, awesome story would risk things. Watch American TV for pity’s sake. I watched camera men CRAWL ON THE GROUND to get closer to a shooter. So to say it’s far stretched is just pulling for straws.

    4 – Being a farm boy from Kansas doesn’t make you an automatic idiot. You would actually think that they would know things like that more, you know with wounds coming up on the farm…I mean shit, I learned that when I was a kid so to throw him under the bus for that was stupid BUT I agree that the internal bleeding wouldn’t be solved by cauterizing the wound.

    5 – The body suit – NOW, your better argument would be, how can Jor-el create things in the 18,000 year old spaceship in the ice when he died only 33 years ago & it’s his subconscious talking to him the whole time? Clearly the ship didn’t belong to the House of El so where did the suit come from? With what was being shown on the ship, you know, the babies in pods, I really don’t think bitching about how big a suit was makes a valid angry point. xD I would also note that we didn’t see all of Jor-el’s teachings in the ship so…maybe he could make shit appear, idk.

    6 – Someone below has posted how Superman shaves. It’s canon. lmao.

    7 – Lois & the ship – this is a loose plot point but it does make sense. Zod doesn’t know how Clark will react to being on their ship. It’s only when he starts coughing up blood do they realize he cannot handle Kryptonian atmosphere, despite being Kryptonian. That’s why Lois is given a helmet, not Supes. On that same note, if he was strong enough to resist digging for information in his brain, Lois makes a wonderful substitute. A nice bargaining chip too, should he try something. Also – Lois is trapped in a room in Kryptonian technology. Why in the ever living hell would they sit & watch her when they know she wouldn’t be able to break through it? The only reason she got out was because she had Jor-el’s subconscious take over the ship. But again – lame plot point because they needed to make her more important by learning how to send the ship back to the Phantom Zone permanently.

    8 – Zod plus being civil & remaking Krypton – Did we watch the same movie that you want Zod to be civil with Supes as his last words on Krypton were “I WILL FIND HIM!” ? He tried to overthrow his own government by killing & attacking everyone & you think he should go the civil route? He’s already established as ruthless! Crikey! In this story, on Krypton, your path is chosen for you. The fact that Supes has free-will goes against everything in the Kryptonian culture that Zod is trying to protect, perserve & remake. That’s why he wants Supes dead, he’s not really one of them & if Zod’s to remake a Krypton, Supes cannot be involved.

    9 – It was Jor-el who told them about smashing the ships relayed to Supes by Lois. Not. Superman. How did Jor-el know? Because he created the goddamn ship! He SAID SO. Convenient – yes. But don’t make an argument about that when it’s nawt true.

    10 – I WILL agree that Lois DID NOT need to be there on the mission but I found it even dumber that she fell out right before the ship crashed & is conveniently saved by Supes before she’s sucked into the Phantom Zone.
    Nitpicking with the aiming of the fight & Lois getting there but whatever!

    Despite some of the questioning plot points, I still HIGHLY enjoyed the movie & thought it was a very well done origin story for Superman. It is fine that you disagree but some of your arguments were invalid ;]

    Also, read Red Son as someone else suggested, it’s very good.

    7 years ago
    • 1. If they have a ship that can send prisoners into space, why don’t they have one to evacuate anybody when the planet blows up?
      2. Why tell Clark he’s here for a reason if he’s not allowed to save anybody? Even a non-superpowered person could have run over there and tried to help his dad. He wasn’t that far away. Why try and save a stupid dog in the first place? That scene is so bad it’s actually pretty funny.
      3. Fine. Lois climbs on ice. But how does she always magically happen to show up whenever Superman lands in some random place? Is she psychic?
      9. Wouldn’t creating a black hole next to the Earth also destroy Earth? And why does a slow human airplane piloted by Detective Stabler have to fly Superman’s baby shuttle all the way there? Why can’t Superman just carry it at super speed? How does the nerdy military scientist have any idea what the Kryptonians are doing?

      Gah. This movie was so dumb. I could go on, but I don’t want to.

      7 years ago
    • I don’t think Simon was nitpicking in his last point honestly. Although I don’t agree with the majority of the points he made, (sorry Simon!) he did have a point about Lois randomly showing up at the end of the last fight. Zod and Superman ‘flew’ for so long and at such a lightning fast speed before finally crashing into that museum (it was a museum right? Can’t remember honestly :P) and I too found it ridiculous when Lois showed up there hardly a minute later. Ain’t no taxi that fast! :/

      Yes, stupider stuff happens in other films too, but honestly, in such a high-budget film made by one of the best film crews in Hollywood, such ‘conveniences’ are not acceptable.

      Other than that I agree with all your points and that this was a very good origins story. IMO everyone, especially comic/graphic novel fans should go watch it!

      7 years ago
    • 1B) When addressing the council, Jor-El also says that the planet will be destroyed in 6 weeks (a departure from canon). In the movie, Jor-El and Lara rush to launch Kal-El not because of the imminent destruction of the planet, but because of Zod’s attack. And because Jor-El has just committed a treason by entering the genesis chamber and stealing the Codex. Also, I doubt even the Kryptonians would be able to clean up their city, change their clothes, get Lara’s mass of curly hair under control, convene the council, and put Zod and his compatriots on trial in under 2 hours.

      2B) Who is more important: Martha or the dog? Clark stayed back and could protect Martha (and the other people) if something happened. So although going after the dog was more dangerous and better suited to Clark, it was more important that Clark stay where he was.

      3B) Yup.

      4B) Yup.

      5B) It’s possible that the designs for the suit were in the command key along with everything else. And I’m pretty sure that if the ship was advanced enough to make the suit, it could tailor it to Clark.

      5C) No word about Cavill’s chest hair poking up over the collar?

      6B). Yup.

      7B) Yup.

      8B) Yup.

      9B) Yup.

      10B) Because what Superman movie is complete without him catching Lois after she falls?

      Seriously, Simon.I know you’re more of a Marvel fan, but this was just a bad review. Check your facts before going on a rant. Very disappointing.

      7 years ago
      • To answer the question, “who is more important, Martha or the dog,” of course the answer is Martha. So why try and save the %$#! dog in the first place? Especially since he quickly gives up and tries limping away? What was the point of that?!

        7 years ago
    • I agree with Tee all thought Erin you have some good points but some people see this movie as different. The points Simon brought up are very valied points however you yourself acnknowledged some of the points along with putting in your own points. I have to admit the whole dumb farmboy thing isn’t something that should have been brought up because who is to say he didn’t go to university or learn something in high school but at the same time. But if you took Superman’s background out of it saying that line i personally think makes him sound dumb in general. Lets say he learn that in school wouldn’t you have learned other stuff also and with that other stuff you would have figured out something that might be more practical. The big thing is you dont learn about that type of medicide until you in medical school. But being a superhero anything is possible. However judging from all other superman shows i don’t think he went to medical school. So he either would have the abiluty to be super smart or advanced medical knowledge or I personly think the line was just put in to make superman seem cool.

      7 years ago
    • Tee

      I think the point Simon was trying to get across with the dog scene was why did Clark agreed to lead his mother to safety whilst letting his father go into a dangerous situation. Considering Clark has a higher chance of survival shouldn’t he argue with his father that it would be better for him to save the dog instead? Both Clark and his father went into the situation knowing that the rescuer would be at risk. Yet Clark didn’t argue or show concern that his father or at least say: “Dad, let me do it. It’s too dangerous for you.” It was as though this no-fuss scene was ushering in his father’s demise and conveniently nailing in the lesson that Clark had to hide his identity.

      Most people aren’t bothered by the “conveniences” and to some it sounds like nitpicking. Truth be told, it’s entirely up to the viewer. Some people aren’t bothered by the “conveniences”. Really. They barely notice it and just enjoy the movie. And to some it just sticks out like a sore thumb.

      Really liked your video, Simon. Some of the things you mentioned I had also laughed at when I watched it. It’s good to know I wasn’t the only stranger laughing.

      E.g.: Lois watching Superman fighting Zod from a crater some ways away, then they crash landed at a station and start fighting and a few minutes later, Lois appears on the scene: I laughed. I had to. It just didn’t make sense! How did she get there so quickly? So kudos, Simon on point #14.

      Another one for Simon: Perry was watching the gravitational field advance. This scene (I’ve no idea if it’s the way they’ve arranged it) happens after we get people running on the streets, buildings being destroyed, left right and centre, cars thrown up the air, the government watching the field slowly expand over their monitors, even had the time to theorise the purpose of the field. If we were to follow the scenes linearly, the destruction has commenced, the gravitational field is slowly levelling everything within its radius, citizens are panicking and trying to escape. Then we cut to the scene where Perry is watching everything calmly and he says “Okay, time to evacuate.” You can’t help but think: “NOW you evacuate? You could have done it 10 minutes ago when everyone ELSE was panicking. Instead, you wait in your building watching until the field has gotten close enough and THEN you evacuate.” Did anyone else think that or was it just me? (Btw, I laughed at this scene too)

      7 years ago
    • you my dear Erin, is now my bias simply becos u stood up against the mighty dorthaki man warrior Simon LOL. i loved man of steel more than iron man 3 to be honest. just like you said there are some plot holes and “conveniences” but its overall a nice movie in my opinion.

      7 years ago
  5. OMGGG thank you, Simon. I can’t tell you how many of my USA friends LOOOOVED it. And I was there with my popcorn and drink like, meh. Although I went with some Korean friends (I live in Korea), and they didn’t like it either.

    7 years ago
  6. Okay, I will admit, Superman actually is one of my all time favorite super heroes, however, I did not like this movie for all the points you mentioned PLUS … SPOILER… Superman doesn’t break necks and kill people. That kinda ruined the movie for me and the tornado scene was so stupid. If they didn’t lock the dog in the car in the first place, they’d all be under the bridge and safe.

    7 years ago
  7. I agree so much with you Simon one of the biggest things that bothered me is how all the destruction fell into two places, the farm and in the city. It was mostly like how much mindless destruction can we create? Apparently not enough so they went up into space destroyed a satellite and came back down to Metropolis destroyed it some more as the satellite falls down and helps destroy even more of the city. I also wasn’t too pleased with the lack of back story to Superman other then oh he grew up on Earth and that’s how he became so strong.

    7 years ago
  8. i agree. it sucked

    7 years ago
  9. Glad to know I can scratch one movie off my list of films to see. I have never really been much of a Superman fan anyways. My best memory of him was when the night crew I was part of had a DC vs Marvel Heroclix game and I whooped Superman’s butt using Wasp.

    7 years ago
  10. Haven’t see Man of Steel and never had any intention of seeing it, but this video amused me so much! It was so funny! I’m gonna go watch your rant review of Iron Man 3 (since I had no intention of seeing that movie, I didn’t watch it when you put it out).

    7 years ago
  11. Not related in any way to your post…but OMG!!! DOCTOR WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7 years ago
  12. I’m just going to let this redditor explain my reasons for loving Superman (even if I hate a lot of his media).

    7 years ago
  13. ME AND MY SISTER WERE CRACKING UP ABOUT LOIS. Like, did she plant a GPS tracker when she stroked his face or something? How did she get across the town so quickly in 5 inch stilettos? How did her hair look completely perfect no matter what she went through?
    Also, was it just me, or was the sequencing on the movie really odd?

    7 years ago
  14. lol I luv this review!!!!!

    7 years ago
  15. Well looks like yet again another crappy Super Man movie. I want to like Super Man I do, but I cant’ sorry Super Man lovers. Just so you know Simon in the Sates we did learn all of those things you mentioned. hahahah Nah! I’m kidding. I was planning on seeing this but it looks like I’ll just wait for it to come out on red box so I only have to pay a dollar instead of $6. Actually I’m not sure if I’ll even do that.

    7 years ago
  16. I definitely liked the original late 70s version of this movie waaaaaayyyy better. Terence Stamp was so much fun as General Zod whereas Michael Shannon here is just a big whiny baby without an ounce of common sense in his brain. The original Zod’s motivations were much simpler. “Hey, here’s this weakling planet. I’ve got super powers. I can totally rule! KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!” and then the humans are like “We’ve got Superman” and Zod’s like “Whatevs. I got this.” And while they’re fighting throughout New York City, Superman actually takes the time to, you know, SAVE SOME DAMN PEOPLE AND NOT JUST SAY HE CARES FOR HUMANS BUT ACTUALLY SHOWS IT. They didn’t decimate the city because Superman’s main goal was just to save everybody. In this version, Superman’s like “hey, I’m sure the city will pay to rebuild that building… and that one… and that one… and I’m sure there were no people in those buildings either. I didn’t just totally kill a bunch of people in my desperate need to vent my anger from the past 30 years spent on Earth not being able to kick anybody’s ass…” OMG IT MADE ME SO GRUMPY! I am totally with you, Simon. I’m a big fan of Superman but this movie was super dumb and I wish I hadn’t wasted my money.

    7 years ago
    • I agree on Zod. But I thought this version of Zod was more interesting in that he wasn’t just all “Ohh new dictatorship for me.” I liked the fact they tried to make him a little more sympathetic-ish instead of just purely greedy evil. I thought it was more realistic as a…person. I do like the iconic “KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!” Too bad they couldn’t have worked that in somewhere. How Superman solves the Zod problem in the new movie was really my main quibble with it, the 70s version was more gimmicky but still consistent with the comic world. The new ending was the one big logic fail for me. Yes it’s a bit more “edgy” but I could only respond with “wait…what?!” I still loved the movie, and I’ll be buying it as soon as it’s out on DVD.

      7 years ago
  17. One more thing: Despite its flaws, Henry Cavill (Actor who played Superman) is flawless. *Fangurilla mode*

    7 years ago
  18. Hi Simon, I completely agree with you. This movie made me so sad, I’m kind of shocked they made a Superman movie this depressing and cynical.

    For some good Superman comics to check out I suggest Grant Morrison’s All Star Superman and Loeb & Sale’s Superman of All Seasons, I suggested these books when my film series showed the Donner film a couple of years ago: http://graphiccontent.org/2011/10/11/superman-book-list/

    Oh, you might also like Mark Millar’s Superman: Red Son, which is an elseworlds story that asks the questions “What is Superman landed in the Soviet Union”

    Those are without a doubt three of the best Superman books ever written.


    Erin Fraser

    7 years ago
  19. The movie was I would have to say 70 to 80% to the comics. If you haven’t read them then tough cookies. They also explain how it all works out, if you only paid attention to the detail.

    7 years ago
  20. Sorry Simon I disagree with you.

    Man Of Steel is “Can you imagine how people would react if beings like that actually existed?” I mean Perry White even questions Lois about her article of a man with super-powers. The movie is really about morals living with Gods and their awe-inspiring powers. Not the mention the question are we alone in the universe is finally answered with Zod and Superman.

    We can nit-pick the movie with all the holes but don’t forget the much beloved Batman movie series had it issues. I am still annoyed with Bruce Wayne in Dark Knight Rises. He mopped around for 8 years over a dead girl who wasn’t evening his girlfriend at the time. Also Bruce tells everyone he is Batman. The point of a secret identity is not to tell anyone the secret. Guess he missed that in Superheroes 101.

    Thank you Man of Steel. Lois Lane you are finally not a moron. She actually is a reporter who starts looking into who this super-man might be. She isn’t the Lois Lane of the past who is fooled by a pair of glasses and lame excuses. Not to mention the ending of the movie is not something the Man of Steel has only done a few times. Remember Superman does have a code of conduct unlike some other heroes.

    7 years ago
  21. You forget that she’s running around looking for Superman in the desert while wearing STILLETOS. What the actual fuck?!

    7 years ago
    • Hollywood and it’s unrealistic expectations of women


      7 years ago
      • Standing, okay. Running, though? Running in sand with NO shoes is awkward.

        7 years ago
      • There’s an article on the Tropes website called “The Most Common Superpower” it describes this pretty well. ;)

        But Yes I’m a huge Superman fan…and I loved the movie. Although one of the few quibbles I had was with the heels…um…really?! Lois always seemed a more pragmatic and persistent character. So I could totally believe she’d climb the ice shelf, but It bugged me that she’d be so prissy as wear heels in the sand. The only other real quibble I had was with the end… How Zod died. I thought he was like Clark…ie. mostly indestructible. I’m surprised Simon didn’t complain about that.
        So I agree with Erin above generally.
        Sorry Simon, although I totally agreed with your Iron Man 3 review…I have to disagree with you on Man of Steel. I thought it was well done and for a reboot of such an iconic character, I liked the story and the design.

        7 years ago
      • It takes mad skillz, but it’s possible.

        7 years ago
      • i can’t stand in heels, let alone run. She must have superpowers!

        7 years ago
  22. Well, I haven’t seen this movie but I laughed a lot. Once I see it on dvd, I’m sure I’ll laugh even more! :D

    7 years ago
  23. Super Junior- Super Man.
    If you wanna see 13 good super men.

    7 years ago
  24. ahahahahhaha i love this!!! i watched this the other day and me and my friend were questioning the movie throughout the whole thing!! luckily we were at the very front of the theatre (cos man it was PACKED) and no one else was around to hear us whisper!!

    i hate that dog and tornado scene!!! stupidest scene ever!!! as soon as i saw the lady close the car door and the dog was shown inside i just KNEW the dog would be the death of the dad at that moment!!

    ahahaha i remember thinking that about pint 13 too!!

    me and my firend found it hilarious how she just ended up being everywhere….like EVERY-FREAKIN’-WHERE!!

    one thing my friend questioned was how did the evil lady have make up on!!
    we don’t really know much about Superman so yeah…..so i especially know nothing about where Superman comes from and what that planet is like!!
    like his suit….i thought he made that Superman logo for himself and not passed to him from his dad!!! the ‘s’ logo was very convenient!! and if they speak English why does ‘S’ mean ‘hope’ in their language then? and how the hell do they know all those other languages!! and in one of the scenes it showed a family that looked like they were in the middle of nowhere living in what looked like a tent….watching that message by the evil guy…on a tv….
    also do they have farms in Krypton? cos the evil guy asked Superman if he learnt on a farm or something along those lines!! i didn’t think aliens would know about farms and how you won’t really get anything there…

    anyway i think i had other things that left me confused but i can’t remember them right now!!
    also i felt it was kinda….choppy? not sure how to explain it!!

    7 years ago
  25. I definitely agree with you on everything Simon. Lol. Loved this review!

    7 years ago
  26. They made a whole marketing scheme over how superman shaved, but its kinda stupid if you ask me. They probably filmed it then realized “oh shit, that doesn’t make sense that his beard magically disappeared” So they tried to make THIS stupid marketing campaign: http://www.howdoesheshave.com HOW DUMB IS THAT

    7 years ago
  27. When I went to see it I was completely underwhelmed.
    At the end the whole cinema gave it a standing ovation and started clapping and whooping. (psst.. they can’t hear you guysss)
    I was just sitting there in disbelief.
    what the-? how did it deserve-? I give up.
    I’m not the weird one. It’s definitely everyone else that’s weird.

    7 years ago
  28. Hmmm..i’m not into super hero movies, so maybe I’d like it more?

    7 years ago
  29. Simon! This is how Superman shaves!!! (He uses his laser vision ;D ) http://i.stack.imgur.com/JniCh.png

    7 years ago
    • Shouldn’t the laser heat through the mirror in a few seconds?

      7 years ago
      • The mirror is Superman quality and therefore is impervious to destruction

        7 years ago
    • you will save a lot of money and not have to buy razors. I think what he was geting at with shaving is the stupid aid’s out there that say “strong enough for superman, strong enough for you” or what ever is being written. it can’t be strong enough for superman as clearly showen here he uses laser vision

      7 years ago
    • Beat me to it! I remember watching this cartoon.

      7 years ago
    • ahahhahahahaHAHAHAHAH THIS IS GREAT

      7 years ago
  30. I didn’t watch the movie, but I am CRYING! This video shall forever be in my bookmarks.

    7 years ago
  31. At least he figured out how to wear his underpants?

    7 years ago
  32. Agree!

    7 years ago
  33. Yep I agree Simon. When people talk about this movie all they can say is that the visuals were great. Everything else was meh :/

    7 years ago
  34. My mind had been blow… still digesting all of that… *darlik voice* please wait….loading….please wait….still loading. Nope still unable to process any of the information…i guess my physics exam really took it;s tole on me today…

    7 years ago
  35. Superman is my favorite superhero of all time ever xD I’m DC biased and I have to agree that it wasn’t my FAVORITE, but it wasn’t the worst. The DC business department needs to stop phasing out the fantasy element of DC because it’s something that Marvel doesn’t have and it would make the movies much more enjoyable.

    7 years ago
  36. LOL I haven’t even seen the movie, nor do I plan to, but I knew you’d rip into it Simon! >.<

    PS Batman is way cooler than Superman!

    7 years ago
  37. hi5! thought i was the only one who didnt enjoy is as much as its raved about heh

    7 years ago
  38. I agree with you – this certainly didn’t live up to my expectations, and I’m a HUGE DC fan, but he’s not my favourite. I thought this Superman (the character) was pretty lame in the sense that he is fighting kinda for the sake of fighting? I thought the antagonist had so much more depth and halfway through the film I don’t even know how but I started feeling more for him instead of Superman, haha.

    And don’t get me started on the really forced inclusion of Lois Lane. She didn’t have any real character development at all. I think the screenwriters were like, “If there’s a Superman there needs to have a Lois Lane so we are just gonna put here in there and keep making him catch her as she’s falling from great heights”. I mean, look at Pepper in IronMan – now that’s a real sidekick protagonist.

    I won’t say it supersucked though – because Russell Crowe was swaggerific in there. And of course Henry Cavill made everything better. Hehe.

    7 years ago
  39. Sa

    Going to disagree, thought it was amazing!

    7 years ago
  40. But but but… Russell Crowe is in it!

    7 years ago
    • That was it’s only saving grace imo. The beginning was fine. It was everything after that…not so much…

      7 years ago
      • I must admit…the only reason I cared to watch the movie was because of Russell Crowe.

        7 years ago