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WTF – Korean Arm Covers

April 20, 2011


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Ok, this was the first time that we had an epiphany while using one of our WTFs. At first we thought this was to cover your arm, so that your arms wouldn’t get darkened by the sun. This we found silly, because – well – if you want long sleeves why not go out in a long sleeve shirt? It’s not like the sleeves are particularly fashionable. Anyhow, it wasn’t until we started using these sleeves that we realized that they’re probably less meant for protecting your arms and more made for cooling them. Holy crap were these sleeves awesome for cooling your arms! Sure, they might not look cool, but they feel cool! Hell, why hasn’t someone made a full-body suit of this? Korean summers would be muuuch more tolerable if you covered yourself head-to-toe in this wristlet. Though, I’m sure people might stare at you a bit…FOR LOOKING SO COOL! Seriously though: we’re still not fully sure what these are for. Anyone? We just guessed that they were to protect your arms, but now we think they’re for cooling them. Does anyone have the official answer? We’d like to know.

Otherwise, WOOHOO! It’s time for another WTF giveaway! Last time we made the mistake of announcing the contest the week AFTER the first four weeks, so there was a bit of confusion. We’ll be doing these giveaways every 4 weeks, rather than every month, which means 13 giveaways a year instead of 12! Sweet! This giveaway is for the Twonkle Cup, Double Eyelid Tape, Ddung Products, and arm covers. All you have to do to enter to win is make your own Twonkle Twonkle Nursery Rhyme! Submit it in the comments here or via YouTube. There’s no line limit, but please don’t write an epic of a poem :D

On a side note, we’re not sure what happened, but within the past week we had something close to 20 emails asking about what camera we use. Why the influx? A lot of people starting film classes recently? Who knows. Anyway, if you’re one of the people who are wondering, this is our camera here. It’s not the best DSLR video camera out there (we’d go for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II if we could afford it), but for what we need to do this camera gets the job done. In fact, we list our full camera gear here, with all our filters and audio recorders and lenses and whatnot, if you’re geeky and interested as well.



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WTF – Korean Arm Covers


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  1. Twonkle twonkle little star
    I am pirate I say ‘arr’
    I ride pony I am cool
    TOP’s a pimp he makes me drool
    twonkle twonkle little star
    now I go to the gay bar

    9 years ago
  2. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    How I vonder vat you are
    Shining down on my long boat
    Now i eat the billy goat.

    9 years ago
  3. twonkle twonkle star is on a coffee mug,
    you guys are funny and it makes me feel so snug,
    please keep making videos, i really en-joy them,
    and simon i really think you should buy martina a gem!

    by the way, read this with eencey weency spider :D

    9 years ago
  4. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    BIGBANG just blew up a car
    It made no sound, that’s really weird
    Worse than Taeyang with a beard
    Actually that might look hot
    BIGBANG always, no matter what ♥

    9 years ago
  5. Twonkle, twonkle, little star
    In Korean there is no ‘R’.
    The wonder of a kimchi high
    Is better than a wise man’s sigh
    Twonkle, twonkle, little star
    Spudgy says mung, and Pirates say ARR!
    Though the manly men have brawn,
    They need arm hose to put on,
    So their arms can be alright,
    To twonkle, twonkle, all the night. (LIKE A MAN)
    Twonkle, twonkle, little star,
    All your base are in a jar!

    Spend your day out in the park
    Dancing with a great white shark;
    They would think you were a crow,
    If you did not twonkle so.
    Twonkle, twonkle little star,
    Now I’m going to a bar!

    9 years ago
  6. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    I have seen you from afar
    When I think I’ve seen it all
    You come back from the mall
    With a new Treasure find
    I have kept an open mind
    but the finds are to great
    to miss a chance with this fate

    9 years ago
  7. Twonkle twonkle little star!
    Being all like “har har harrrrrr”
    Seeing all those W. T. Fs.
    I’m so glad that I’m not deaf.

    Twonkle twonkle little star!
    Simon and Marti-ina.
    And that awesome spudgy too.
    You really should die his hai-air blue!
    Or maby something like bright red?
    So it matches his cutie bed~ C:

    9 years ago
  8. SJ

    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    I just farted in a jar
    It was very loud and clear
    It killed everyone I held dear
    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Please don’t let the smell spread far.

    9 years ago
  9. Twonkle Twonkle little star,
    These strange things are what they are,
    To a 미국사람, cool
    To a 한국사람, null
    Twonkle Twonkle little star,
    Korea seems oh so far.

    // Simon & Martina, sorry if my poem’s weird (I know you can read the hangul: fighting!)…but as the mighty chicken says oh so well:

    9 years ago
  10. Twonkle Twonkle Mister Spock
    Simon’s arms are like a rock
    Eating Kimchi all day long
    That is why i made this song
    Twonkle Twonkle like a man

    9 years ago
  11. Twonkle Twonkle little star,
    I wonder who your siblings are.
    Other stars, like Park Jung Min?
    Kim Jaejoong and Lee Taemin?
    Twonkle Twonkle little star,
    Show me where your brothers are ;)

    9 years ago
  12. Twonkle twinkle little star
    가 나 다 라 마 바 사 (ga na da la ma ba sa)
    Simon’s shirts are totally awesome
    아 자 차 카 타 파 하 (a Ja cha ka ta pa ha)
    Martina’s fly attacked her
    Lucifer’s dance is hard to master

    Big Bang, SHINee and Super Junior
    All have fans even over here
    Thank you eatyourkim~chi
    For bringing Kpop to me
    Now I cannot leave you out
    So Spudgy please do not pout

    9 years ago
  13. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    In Korea that’s so far
    Simon and Martina find
    Treasures that will blow your mind
    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Why are these things so bizarre

    (i don’t really find these things bizarre but it rhymes :3)

    PS. I posted this on youtube aswell

    9 years ago
  14. Twonkle, twonkle, have you any twonks?
    Yes sir, yes sir, three twonks full.
    One for the master twonk, one for the maid twonk,
    And one for the little twonk who lives down the lane.

    Twonkle twonk sat on the wall
    Twonkle twonk had a great fall,
    All the important twonkles and all the twonks,
    Had to put twonkle twonk together again.

    3 twonks were living in a house,
    Daddy twonk, mummy twonk, baby twonk.
    Daddy twonk was big and twonkable,
    Mummy twonk slim and twonks,
    Baby twonk was really twonkering.
    Enjoyy :)
    And gl to everyonee

    9 years ago
  15. Umm how do I work this site, first time visitor :) I wish you had some tour vid, it would be helpful ^^

    9 years ago
  16. When is the deadline for the peom to be submitted to you?

    9 years ago
  17. ♫♫ Twonkle Twonkle little SHINee
    Why is Jonghyun oh so tiny
    Minho is a huge hyungwhore
    Taemin’s cute and Onew’s a dork
    Key’s our shining supa diva
    SHINee time
    fantastic FIVE ♫♫

    9 years ago
  18. Twonkle twonkle little star,
    Now is time to crush big buildings,
    Like godzillas little kid ,
    As Mr ass supervises so,
    Twonkle twonkle little star,
    Baby G to crush it please ,

    you know how hard it was for me not to write twinkle twinkle ?

    9 years ago
  19. Twonkle twonkle little star
    Spudgy needs no double eye tape
    More than Ddung spray or Ddung cream
    Spudgy should try those arm wristlets
    Twonkle twonkle little star
    Spudgy in wristlets LIKE A MAN!!

    9 years ago
  20. Me and my brothers always called it just an Indian Burn……anyone else ever call it this??

    9 years ago
    • yea me too, my sister does it to me all of the time! :(

      9 years ago
  21. On the side of the road vendors on the major highways you can buy all different colors and some with thumb holes too! I like to wear them as a punk-ish statement. Very cool.

    I think their just for the sun. The same with the Aguma visors and the towels everyone wears on their head. Or umbrellas (parasols) for the sun. I think it’s all lumped into the same category as “Why Korean people go swimming fully clothed”. Uh….. The do feel sexy though…. :)

    Twonkle, Twonkle Oh the sun,
    Shining down on everyone.
    Burns your arms, burns your face
    But don’t worry now
    Korean skin protection will help your case!
    Twonkle, Twonkle, Oh the sun
    My arms are so white!
    The last thing I need is sleeve-lets!!!!!

    9 years ago
  22. Twonkle Twonkle Ddung Ddung STAR!
    Y u no?!, eyelid tape
    Forever alone with those Wristlets
    Makes me want to TROLLOLOL
    Twonkle Twonkle HAPPY VIRUS!
    Engrish here, there, EVERYWHERE!!

    The ending really didnt give off an ending feel -_- XD

    9 years ago
  23. twonkle twonkle, little spudgy
    how I wish you’d play with me
    your green tail and nose so cute
    I’ll play with you, but please don’t toot
    twonkle twonkle, little spudgy
    tell Simon and Martina “Hi!” for me


    9 years ago
  24. twonkle, twonkle little star
    Pedobear is watching you ~~~
    he is so cute but with pervert eyes ,
    that make you want to commit a suicide
    do you know why he is looking at you ?
    to remind you what he did ON YOU~~~~

    I’m not a pervert XD
    ( Sorry if my english is bad , FRANCE LOVES YOU ~~ )

    9 years ago
  25. Twonkle Twonkle little Donkey
    Why is your poo on my head?
    Maybe it’s because of ddung perfune
    Then why it smells like my old granny?
    Because I know your name is Ass
    Twonkle Twonkle little Donkey
    Play your song with poo on your head
    I think I have to win these funny stuff
    That Simon and Martina give for us!

    It’s not a good rhyme but it’s actually my first time when I write a poem ^^ Hope you like it ^^

    9 years ago
  26. Haha the tongue at 2.02 :) Sticking your tongue out or just wanting to lick Simon ^^?

    9 years ago
  27. Isn’t it a chinese burn instead of a indian sunburn?

    9 years ago
  28. “Twonkle twonkle little star!
    How can i talk with the cool man there?
    He is wearing the man arms cover!oh so hot!!
    and im here smell so sexy with ddung products~~
    ~~~~~~~SMELL~~~~~~ (daesung’s style)
    Twonkle twonkle little star!
    Wink2* OH NO i dropped my eyelid tape

    9 years ago
  29. “Twonkle twonkle little star!
    How can i talk with the cool man there?
    He is wearing the man arms cover!oh so hot!!
    and im here smell so sexy with ddung products~~
    ~~~~~~~SMELL~~~~~~ (daesung’s style)
    Twonkle twonkle little star!
    Wink2* OH NO i dropped my eyelid tape

    9 years ago
  30. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    How I want that WTF stuff

    It’s so cool, it’s so chic, send them all~~ to meeee!!! pretty pleaseee!!

    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    I bow to Simon and Martina that are so far 8D

    9 years ago
  31. Twonkle Twonkle little cup,
    You’re so cute I could eat you up.
    Your the cutest coffee bag,
    I plop you in and watch you sag.
    You are the handiest of them all,
    So convenient and small.

    9 years ago
  32. Okay, what is the official name for those. I need a pair here in the Texas heat and when I am driving. One arm is always darker than the other and those arm covers would work better than a towel. And I am not creative enough to come up with a Twonkle Twonkle poem, so I will just by the arm covers :)

    9 years ago
  33. Twonkle Twonkle little ddungs
    How I miss you with every gong
    Monday and Wednesday are the best
    Without you my life’s a mess
    Twonkle Twonkle little ddungs
    How I miss you with every gong.


    9 years ago
  34. Twonkle Twonkle Little Star Martina Sings Itaewon The Best By Far<3

    9 years ago
  35. Twonkle Twonkle little Bom
    When will YG let you sing?
    Please Yang Hyun Suk ca~n you
    release that so~ng now?
    I can’t wait here in BorÃ¥s
    Please please please Yang Hyun Suk
    Twonkle Twonkle little Bom
    How I love you 2ne1

    ok explanation
    Borås is my hometown in Sweden and the pronunciation somewhat fit this twonkle rhyme, and Bom is Park Bom of 2ne1 but I think you already got that XD

    9 years ago
  36. Twonkle Twonkle Little Star Spudgy Is really the cutest by far<33
    Twonkle Twonkle Little Star MOO FOO ~

    9 years ago
  37. Twonkle twonkle my little
    you will love me anyway
    do as I say cause you know
    I am the best singer in the world
    Twonkle twonkle little star
    Vient me voir dans mon monde

    Have a nice week and keep your hard work

    9 years ago
  38. Twonkle Twonkle little star, how I wish you weren’t so far,
    Lol whut?

    9 years ago
  39. Haha pantyhose for arms! No it’s like when you want to protect your arms fro the sun in the car but you don’t want to wear a long sleeve cuz it’s hot…and you can take them off any time you want my parents have some when they drive

    9 years ago
  40. “Twonkle twonkle bulgogi
    give me kimchi i zejdź z drogi
    I would like to eat something
    Give me please anything”.

    That is all I can do for now. Sorry, I’m hungry. Please, notice that my poem is in three languages, isn’t it great? :D

    9 years ago