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YouTube Sponsorships and What They Mean to You

November 30, 2017


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Hello everyone! We just posted our announcement video for YouTube Sponsorships, and I’d like to take the time here to talk about it a bit more, and to answer any questions you have. Money is always a difficult thing to talk about, especially when it comes to YouTube Creators. Some viewers are totally comfortable with the concept and understand that YouTube is how some people make a living, while others get upset when money is mentioned at all. I’d like to offer some clarity here so you can hopefully feel a little more informed, and a lot more comfortable with the idea of how we do what we do for a living. This is going to be long, but it’s going to be thorough, and you’ll maybe learn a thing or two about the world of online video, and our thoughts on it.

So let’s start with the basics: YouTube is a free platform for people to watch and post videos. You don’t have to pay to watch them, and we don’t have to pay to post them. It’s always been that way for the almost ten years that we’ve been on YouTube, and I think it’s always going to be that way. This Sponsorship Program isn’t changing that. There’s a lot more under the hood than that, though. I wish it were just that simple! So let’s unpack it a bit.

While YouTube videos are free for us to post online, they’re not free for us to make. As you might have gleaned from our Super Expensive Grapes video, you gotta spend money to make content. Of course, not everyone has to spend a lot of money to make videos. That’s not a prerequisite. Your videos aren’t banned from the platform if you haven’t shown your receipts for how much they cost to make. But as YouTube becomes more popular amongst creators, production values have to increase in order to keep up. The world of online video has changed, and shooting on a shaky point and shoot camera with the wind ruffling your audio just isn’t going to cut it for travel videos anymore. People aren’t putting up with poorly produced videos, and so videos need to look nicer, sound nicer, and they need better material for the content. If you’ve been watching YouTube for a few years now, you might have noticed how the quality of content online now is significantly better looking than the early days of people just talking to webcams in their bedrooms. I hope (I really hope!) you’ve noticed the same for us as well. Over the years we’ve really tried to up the quality of our videos, and we’ve also tried to change the content of our material, in the slim hopes that you don’t get bored.

Advertisers and the Adpocalypse

The money that goes into making these videos isn’t your responsibility. You don’t have to pay a dime, and you never will be forced to. How your contribution helps us to afford to do these videos is through the weird relationship we all have with advertisements. Meaning, If you watch YouTube and see an ad, YouTube gets a portion of what advertisers paid to show that ad, and we get the rest of it. The more ads people watch, the better a video performs. So, going back to that Grape video, you might remember us joking about not skipping the ads. That’s…ahh….that’s important for us. So important!

Ad revenue is not consistent, however. It’s a very fickle thing. I’ll give a few examples, the first one being somewhat obvious. For starters – let’s face it: watching an ad sucks. I know. We all know. It sucks, and a lot of people don’t want to do it. Many people skip ads, or even put on ad blockers. There’s no way for us to guarantee that the work and cost we put into a video will pay off if people keep skipping ads. It’s a weird hesitant agreement that we all need to make so that viewers can keep watching videos, creators can keep making videos, and YouTube can keep hosting videos.

It gets a lot more complicated than that, though, with lots of nobs and fiddles along the way. Even if you do watch an ad, it’s not like 1 ad view = 1 dollar. Different companies bid for ads, depending on the content of the video, the popularity of the video, the location and age and gender of the viewer, and many more factors. The highest bidder for a set of criteria they want to display ads on wins. Different countries have different ads as well, and those all have different ad rates. Different times of year have different ad rates as well. December months are better than January months, for example, since more companies are bidding for Christmas time. The more companies are bidding for ad space, the better for Creators, the better for YouTube, and – in the end – the better for viewers.

Here’s where the Adpocalypse comes in. I’ll add a little more detail now than we did in our video, but I can’t cover it all because it’s just too damned big of a topic. Keep in mind the customization I mentioned above at how advertisers can bid on placing their ads on videos. Well, after some advertisers found their ads placed on unsavoury videos, they were very pissed off, so advertisers started pulling their ads from YouTube. And when that happened, YouTube lost a lot of money, which meant Creators lost a lot of money. It’s not YouTube’s charity that Creators are dependent on, but on advertisements, and if an advertiser doesn’t like your content, YouTube can’t force them to display an ad on it. A lot of sweeping reform happened with the way ads were displayed, and Creators were in many ways screwed. Some Creators are having their videos deemed ineligible for advertisements for reasons that are unclear and many times just unfair. It’s not the best solution. It’s not even a good solution. But it’s some kind of solution, at least, to keep advertisers on YouTube, because without them, there’s no money to be made, and without money, most of your favorite content on YouTube won’t be made either.

Product Placements and the Ethics Behind Them

The safe thing to do, from a Creator’s perspective, is to find other ways to stay afloat. This is where you’ll see product placements come into videos, which is when a company pays a YouTuber to make a video to promote their product or service. And product placements are suuuuuuch a mixed bag. Many YouTubers promote products they don’t care about for a quick buck, and many of those YouTubers don’t disclose these relations, either, which I don’t like at all. So here’s where we stand on product placements:
1) We won’t promote something we don’t believe in. We were offered lots of money before by companies we don’t like and turned them down. We won’t jeopardize our trust with you, which is worth more than a quick buck.
2) If we like the product or service, we’ll only make a video for a product we like if we think the video will be something you enjoy. I don’t want to make a boring video. I don’t want to change my voice or tone. I want to be as natural as I can be, and as honest with you as we always are.
3) If we do a product placement, we’ll disclose that it’s a product placement. You’ll sometimes see that in the bottom left corner of our YouTube videos, or we’ll talk about it in our posts. Even though the first two points should be, we hope, enough to keep your trust, we still want you to know. I’m not sure why yet we want you to know, but we’ll tell you anyways. I learned at a young age that I’m horrible at lying and it’s just easier to be as honest with everyone as possible.

That’s not enough for some people, and I’m not sure what more we can do. When we do a product placement video, we sometimes see angry comments questioning our integrity, but godddaaaaaammnn I can’t emphasize enough how selective we are in this. We’ve turned down a lot more money in offers than we’ve received. Really, a lot more. And that won’t change. You having a positive experience with our videos is something we want above all. If you can think of a way for us to do things better please let us know. Not everybody holds themselves to the standards we set for ourselves. I wish they would.

The point is, product placements supplement ad revenue, but it’s not a consistent solution or a fully viable one for many. Which is why I think the next option is going to be big.

Sponsorships: What They Are and What they Aren’t

Thank you for making it this far into this post, by the way. It’s a long one, but I hope you’ve learned something about what we do for a living.

So, with ad revenue always being shaky – even moreso lately – and product placements being an ethical conundrum, Sponsorships are an option that some Creators have already been exploring. Meaning, Viewers can show their support for Creators by donating to them, either directly or indirectly. For people that choose to be Sponsors, they receive perks as a thank you for their support. And this part is where things get tricky. Some people will argue that it’s not that Viewers are being thanked for their support; some will argue that it’s Creators putting content behind a paywall, and that it goes against the very foundation of YouTube that was stated at the top of this blog post. Where you stand on that is something we’d like to hear. And that’s not me being facetious. This is something we’re deeply considering.

Why would we agree to start with the Sponsorship program, then, if we’re not too sure about it? Many reasons. For starters, it’s something that is going to roll out on YouTube sitewide. We’re beta-testing it now. There will be some kinks. But its release is inevitable, and it will change the game for a lot of Creators. With us beta-testing it, we can let YouTube know what’s good about it, and what needs to be changed. And from the thousands of you that we’ve spoken with, both online and in person, we know that you’re all brilliant and thoughtful people. With your feedback we can make changes on the YouTube platform as a whole in a direction that we all can believe in. I’d rather have your input in shaping YouTube’s future than another community steering the wheel.

Secondly, some of you have asked for ways that you can support us. We literally got this message yesterday:


It’s not the only time we were asked this. There are some of you who want go out of your way to do more, and have the means chip in and support our videos financially. So, for those of you who want to buy us a drank, or for those of you who feel like we’ve helped you and you want to donate as a way to say thanks, here’s a way for you to do so.

Before I carry on with something heavier, let me just say thank you if you do want to be Sponsors. Really. We’ve already seen some people sign up for the Sponsorship program before we even posted this video. We’ve been doing this YouTube thing for ten years now, and the support you show is always touching. Deeply touching. We’re not confident in what we do, and I think you can hear that in our blog posts a lot of the time, so to see you go against our judgment of ourselves is a lot more moving for us than it is for some other Creators we know.

Now on to something heavier. This video makes us feel very icky. Why? Because we’re very worried that some of you will feel upset or angry or left out. I know some of you might not be in the situation to afford to be Sponsors. So please, for the love of all that is Spudgy, do not put yourself at financial discomfort or risk for us. Sweet mercy, please don’t. Your support is very much appreciated by us, in any way that you can give it. If you watch our videos, we’re already amazed. We’re profoundly touched that anyone wants to buy our merch, but we don’t think any less of those of you who can’t. I grew up embarrassingly poor. I wouldn’t be able to afford this when I was younger. And I keep thinking about how I would have felt if I saw this video back in those days. Making this video is something we’ve grappled with for a long time. YouTube asked us a while ago to start this Beta program and we’ve been unsure about this for a lot longer than expected. We’re wayyyy behind our agreed upon schedule. We really want this to be something that people can be happy about, but we’re also terribly worried that this program will make some people feel sad.

Sponsorship isn’t mandatory. It’s very much appreciated, but not mandatory. We’ll keep on making videos for as long as our health lets us. We’re not as sprightly as we once were, so we can’t make seven videos a week like we used to in Korea, and as our health wanes so does our production schedule, but – still – you don’t and won’t have to pay anything for the videos we produce.

Ok. Deep Catholic Guilt aside…actually….it’s not aside. Deep Catholic Guilt is still with us on this. But in an attempt to move forward with this discussion, let’s talk a bit more about the whole point of this video. For those of you lovely people who want to be Sponsors, here’s what you’ll get

The Perks of Sponsorship

The two big perks are special content that we’ll be sending you via the Community Tab in private posts, just for Sponsors. We really thought for a while about perks that would be worth it, and I hope you like what we have to offer.

The first is a special monthly vlog. We shoot lots of videos when we’re out, just on our iPhones, sometimes on our fancy cameras, and we don’t know what to do with them all. We used to post them in our Eatyoursushi segments, but since we can’t make Eatyoursushi anymore, we don’t have anywhere to post those clips. For our Sponsors, we’ll put those clips together in a little vlog. You’ll see more of Spudgy and Meemers, you’ll see some of the fun things we find around Tokyo and Japan, and some other random little insights into our lives. I hope you like them and they can add a few more smiles to your days!

The second perk is something that will be more useful for people that are planning a trip to Japan. We do a lot of traveling around Tokyo and a bit around the rest of Japan, and we take notes for most of the places we stop to eat at. We want to share some of these notes with you. We’ll be posting links to Google Maps of some cool places we go to, so that you can plan your trip to Japan with a little more confidence. This isn’t a Lonely Planet Travel guide. These are places that we dig that we want you to know about as well, so you can have a fulfilling and delicious time in Japan!

Otherwise, we also have badges that will show up by your name when you leave a comment on YouTube, and custom emojis for our LiveStreams on our Simon and Martina channel. I think the emojis will make their way over to regular videos as well, but that’s still being worked on!

And that’s it!

You made it to the end of this post! Woohoo! It’s been quite an emotional journey. And now that we’re done talking, please let us know what you think. We’ll try to answer as much as we can, and if we can’t we’ll ask YouTube. If you’re a Creator and interested in signing up for the Sponsor program, it’s in a closed beta now, but you can click the link here and hopefully they can get you started as well.

I’m gonna go take a long bath and cry deeply in a towel now.



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YouTube Sponsorships and What They Mean to You


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  1. Hi! I can’t believe that after 9 years watching you, I finally made an account on your page. Just so you know, what you do is amazing and proof of it is that your videos were (and still are) so good that people decided to pay you for them! I don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed of, this is your job and it’s only fair that you should be rewarded for it. I agree with other comments, I would rather support you guys directly than supporting you through YT and risking that they keep part of it, and controlling what your content is about; especially now that they are being so… not cool anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still love YT and I totally understand why you probably don’t want to quit it, but still.
    I also wanted to tell you, I really miss your TLDR videos! I know filming in cool places all the time must be exhausting, but I really, really, really miss hearing your opinion on simple (or sometimes complicated) matters that were happening around you. I think they made us (at least me) feel more connected to you and not only to the places you go to. I think they were not soooo hard to film and edit, or physically demanding. I would be so happy if you could have that section back!! Well, just wanted you to know.
    Love and support from Mexico <3

    PS. I didn't know what happened if we skip the ads! I thought they paid you just for placing those 5 seconds in your videos. Heeey they should tell people about it! Well, I won't do it anymore! Sorry about it…

    3 years ago
  2. Hey guys! I had no problem signing up as a sponsor for your channel! You two work so hard to bring inspiration and entertainment for people. I do hope that you get all or most of the sponsorship money and it doesn’t go to YouTube. You didn’t even need to have special content for sponsors, I would’ve just supported you because you deserve it.
    That being said, I hope that you two don’t burn yourselves out trying to make extra content for sponsors. Your health should go first and work-life balance is very important. The true Nasties understand that you both work very hard and are just trying to pay your bills. You will always have my support ❤️

    3 years ago
    • The burnout is something we considered a lot, also. That’s why the once a month vlogs won’t be too big of a burden, considering how we already shoot stuff habitually. We just need to put it together roughly and share it :D

      3 years ago
  3. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to write this all out and explain it. I understand your hesitance because of the perceived paywall. I personally really like the way twitch does subscriptions (which seems to be the same premise behind this sponsorship idea). What I personally like is the perks you get are pretty minimal. On twitch, if I can’t afford it for a month all I really lose is access to stickers.

    I am very excited to see your additional content but I also worry that the gilt of limited release will crush your beautiful souls. I’m wondering if you have considered releasing your additional content as Instagram videos or something and then having an archival place for sponsors to go back and watch at any time. My thought process for this is – people have the opportunity to view the content if they see it ‘live’ or whatever you want to call it. So the content is still available for everyone (briefly) but sponsors get the opportunity to go back and see things they might have missed.

    Sorry that turned into a ramble more than an idea. I’m obviously not sure how the sponsorship perks are managed or anything like that.

    I’m really glad there’s finally a way for me to support you guys directly. I hope you both have a lovely day.

    3 years ago
  4. Hi guise,

    Thanks for taking the time to explain how YouTube/sponsorship works so thoroughly. It answered all the questions and concerns I had (though I would have signed up anyway!).

    I was literally about to sign up as a Premium Nasty the same day that I saw your video — how’s that for timing! Though I’m still a bit worried that you won’t get all the cash, I can’t wait to see your vlogs and other stuff.

    A lot of people have commented that they feel bad that they can’t afford to sponsor you. That makes me a bit sad. I just wish I could sponsor someone to sponsor you! Seriously, I would pay a double amount so that someone else could access the sponsorship. Your content is so uplifting and your sincerity is so rare that I’d be happy to, so more people can be exposed to it.

    Anyway, enough of the gooshy rambling!
    Have a great weekend S&M and all the Nasties! xx

    3 years ago
  5. I love your videos and have been watching for about 4 years. I’d love to support you,I really would but between rent (which is high in my city), bills and expenses and a regular charity donation it’s kind of hard to make ends meet some weeks. Now it seems as though the sources of entertainment I can afford (like you tube) are trying to hit me up for money as well.

    I already subscribe to you tube red and I’m not inclined to pay them any more money than that.
    It annoys me that youtube screwed up the revenue for their creators by messing with the advertising rules.Now instead of fixing the advertising issue, they are expecting the viewers to make up the difference.
    I can’t contribute to support every creator whose videos I watch and I kind of don’t feel like it should on me to do so. YouTube should fix their own mess and make sure you guys are getting the revenue you deserve.

    2 years ago
  6. I understand the need to beta test this idea and I completely understand why you guys agreed to the experiment. What does this mean for the people who have been contributing to EYK as premium Nasties? I get that supporting the website is different from supporting the Youtube channel. If I support the channel that makes Youtube the gatekeeper on funds right? If I support the website then the gatekeeper is the site owner, EYK, right? Or do I just totally not get it?

    3 years ago
  7. JJP

    Very happy to sponsor! Now that I’m a “grown ass adult” I feel more than happy to chip in even when I don’t have to for something that brings me so much joy. When I was in college I probably would have felt torn, but I think you’ve handled this great. The bonus content is not so much that people will be left out, but enough to feel a bit special.

    My only concern: Are you getting the full 4.99, or is YouTube taking a portion? Or would that be an issue no matter what platform you did this through?
    (either way, I already Sponsored and won’t stop, I’ll support how I can!)

    3 years ago
  8. Erm…..Hmmmm…..I thought about just e-mailing you directly on this but there were so many comments here already (yay!), I thought that it would be better to support this website as much as I can since I don’t adblock here and it’s an alternate source of revenue for you…. More Nasties should visit this site….. I can see how it’s an obvious choice to at least beta-test this program but I’m not a fan of it for several reasons. 1) To me, this is Youtube moving away from independent-creator sponsorship in favour of corporate-creator sponsorship (essentially moving tv-like content to the internet through Google/YouTube) without out-and-out throwing out all the independent creators that bring clicks to their site. Your content will still be monitored/censored/victim to cease-and-desist but YT won’t feel the need to justify itself at all for any of it since corporate sponsors won’t be involved any more. They also get the bonus of all your sponsors’ financial information for their data gathering. I honestly don’t see any benefits for you guise over the current scheme but if you are de-monetized, I suppose that it might look like it’s better than nothing. 2) A lot of people use YouTube and throw their banking info around on their phone and stuff so it seems like an easy-access to potential cash-flow but it essentially *is* creating a paywall for your content. I don’t think I can protest that other than on principle. I don’t like it because it would mean that I personally get less content but I think that it’s fair to reward supporters. This is the price I pay for not-social-media-ing. I can say though that I preferred your kickstarter campaign where there were physical rewards for donating (stickers, swag, etc.) because it didn’t limit your video content to your viewers who couldn’t afford it. Filming your radio podcasts would be a great fit without limiting actual content and take less editing on your part but maybe you have licensing issues with that? CBC’s “Q” does this with Q on the radio and a Q-tv version (but it’s free because it’s Canada and I don’t think it’s on actual TV, just available to watch on their website).3) What if there are issues with YT continuing to deduct money from people’s accounts even when not authorized, spamming their e-mails with offers, etc.? A million negative financial issues that could crop up that you are exposing your independent sponsors to, that they will then associate with your videos – I think that it’s better to keep your independent sponsors separate from where your videos are. 4) This independent-sponsorship-through-youtube is really just a scheme to keep your video content on their site even after you are de-monetized. If YT isn’t helping you with sponsorship-moneys, why stay on their site, subject to their stricter and stricter limitations? This plan creates a bridge *cough*it’s a trap*cough* to keep you from leaving even when you lose corporate sponsorship – which looks inevitable for all independent creators. There are other video-hosting sites and if your sponsorship was through Patreon or some other independent firm then you could move your videos wherever you wanted and post links to them through this site or your twitter, etc. 5)Now, this is the clever bit on YT’s part and only a suspicion on mine: any corporate sponsorship you might get (assuming it’s not through TY corporate monetization) can be limited by YT through contracts – i.e. YT can make contracts with sponsors that limit who they can sponsor on their site(i.e. exclusive corporate TV content and not independent creators) whereas if you get your sponsorship elsewhere, YT can’t control it. I don’t know if you already had to sign an exclusivity contract with YT in order to get monetized, but if you didn’t, I seriously suggest spreading your videos around to other sites to see what you can see before things get more serious. You link all your videos centrally so it would be pretty seamless to the viewer 6) product placement is difficult/awkward/annoying at lot of the time. Perhaps you could hire a PR firm that could offer the chance to place a 5 second ad in your video (post-production) for the establishment that you make a positive/honest video about -where you are not in the ad, just a still picture and the name of the place said aloud with a motto(? sort of like Hilton in Hawaii?)- I’m not in advertising, but this seems minimally intrusive —or even better, a print ad on your website to accompany the blog?…………..I feel for you that you are caught in a tough place, where you can’t just stay with the status quo no matter how much you might like to. There is no easy way forward, I urge you to open your eyes to the future and, I wish that I could do more than wish you good luck. Nasty Love to yous <3

    3 years ago
    • Alright, let me try to answer these! There’s a lot to answer, so if my tone seems short or terse it’s because I’m trying to be thorough. Also I had a shitty day at physiotherapy and an even worse workout so I’m bummed. I hope this doesn’t come across in my answer, but here goes!

      1) You know, oddly, we have less corporate interference now that we don’t do Kpop stuff? The ad system took a hit over the past year, but I feel that our freedom is better now than ever before. We censor ourselves, not for corporations, but because we’re just too old to deal with angry shit on the internet anymore.
      2) I spoke with some people who feel like this is a paywall for video content. I’m not sure how to convince people otherwise. It’s a once a month random vlog we’ll put together as a thank you for sponsors. If it wasn’t for this sponsor program, that video wouldn’t exist, and you’d be no worse off for it. So I’m not sure what to say about this otherwise.
      3) I can’t say I feel the same fear you have about Google double charging people and spamming them. That’s not my experience with them.
      4) This is gonna be a tough one to answer, because it’s a discussion we’ve seen many times, and most of the time it’s from people who think YouTube and Google are evil. For us, we’re staying on YouTube because we like them. We’ve been with them for ten years, and in those ten years they’ve continued to make the platform better, in my opinion. We’ve been able to do so much in our lives, thanks to YouTube’s platform. I think the ad issue over the past year was shitty because some Creators put up shitty videos that pissed off advertisers. And if I was an advertiser I’d be pissed off at the stuff that was showing ads. So YouTube is scrambling to keep the advertisers on the site, so that Creators can keep on making videos. The demonetization issue was a quick and sloppy resolution that I think they’re going to keep working on fixing. I don’t view this as a corporate scheme to screw people over. And that could be my naivety. But I’ve met a lot of people working at YouTube. Good people. Kind people. Smart people. And I don’t think they’re out there to hurt us. I could be young and dumb, and this could be another example where we trust people and get screwed over again, but I don’t think it is.

      3 years ago
      • I also answered this when I’m very hungry so I hope I don’t seem sadder/angrier than I actually am about the comment. I’m just very hungry as well.

        3 years ago
        • Thanks for answering, I totally understand that you’ve got a different perspective on this than me. I’ve worked for a large multi-national development company and decisions from the top often make no sense and are completely counter-productive at the lower levels and from a consumer point of view. The people that you meet at YT may all be genuinely nice and want to help you but unfortunately, those usually aren’t the people that make the big decisions. I hope that it’s not just me being old and cynical because I consider myself to be highly optimistic, but I also hope that you are right because that scenario is much more pleasant all around… All you can do is go with what you feel in your gut, don’t trust your heart when it comes to business (we are all too kind). <3 I'm eating some masala chicken with roasted potatoes and a fresh tomato/cucumber/green onion/feta salad right now and it's delicious! – just to make you more hungry ;)

          3 years ago
  9. Wow. For how long I’ve been following you guys and watching/listening, I can’t believe this is my first time commenting here. And registering on your site. My new profile questions made me laugh. AIM? Jabber? lmao I don’t think AIM works anymore. And some other stuff on the registration page looked a little broken. But I digress. I feel you on this patron/sponsorship thing. Every channel I subscribe to, the YouTubers are humble, nice, genuine people who serve up great content. You are worthy!!! Now I’ll go watch your video and see how this sponsorship thing works. I’ve been considering doing more Patreon stuff for a long while now too, since the advertising shakeup. Love you guys. Keep building that ladder and I’ll keep working on mine too.

    3 years ago
  10. First of all I love you guys and I will support you no matter what. I’ve been a nastie for 6 years now and I hope to continue for many years to come even if you change the style and content of your videos. I personally don’t like this sponsorship thing although I understand it. But for me it sucks as I don’t have the spare money to support you (and believe me I would if I had it) and I feel like as I don’t have it I won’t be able to watch all the things a sponsor can and that I would love to watch too. For me I would prefer something where people could just give you the amount of money they want without having access to “privilege content”. However I understand and I agree that if somebody is paying for something that they get access to things that somebody who isn’t paying wouldn’t have. Saying this of course I’ll continue following you and don’t get me wrong this is just my personal opinion on this subject (in general not only with you) and I would love to watch the things a sponsor can…

    3 years ago
  11. Decided to become a sponsor since you guys have been a huge support in my life for almost 5 years now. I’m however studying at university at the moment and will get student loans quite soon.. Thank god the student loan is one of the best loans you can have in Sweden! (not like what I imagine USAs student loans to be)
    But what I’m thinking youtube might want to change is the amount of money you pay as a sponsor. I think one should be able to choose the amount themself. Maybe less perks if you pay less or something. Because for me, if my loans where to be more extreme, I would definitly want to support you but maybe change it to a more economicalykdjw(english..) stable amount.
    Love you guys ❤

    3 years ago
  12. You all did such a great job explaining everything. You cannot make everyone happy but don’t forget how many of us love you two! For me now I am going to make more of an effort to not skip ads until I can afford to sponsor you on YouTube too! Keep up the great work.

    3 years ago
  13. I am not on a mobile device (I’m on my desktop PC) and I cannot find the Sponsor button anywhere! I would really like to sponsor your channel. Is there an alternative way I can do this since the sponsor option seems unavailable to me?

    I am wondering if I can’t sponsor because I’m in Canada? Are any other Canadians having this problem?


    3 years ago
    • Hi,
      The button didn’t appear for me on my work computer but it did at home. So perhaps try a different computer or different type of browser if you can? (I’m in Australia, so I assume we have the same access as Canada.)
      Good luck! xx

      3 years ago
    • I am in Canada and have no issue. Since they’re only in beta for the sponsorships I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t have a mobile option yet.

      3 years ago
  14. Very well explained! Happy to be a sponsor – I love your content and I am happy to make it maybe a tiny bit easier for you to create more joy for myself and others. It’s never crossed my mind that you are trying to take advantage of your viewers, no worries. Looking forward to future videos and podcasts!

    3 years ago
  15. So I’m not in the best position to be sponsoring right now, but I’d love to in the future, once dem student loans are paid off. Will I get access to all of the exclusive content you’ve posted to date if I sign up to sponsor you later, or will I see what you post from the time I become a sponsor moving forward? I’d be disappointed if this were a time sensitive thing.

    3 years ago
  16. Please, please don’t feel icky! I am so happy to have an easy way to give you guys a tiny bit back. I love your videos, and I love your podcast. I’ve been watching and listening for years and years. (But I’m generally not a commenter, on anything, ever so, uh, hi!) Your content is truly a bright spot for me. I don’t even eat meat, but I appreciate the artistry of your videos (and I relish the chance to see a little bit of Japan!). Your videos on dealing with depression, however have been so, so encouraging to me. (I literally have built a tiny ladder, and it’s in my kitchen window along with some of my favorite Re-Ment collection – a million thank yous to Martina for the inspiration to display my collection this way!) Regarding the amount: I’m not a wealthy person by any means. I’ll be paying you guys literally from what I make selling dog paintings, which is not a lot. And I am so happy to be able to do that. And one more thing (apparently, once I start commenting I can’t stop -_-): have you read The Art Of Asking? Game changer. Shame lifter. And actually fun to read!
    Non creepy internet hugs to you both! Keep on keeping on, guise.

    3 years ago
  17. Hey guys! I really want to sponsor you too, but the SPONSOR button does not appear for me. I’m from Romania and it appears that the sponsorship program is not available to me at all :( I’ve been watching since dec 2011 and I want to suport you since I just got my first real job. I hope youtube will fix it soon.

    3 years ago
  18. Hi S&M,
    I’ve been a fan since 2010. It’s been a longggg time now– 7 YEARS!! I watch every video, but I’m rarely the commenting type, I just creep quietly. I’ve also been listening to your podcast on the way to work every day (I love the extra content. Sometimes I find myself answering you both like I’m there too. Martina’s laugh this week was unreal LOL).
    Two years ago I studied abroad in Korea, and even had the chance to visit your cafe. You two inspired me to follow a passion of mine, which changed my life forever. I’m at a weird crossroads now. I’m student teaching in a high school English class, which is REALLY hard, and I’m taking university classes at night. In six months, my apartment lease will be up and I will be done with college…I find myself feeling very lost and scared. I had planned to go to Korea after college, but I’ve begun to fear change. I come home from school and try to do work, but some days I just can’t. I feel consumed with dread and anxiety for all of the unknowns in my life. It’s in those moments that I watch your videos. Your videos have been a part of my life since I was a teenager, and they’ve seen me through so many different points in my life. On especially hard days I watch your Goodbye to Korea video, because you both made the jump to follow your passion yet again.
    Thank you. Thank you so much for what you do. I haven’t participated in Youtube Red, but I will be a sponsor of yours. What you give to me is worth so much, I can’t fully put it into words.
    *Enough goopy stuff* <3 #staynasty
    Xoxo, Margaret from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    3 years ago
    • Hi Fellow Nasty! Don’t despair, I’ve been pretty much exactly where you are and I can tell you this: Sleep, sweet sleep, will fix a lot of your problems. It’s kind of a self-perpetuating cycle where the lack of sleep makes you anxious which then you can’t sleep because you’re anxious but try to relax and break it and you will feel more positive and less fearful. Even dedicating 30 minutes of your day to meditation (close your eyes, drift, sleep, whatever, just don’t look at anything like a screen) or exercise (do something for your body). Crocheting or knitting are good too. The unknown can seem scary but this is a time in your life where change is very exciting! Your independent/adult adventures are just beginning! Don’t worry about making a mistake, you can always change your mind later and do something different if your current adventure doesn’t work out and you’ll have a great story to tell either way. Bon Voyage <3

      3 years ago
      • Wow, that was so nice to hear. It’s hard to believe myself when I say to calm down, so hearing it from someone else is such a relief. Thank you for your kind words! This is the best community ever. <3

        3 years ago
  19. I don’t really make resolutions, but I decided in 2018 I would better support the creators and makers that I love and that get me through the dang week. I’m glad I have a way to support your channel! Because you make people (i.e. me) happy, and that’s an awesome thing you do for us, and we (I) are so grateful. So heck yeah take my money!

    Also I got one of those mystical and evasive job things a couple months ago, which is dope so I’m finally spending my money the way I want, dangit.

    2 years ago
  20. Can I say first? It’s so corny but I’ve always dreamed of doing so!

    I couldn’t pay for a monthly sponsorship but I finally got my premium membership. Yay! I’m a bit sad not being able to see the vlog thingies, since I love those, but I understand you gotta give some perks to sponsors. And I think the whole sponsorship thing is a good idea! I trust your followers will understand that you guys need to make a living and earn money.

    I’d like to add a couple thoughts about your post, if you don’t mind:

    I like that you state clearly when you are endorsing products. I remember watching some of your travel videos in the past and wondered if it was an add for Airbnb and felt a bit awkward, but I have no problem with your latest endorsed vids since they are super interesting and faithful to the spirit of your channel! So thanks for your transparency.

    About the adds on Youtube, maybe this is the wrong place and timing to point this, but there’s a tiny thing that’s bugging me. I don’t mind adds at all, I mean it doesn’t change much for me and if it gives you money I’ll gladly watch them! But lately I’ve noticed a trend of super long-adds, mostly endorsed by youtubers, and I just can’t watch a 10 min long add before a 2min long video (I’ve been rewatching your old Kpop playlists^^). I think it would be better if advertisers kept their adds shorter, especially for short vids. But then again I always let them play a little before skipping for guys! And never skip anything under 4-ish minutes.

    Urgh this was a long post. I hope I did not upset you by speaking my mind on some matters (I always try to talk about what I like more than what I don’t, but this felt right to talk about those things right now).
    Anyways hope you two keep as healthy as your conditions make possible, and long live your channel!

    3 years ago
    • I have always wondered about that too. Do the YouTubers choose which ads go on their videos, or do they have no control over it? Because I have seriously seen cases where there’s a 1-minute-long ad on a 30-second video. That’s just ridiculous.
      I do let the whole ad play if it’s a channel I like, but not if it’s just a rando video.

      3 years ago
    • Ooops not first anymore. Looks like I took too long to write this post ‘^^

      3 years ago
  21. Kinda late to this but does anyone know if I can still sponsor them? I don’t see the sponsor button on their youtube videos. Thanks!

    2 years ago
  22. Supposedly the de-monetization thing can be dealt with, painfully, by uploading videos hidden and asking for review…
    About the sponsorships, I wish it had some more choices of dollar amount like patreon does…
    $5 is a bit high for some people and a bit low for others…

    3 years ago
  23. I like the sponsorship idea. I was using patreon to contribute to some other YouTube channels I watch. I had to cut that from the budget and I can’t afford a sponsorship right now but I am not upset about it. I like supporting the creators I watch it’s a lot of work and you all have bills to pay too.

    3 years ago